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The materials included here demand dedication and patience, and given that you are consistent enough, your work will be rewarded with results that can only be defined as unique! Our recommendation is that you spend at least 36 days on applying each module.

Module 1

Upon entering Module 1, you’re probably already looking forward to levitating, reading thoughts or channeling and chatting with aliens. All of that is possible and perfectly doable, but you have to put the work in before getting there. Not only that you have to practice, but you also must develop your own work routine and system for achieving your goals. Your process of studying and practicing should be individual and unique. We will provide you with models and examples, but these will be just schematic illustrations. The throughout studying process is yours to create and develop. You will reap the harvest of what you have sown...

Module 4

The things we get to experience in our lives account for one limited set of probabilities. These possible probabilities are the possible choices that we make. When we are little, the choices are made on our behalf by the people who are taking care of us. When we grow up, we get to make our own choices, yet they always fall within the narrow range of our previous experiences. These are experiences, which we know and remember, and with which outcomes we are familiar with. We refer to them as our "comfort zone". Regardless if the experiences in question are positive or negative, these are still experiences that we are familiar with. As for the unfamiliar - it frightens us...That's why the choices that we make fall within the area of the familiar. Thus, we keep on vibrating at the frequencies that we have grown accustomed to...Perhaps there were many times in which you were asking yourselves how your life could have been, if you had made a different choice at some point in your past. Or maybe there were instances in which you ended up thinking what is that choice, which will lead you to your desired outcome and reality...You will reap the harvest of what you have sown...

Module 7

Each existing thing contains within itself its polar opposite. If it was otherwise, it would not have been able to exist - it would be unable to define itself. Any existing thing as such is made of notional polarities that are in the constant state of mutual interflow. Existence itself is interrelated with the "stretching" of the space-time, with the appearance of light and motion. All of these processes are unfolding within unity and simultaneity inside the Here-and-Now moment.

Module 2

What is my true core essence? It is the Nothingness and its polar opposite, because none of them would be existing without the other. I can't be either of both without being the other as well. I am the All - a single-piece communicating vessels in which knowledge and ignorance are flowing into one another through a channel. It is the energy of the manifestation's yet-to-be-manifested probability that is passing through this channel. When we put our belief in the informational field, we put our belief in the energy Source that is ourselves. You will reap the harvest of what you have sown...

Module 5

The full devotion is the wholeness of all nine abilities. These are: the abilities to accept, to choose, to act, the abilities to experience, reflect and reason, the abilities to learn and develop, the ability to elevate, and the most powerful one - the ability to forget. It is the ability to start anew, which gives us the sensation of discovering and applying everything again, so that we create and experience our own parallel reality - the cogitality - Everything that Is! And when we allow ourselves walking this path - allowing it both to ourselves and the readily created alike - by experiencing the experience to be discovering and bringing into being, to be going through the thrills of passion felt by the student, the teacher, and the alchemist again, and again, and again, however in a new, one of a kind, and unique way - all of that takes the breath away. One is left speechless by the astonishment felt from the simultaneous excitement, inspiration, responsibility and the first-time experiencing of BEING every existing thing. Each time is the first time of YOU being Everything that already Is! You will reap the harvest of what you have sown...

Module 3

It is quite often the case that the new reality is not what we expected. Fear and doubt manifest themselves, and we begin to wonder if we did the right thing. In order to prevent old frequencies from appearing, you should begin looking for things that keep your spirits high, and that keep you from falling back into the old ways of thinking. Be happy with everything that you encounter on your path - both with the things that you succeed in, as well as with those that you come up short in, because they have granted you the experience that will enable you to succeed the next time around. In order to be your own impartial observers, persist with asking yourself the following questions often enough: "Why am I doing (or saying) the things that I am doing right now? What frequency vibrations am I getting out of the things I say or do?" After all, you are now inside your new reality and everything in there is numerous times better and easier for you. Because it is you who have created it, isn't it? Therefore, it is vibrating in accordance with your own standards. But if you are vibrating at your old frequencies, how are you supposed to remain inside your new reality? You will reap the harvest of what you have sown...

Module 6

The key to true honesty is thinking in terms of how you do something, instead of what is it that you do. When you present someone with such kind of information, you should also make it clear that at any time, everyone always has numerous options for manifestation available. The firm choice - or the negligence respectively (i.e. the choice of not searching and exploring) - tip the scales in favor of the according outcome. If the person in front of you is giving you replies along the lines of "That's non-sense!", "Whatever!" or "I'm fed up with it all", and he genuinely believes in what he says, then he has simply made a choice that will lead him to another field of consciousness, as he is no longer needed in the current form. The choice can be experienced as either being a conscious or non-conscious one, but it is actually always being consciously made somewhere along the chain, and this is why it results in its according outcome.