The New Reality: The Unification of the Opposites

The unlimited amount of energy that can be generated as a result of the unification of the opposites reveals an unprecedented abundance of possibilities. This process of energy generation provides possibilities for the transmutation of any element and it also presents the opportunity for obtaining over 10 000 previously unknown chemical elements. In addition, it also makes possible the transformation of one element into another – it can potentially bring to life the original alchemist promise of turning lead into gold.

Below there is a more comprehensive list of the possibilities for the utilization of the so-called free energy:

  1. Generating all possible (more than merely the known ones) chemical elements in unlimited quantities;
  2. Generating colossal amount of energy condensed into a tiny volume with the opportunity for this energy to be transferred at huge distances;
  3. Anti-gravitational effect – reducing the weight of objects;
  4. Slowing time down and speeding it up – slowing or accelerating the course of events;
  5. Manipulating the weather – transferring streams of moisture and water. Affecting the migration of subterranean waters, renewing the water in rivers and lakes, cleansing the water basins (this has been already done in some regions);
  6. Restoring the Earth’s ecology. Accelerating the atomic fission in given regions or throughout the entire world. Terminating radiation in a matter of few weeks (e.g. removing Ruthenium-106);
  7. Positive impact on the living tissues – rejuvenation of the cells, restoring the populations of bees and fish, enabling the accelerated growth of plants and forests;
  8. Overall rejuvenation of humans. Healing of internal organs and curing chronic diseases – including the most damaging ones. Restoring reproductive functions in cases when they have been inactive due to age-related or other reasons.
  9. Obtaining anti-elements and antimatter. The anti-elements carry within huge amounts of energy that is being emitted outwards through their merging with their antipodes. When this process of fusion occurs, the hitherto known elements display previously impossible possibilities – they are transmuting.

Part of a presentation delivered by the scientists Tamara Sahno and Victor Kurashov on 25-th January 2018 in the Russian town of Kazan.

Some of the topic discussed as part of the presentation:

Transmutation of chemical elements

Obtaining Anti-substance

Decontamination from radioactive waste

Transmutation of soil into gold

Disrupting the course of time

Bringing the level of groundwater up

Curing oncological diseases

Overall organism rejuvenation


Artificially generating all kinds of chemical elements in unlimited quantities

 This becomes possible through obtaining elemental protoplasm, anti-elements and antimatter. This discovery made by Tamara Sahno and Victor Kurashov would be a devastating blow to big businesses and their affiliated organizations. Moreover, the free energy would render the concept of ‘’scarce resources’’ and ‘’the scarcity-based economy’’ a relic of the past as all elements, metals and energy would become widely available – and in unrestrained quantities at that.

The process for producing superheavy elements by this method has been patented (RU 2563511 issued on 15-th May 2015). The success of the method has been well-documented by various independent analytical laboratories (in November and December 2016 the method has been verified to be working by two departments from the Kazan Federal University as well as by the departments of other universities). New physical elements – ones that have not been previously encountered in nature or through artificial means – have now been generated. In addition to the physical elements, anti-matter and elemental protoplasm (proto-elements) have also been discovered. Scientists have immediately started observing unprecedented effects resultant of these newly discovered elements.

The repercussions of this innovation will be multi-faceted

Even though the implementation of these innovative means might not be immediate due to all kinds of political and other factors, the paradigm shift awaiting on all major industries is beyond doubt. In addition, all these newly founded elements could spur altogether new industries as well.

Here are some top-of-mind implementations, which however, would drastically improve the overall quality of life throughout the planet:

Obtaining all kinds of chemical elements – including metals – in unlimited quantities.

Annihilation and removal of all radioactive elements and isotopes such as the Ruthenium-106 currently hovering over the territory of Russia.

The directed transmutation of large areas of land resulting in artificially created mines for rare or precious metals.

Restoration of the overall ecological state, decontamination of rivers and water basins – something that has been already done in the Kazan region.

Overall rejuvenation of the human organism – healing of damaged organs and curing of chronic diseases (including the most damaging ones). Restoring reproductive functions in cases when they have been inactive due to age-related or other reasons. Termination and removal of cancerous cells inside an organism.

In industrial production

The innovation enables the possibility for the quick and seamless generation of each and every chemical element and its respective isotope in unlimited quantities. This would make the harnessing of matter universal and easily accessible. The cost-efficient way for generation and industrial-scale production of all kinds of chemical elements would be of great benefit to mankind.

Annihilating radiation

Both superheavy elements and anti-matter are practically capable of navigating the process of (radioactive) decay worldwide. They can affect matter and accelerate the process of unstable isotopes decay, thus stabilizing the living space. Currently, half of Russia’s territory is irradiated with Ruthenium-106. The infected regions are Ural, Siberia, Bashkiria, Volga region, Don region, Southern Russia. In the autumn of 2017, coming from the eastern city of Ufa, the Ruthenium-106 entered into the borders of the Federal Republic of Tatarstan where it reached the outskirts of Kazan. But when it reached Kazan, the radioactive element has suddenly disappeared in a flash as it was annihilated. The element did not make its way further west as it was simply gone. Even in cases when the Ruthenium-106 has been already assimilated by the human organism, it can still be annihilated and eliminated by the presence of anti-matter and anti-elements (this goes for the other unstable isotopes as well).  There are no factors in this world of ours that can prevent the effect of anti-matter. The above-mentioned annihilation effect has been well-documented and it was presented at the conference.


What are the practical implications of all this?

In order for the examination of a given topic to be supported, the informational field provides us with examples for another similar topic that has been already examined. Analyzing the development and final outcome out of this provided example aids us to understand the implications of our choices that we are making with regards to our own topic. In other words, if you see where someone has made a mistake on his life path, and you happen to walk on a similar path, you are less likely to make the same mistake. 

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