Analyzing the Movie: Source Code (2011)

‘’ It is not time travel, but rather, time reassignment.’’

Source code is one clever-made and entertaining movie in which Capital Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes up inside the body of an unfamiliar man travelling on the commuter train to Chicago. He has no clue how he ended up on board as he is supposed to be on a war mission in Afghanistan. Just few minutes later the train is exploding and Colter finds himself at yet another unfamiliar place without having any clue what’s going on. It turns out that he is a part of a government experiment called Source code – it is a software allowing consciousness to be transferred into the body of another human in the last 8 minutes of his life. In this case, it is the body of a passenger who died on the exploded train just few hours before. Hence, one of the main motifs of the movie is the claim that everyone has a body that is being manifested at a given place – inside a given reality – in order for it to experience a task that one has chosen in advance. From the Here-and-Now moment, the link with ‘’frames’’ or ‘’slides’’ from an illusionary non-existent past is being made – one that is reflecting different parallel realities. The idea here is that everyone is a Source and a creator of oneself and one’s parallel reality and therefore, this creator can choose and change it at each given moment…

The main protagonist’s task is to find the train’s bomber and, in this way, to prevent a second more violent explosion in downtown of Chicago. Colter is forced to re-live through these 8 last minutes again and again by collecting new cues every next time. With each turn, Colter is getting closer to the bomber, as well as to the truth about his involvement in the experiment. This limited amount of time for the completion of his task puts forward the questions about the spatial limitation of actions within a Life, as well as the emotional and psychological problems of one manifestation called Human and this manifestation’s irresistible desire to oppose his common sense.

The surprising ending of the movie is emotionally charged and it asks some quite interesting and complex questions regarding the Source’s capabilities and the firmness of Choice…

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