12 Months Academy – Modules 1-9

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Are you serious about change? Start today.

The 12 months Academy plan includes full access to the Academy’s 1-9 Modules.

  • Step 1Database Accumulation: Getting familiar with all the theory, essential terminology, principles and basis points. The resources for Step 1 include a video recording from the Cogitality seminar (split into segments for each module), e-books and video materials.
  • Step 2Understanding and comprehension: Answering the according module questions based on the information from Step 1. Those are the fundamental questions governing the progress in developing one’s understanding and abilities.
  • Step 3Practical Exercises: A variety of practical exercises, meditations, and practical instructions linking theoretical knowledge with practical implementation.

Note: Each membership plan comes with daily reminder mails including the modules + additional exercises. (More on that at the bottom of the page)

Modules Overview: 

Module 1 – Science VS Belief. Do we actually exist or not?

Module 2 – Where does light energy come from? What about energy? The world’s duality as part of a triune unified whole.

Module 3 – We came from ourselves in order to become ourselves…Examining the cyclic relationship between Potential – act of thinking – energy – matter – Potential.

Module 4 – Manifesting as experiencing a given Choice. The meaning of life. The triune responsibility of each Source – bringing our intents and wishes into existence through the Way, Source and Life.

Module 5 – Focus and Choice – expanding the life force energy’s possibilities. Creating and changing the environment and other parallel realities.

Module 6 – Laws and principles of Existence – The Glagolitic alphabet – the source code of existence. What filtration is? What about attached meaning? Pros and cons, reasons and results. The combination of Choice, focus, action as principles for transformation.

Module – Principles for energy activation -establishing frequency portals through meditation. The possibilities of the energy world – receiving information and expanding until infinity. Breaking down the dual Hologram-Source connection – Kundalini activation, light portals to the environment, logic and protonic field (life force energy). Synchronization and crystallization of an uninterrupted link with the informational field. Asking the field our questions and receiving our answers. Principle directions for after receiving our answers.

Module 8 – Expansion and contraction – a principle of existence. Working the principle behind parallel realities as a method for change. Kinds of portals to other parallel realities (dreams, channeling, reincarnations, meditation). Principles for establishing a solid and complete frequency link. Entering and learning (about) numerous parallel realities (reincarnations, channeling). An in-depth understanding of the way in which parallel realities work.

Module 9 – The choice of being ‘’the Conscious Creator of one’s parallel reality’’. The essence of existence – principles of frequency portals to Everything that Is! The duality underneath reality – the conscious act of creating and the self-destructive “victim”. The firm choice of direction – becoming aware of oneself and creating one’s parallel reality!

Anyone can work on the modules in the time of one’s convenience. There are no restrictions or conditions on work duration. Getting to grips with each single module is actually an infinite process. The fundamental understanding and processing of information is possible in the range of 36 days! It is all about acceptance, self-discipline, work, patience and honesty.


The 12-month plan gives you access to the following contents:

E-library of over 100 books facilitating the understanding and practical application of Happiness as a choice;

Video section of over 100 video materials – movies, documentaries, educational videos, seminars, TV Shows

Frequency sound healing

Meditation for everyday application

Articles and in-depth explanations of concepts and processes

Exercises for linking the theory with the practice

Dictionary with explanations of relevant terminology


In order to make it easier for you, our daily email messages will be your daily reminders for  your daily exercises and challenges.

Taking the direction of “creating a better parallel reality together” is our real chance for stepping with two feet on the path of Happiness now… all by following the outwards direction of full devotion for one more grateful and kinder of a world!


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