Exercise: Self-Deception Part 2

Why are we deceiving ourselves? Are we ready to honestly and objectively apply the technique of analythesis to ourselves and our actions? Are we ready to examine ourselves and to change our parallel reality in the process?

Make a throughout list of all things that are not working out. Then apply analythesis (examine how things operate both on micro and macro scale) and see which principles have shaped your current state of being. Are you abiding to – or violating – these principles? Which is the principle that you have violated? As far as your filtration is concerned, what would you do in order to change things? Try out at least 5 variations for change. Which is the one that leads to mot quick and desired change?

And now apply the technique of analythesis to the examples presented below. What are they indicative of and how do they reinforce the overall state that they are composing:
  • ”Everyone does it.”
  • ”I don’t do excellent, but at least I’m doing okay. I mean it’s better than nothing, isn’t it?”
  • ”Things are not great, but at least I am walking my road.”
  • ”Merely admitting the facts should not be considered as an obtained result. We tend to think that after we have been honest enough to admit something, we are already working on fixing it or that we have already even fixed it. This type of deception is one of the most insidious underwater stones as it does little but reinforcing the filtration that we sustain – i.e. the deception that we are working and doing stuff while we are actually doing nothing.”
  • ”Delaying things for a better moment leads to the deception that we are going to do them, yet at the moment of delay we have already forgotten about the task and the effort that we have to put into it.”

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