The Manifested Duality: A Single Photon of Two States

When we say that a pair of photons has appeared out of the Nothingness, we present them as a pair, so that we facilitate our understanding of the polarity state formed by them. So that we can imagine DUALITY. But these are not actually a pair of photons, as IT IS actually a single photon being in two states simultaneously. A single photon of two states. Similarly, there is no actual division in cell division – it is simply a single cell in two states. The proton and the electron are not two separate portions of “matter”, but they exist as the same energy in two states – a probable one (non-selected probability; the electron as a probability cloud) and a selected one (chosen, centered; the proton as a chosen probability). This is THE PRINCIPLE OF EXISTENCE to each given thing. A single photon of two states. A single atom of two states (nucleus and electron). A single human of two states (Hologram and Source) etc.

Yes, we are aware that you probably got the idea by now. It is all actually unified and not divided. But the point of this, and of any other idea that we shall present you with in Cogitality Academy, is for you to be practically implementing it. It is not simply getting our heads over abstract concepts for the sake of piling them one upon another. We would forget them quickly if we do so anyway. We must put them into actions. And those actions should be directed to our environment, and not to ourselves. Which actually brings us to our original question: Are you willing to UNDERSTAND, ACCEPT AND APPLY the same principle of illusory duality and state of unification just as seamlessly, when it comes to the relationship between your individual actions and their echo throughout your world (the same one we are growing accustomed to perceiving as an external, a priori existing one)?

Will you be able to just as consciously reflect upon the now three steps (or states if we are to stick with the photon analogy) of the process, which apart from determining the individual development, is – even more significantly – determining the collective human development  (we form a collective whole out of our thoughts, which then turns into actions, then into habits, then into communities, nations etc.)? Yes, as mentioned, those would be the steps for going beyond our individual comfort zones as well, but it is more important that we focus on going beyond the collective comfort zone (the egregore). Because we might be able to go beyond our personal individual comfort zone, but this in itself might turn out to be an act that is only reinforcing the collective selfishness for fulfilling one’s own pleasure (on an egregore level). Such occurrences are primarily due to the fact that instead of unifying the components of the Source-Hologram-Global responsibility (Transmutation PIRUPGR), we are actually dividing them as being separate entities. However, they actually constitute ONE UNIFIED WHOLE OF THREE MUTUALLY INTERFLOWING STATES. And even if we can skip the state of Transmutation, since it is immediate and invisible, that still leaves us with TWO VISIBLE STATES. The global unified responsibility and our personal individual one are merged into one unified interflowing whole. And this calls us to take on the full global responsibility for our thoughts, decisions and actions. Because the responses that we are receiving on an individual scale are always directly related to our global respons-ibility. Because we carry it in any case. The question is whether we would accept that fact, and how we are going to use it…

When a blade of grass is cut, the whole universe shivers…

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