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IN THE EVENING: Nighttime is the time when you should answer ourselves the following questions: “How to be making conscious choices?” and “How to be honest?”

It is the time when you should put your cross on and break down the encounters from our day by arranging into columns the instances in which you were dishonest, hypocritical, masked and filtered, and the ones in which you were honest – albeit painfully so. Did you listen to all of the recordings throughout your day, or did you skip through some of them? Are you having fun with analyzing your day, or are you feeling some resistance? It would be a very good practice indeed if you finish your nighttime routine with the evening meditation.

You must remember that no one else can execute your plan for you. This is your job. Wishful thinking alone will not do the trick. It takes practice and not a prayer.


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Module 8: Piecing the Cogitality puzzle together

You have made it to Module 8 and it is time for you to unify the knowledge you have accumulated so far, as well as to go deeper into its practical application.

Module 8 identifies the connections between the database materials collected so far, the everyday exercises, the meditations, dreams, regressions, parallel realities…It tracks the linkage and the interflowing infinite cycle between Transmutation, UPGR and PIR as the processes that create and bring into being Everything that Is! It reveals and further clarifies the link between the global principles and their everyday application!

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Detailed contents of Module 8 (click on the + to expand menus)

  1. The Transmutation Process (READ HERE)
  2. The UPGR Process (READ HERE)
  3. The PIR Process (READ HERE)
  4. Filtration (READ HERE)
  5. Options and techniques for getting familiar with the energy world (READ HERE)
  6. Pieces to the puzzle: Meditation (READ HERE)
  7. Pieces to the puzzle: Channeling (READ HERE)
  8. Pieces to the puzzle: Regression & Progression (READ HERE
  9. Pieces to the puzzle: Dreams (READ HERE
Approximate learning duration: Between 3 and 18 hours for a single read, depending on the individual desire for understanding, assimilation and application of the information.​
  1. Audio book You – The Source
  2. Audio book You – The Manifestation
  3. You – The Source (216 pages)
  4. You – The Manifestation (240 pages)
  5. The World of the Nine (50 pages)
  6. Your Power on a Plate (87 pages)
  7. The Notes from Tsarichina (70 pages)

Total pages per a single read:
663 pages. Read the books directly from Module 8 by clicking  HERE or access them in the Academy’s E-library

IMPORTANT: This doesn’t mean that you have to read ALL of the books! However, it is recommended that you read You-The Source and You-The Manifestation 9 times each throughout your course in the Academy!

  1. The Illusion of the Senses
  2. Pyramid – Triune Energy
  3. A single photon of two states
  4. TransmutationUPGR PIR trinity
  5. Mitochondria and protonic fields
  6. The Music of the Pi number
  7. Nature by Numbers

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Questions and conclusions upon the completion of Module 8 (read HERE).

  1. Exercise: To put on one’s cross (read HERE)
  2. Exercise: Honesty and Devotion (read HERE)
  3. Exercise: The Illusion of filters (read HERE)
  4. Exercise: Honesty (read HERE

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Each experience is recorded inside the accordingly arranged molecular links, or it is being encoded inside specific patterns of molecular interaction. The DNA is a software-like carrier of information arranged in still frames (just like a film stock), and which forms a field having a definite and unique frequency range. It is a multidimensional field, and as such, it has its own individual characteristics, yet it also has shared parameters (frequency portals) with other such fields. This is the field of individually limited information (the fields are unique in their limitations). The DNA code provides this field with functioning instructions, and it manages its interactions. It was mentioned above that the DNA functions as a software arranged in still frames (just like a film stock), however, it is important to clarify that it doesn’t execute its processes in a linear manner, but rather in a quantum-energy one – by fusing vortex streams together. We are talking about a superposition of energy vortices with specific frequencies, which create a given area of limitation when fused together. This means that if there is no limitation area (filtered area, filtered range) as a restriction, all energy interactions are equally probable and possible, but this would also mean that the illusion of separation would not be present either. It is such quantum state of informational fusion that causes the complex and unrestrained plots experienced during dreaming, meditation, regression, coma, death etc. Indeed, the occurrences witnessed during such states are off-limits – the living and the dead come together, the ordinary flows into the unthinkable, the line between what’s real and what’s not is becoming increasingly blurred. Dreams, regressions and all the similar virtual possibilities are parallel realities, which reside beyond the boundaries of what we have agreed to as being “real” and what we have grown accustomed to – boundaries marked by the filters (set of convictions) that we have accepted for ourselves. Everything is information, but with more specific regard to the manifestations of the “material type”, they are information from quantumly fused DNA…

The generally accepted scientific discourse tells us that the brain is the center point of consciousness, but such statement appears to be untrue. The brain is merely a three-dimensional player synchronizing the quantum DNA with the informational field’s common database. The quantum DNA receives the information chosen by the individual limitation, as this information is then being translated into electromagnetic signals, which in their turn, are to be perceived at the so-called material level. Trillions of DNA chromatins (buckyballs, fullerenes) are working together at the rate of billions of times for one second, in order to both translate and rewrite the changes resultant of given interactions. This is why the DNA knows about the interaction before the interaction has actually unfolded. It is the Source’s unified and synchronized Mind – a frequency superposition containing the combined information of the life force energy, the automatic rules and conditions (breathing, circulatory system, gravity etc.), environment frequencies, and the frequencies indicating the manner of acceptance to the interactions with the environment. Thus, the DNA is the blend between the Source’s act of thinking and its polarity – the energy inverted with its inside-out. And it is the Choice – the Focus – that determines what the final probabilistic result is going to be like.

When studying the three stages determining the human development, we should not be restricting the notion of “preferred outcome” to just going beyond the individual comfort zone. We must also consider going beyond the collective comfort zone (egregore). Because going beyond the individual comfort zone might still turn out to be egregorian egocentrism. What a given individual perceives as an elevation beyond one’s comfort zone might still turn out to be an egocentric-driven act, ultimately reinforcing the collective ego-driven mentality (thus remaining inside the egregore’s boundaries). And such outcome is resultant of one common mistake that is being made when examining the Source-Hologram-Global Responsibility (Transmutation-PIR-UPGR) relationship. This mistake is that we are differentiating and separating the elements. Neither of these elements can function without swirling the entire system in motion. Yet, we are treating Transmutation, PIR and UPGR as individual elements inside our heads. Instead of thinking of them as three composing elements to a single system, it would be better thinking of ONE UNIFIED WHOLE WITH THREE STATES, which are in the constant state of mutual interflow. But since the TRANSMUTATION state is taking place in an instant fashion, we are more often than not talking about TWO VISIBLE STATES. We leave the third out just because we are unable to see it.

The idea of Cogitality Academy is to show you the interflow and unification of all three states. The idea is to become aware of the fact that you simultaneously are and the Source, and the Hologram, and the Responsibility – the Way, the Source, and the Life

Here’s the practical implementation of the above-presented:

  1. A single IDEA having two states (doubt and belief; we must CHOOSE one out of the two options). If there is no choice, everything remains but a probability. We must be firm in our choices (THIS/THAT).
  2. ACTION (THE CHOICE AFTER THE INITIAL CHOICE I either do, or I am being lazy). And since we are talking about a single photon of two states, we can easily arrive at the conclusion that BEING LAZY IS ACTION IN MY DISLIKED DIRECTION. I am acting either way, but in one of the cases, I follow my desired direction, while in the other – the undesired one.
  3. CONSISTENT ACTION – THIS IS ONCE AGAIN A CHOICE – I either turn action into pleasure (habits), or I will turn it into AGONY (by being inconsistent and starting anew every time).
  • If I turn it into a habit, further ideas are coming my way – how to make improvements on the idea, how to expand it, what should I be adding to it (I then return to step 1).
  • If I turn it into agony, I begin to suffer, to torture myself, to hesitate, to feel as the victim – this way I am expanding the direction I have chosen (the direction of agony). The expansion in this direction generates new ideas about the agony itself – i.e. I return back to step 1 and the cycle is being completed.


Remind yourself of the instructions before proceeding forward:

Everyone has his place and function. We refer to the ones learning and Creating as “Creators”, and to the others – as “vacuum fluctuations”.

Why our convictions (filters) are turning against us?

A big topic in physics lately has been the discovery of the so-called gravitational waves, which existence have been foresought by Einstein’s theory of relativity. The formulas for obtaining the absolute values to both the speed of light, as well as the speed of the so-called gravitational waves, have always been appearing to be rather straightforward ones – cabs and gabs respectively.

These values are calculated quite easily through the Pythagorean theorem. In a right angle with a and b sides, the hypotenuse is identified through a simple equation c2 = b2 + a2.

But in order to clarify things, let’s illustrate the theorem with the following example:

π2 = φ2 + e2

In the above version of the Pythagorean theorem, we employ the π, φ and e constants describing the space-time’s essential processes. For this broader philosophical interpretation of the Pythagorean theorem, π is the factor of rotation, whereas φ is the factor of harmony. In accordance with the theorem, the π and φ can be presented in the following ways:

(1/ φ + 1/ π) or (1/ φ – 1/ π)

It turns out that we have two energy flows, obtained through either the sum or difference of the fractions respectively. And when we multiply these by the Euler’s number (e), we get the values of two fundamental measures. Below, we provide the following general presentation to these two types of energy flows:

Gravitational waves are three times faster than the waves of light. These gravitational waves, emitted during the act of thinking, and containing the entire information of the accordingly chosen frequency range, act as a barrier to the total informational potential’s quantum foam of vacuum fluctuations.
  1. Light is the electromagnetic energy flow having the following absolute value as defined by the( 1/φ – 1/π) fraction

cabs(1/ φ – 1/ π)x1000 = 299,792 kilometers  per second (186,282 miles per second) (speed of light)

Light is placed inside a protective field of given frequency-dependent parameters. This field acts as a barrier preventing any outer energy from entering. In addition, this field reflects only a given range out of light’s total spectrum, i.e. it cuts a certain portion out of light’s total frequency set. This is the model of material structures, which is characterized by self-absorption – i.e. it is internally inducing its own energy.

2. Gravitational waves are the gravitationaltemporal energy flow having the following absolute value as defined by the fraction( 1/φ + 1/π) :

gabs(1/ φ + 1/ π)x1000 = 936343,8749336857 kilometers per second (approximately 581816 miles per second)

Similar to light’s protective barrier field, gravitational waves are enclosed inside a limited field of specifically defined frequency parameters, acting as a barrier to them. Thus, gravitational waves are able to withhold light energy structures inside the according frequency range of its field (interference pattern – hologram creation), as through the process of wave convergence (e.g. Casimir’s effect), the field “repels” frequencies that it already contains, or absorbs ones that it doesn’t. In this model, the limitation (limitation area; frequency range) “handles and manages” the frequency interactions unfolding inside the selected limitation area – both the interactions produced by light’s waves, as well as those resultant of their “polarity” – the gravitational waves. Such model of “managing the individual frequency limitation” is called matter.

*Convergence is when two or more objects meet together at a certain unified value or point, a certain equilibrium state.

As identified above, the gravitational waves are moving three times faster than the light ones.

Emitted during the act of thinking, and containing the entire information of a given selected frequency range, these p+ waves act as a barrier to the total informational potential’s quantum foam of vacuum fluctuations. As a result of this barrier (diffraction grating), there manifests the environment of the individual emitting these waves. That is, the emitted gravitational waves are inverting the informational field with its inside out, and thus, they realize holographic manifestations – a world containing p+ protection within. The individual emitting the waves will be experiencing the obtained holographic objects through repulsion (the p+ waves are repelling one another away – just as the identical poles of a magnet do), that is, they are going to be experienced as dense matter. Seeing and detecting these objects becomes possible only when an electromagnetic impulse of light has been emitted – one containing p+ frequencies. Thus, the waves of light (that have reached the readily manifested object 3 times slower than the manifestation’s appearance) is being reflected by the objects themselves, and this provides the one who has emitted them with information about the manifestation. All objects inside one approximately identical frequency range will have a feeling about an identical reality, which however, is a totality of individual and unique – albeit differing only slightly– realities.

This is how the EPR reality paradox is reconciled.

A photon pair’s diversion from the center of the Nothingness (Potential, Source) is in direct relation to the Choice (πindividuality), which is also related to the pair’s difference in phases (φ) (the Hong Tang effect). This determines the diameter (the diversion) of the area, which has been selected as a frequency limitation. Let us remind that the wider diameter equals more and greater possibilities. The width of this range is being accomplished by following a progressive helical trajectory – the logarithmic spiral expressed by Euler’s number (e).

The motion inside the Nothingness is the simultaneous rotation to the left and right alike. During this spinning, there appear two photons spinning to the left and right respectively. The photons are repelling one another away due to the Hong Tang effect. They remain inside the boundaries of the selected limitation – the selected area of examination; the selected diameter. There are standing waves forming inside the sphere outlined by this diameter.

The first emittance (let this be the photon spinning to the left) stands for the sine’s positive half waves, whereas the second emittance (the photon spinning to the right) – for the sine’s negative half waves.  Scientists refer to the first standing wave restrained inside a given field – i.e. the first spherical radiance – as electron, and to the second one – as positron. Thus, the electron and the positron (or π-electron) turn out to be the half-waves to the same sine-wave, however, this sine-wave being a three-dimensional one (wave’s spiral motion). Despite appearing as opposites, the waves are not annihilating one another, because they constitute the two states to a single identical field.

Scalar waves are longitudinal waves - i.e. waves vibrating in the direction of propagation.

Scalar waves: What they might be?

Scalar waves are a type of impulse standing waves, which both affect, and are affected, by the passage of time, as well as by the energy fields – including the gravitational one. They are also in direct relation to the body’s condition the brain and the thoughts. The scalar waves were discovered (1857) by the Scottish mathematician James Maxwell. The waves were later “re-discovered” by Nikola Tesla in 1903 during his experiments with direct current of very high voltage. The scalar waves – named so by Tesla – are electromagnetic waves, which peak interval ranges between 4 and 14 Hz. They behave in a different way than the transverse waves – they are longitudinal waves. In order to illustrate the difference between the two types, consider the following analogy: transverse waves are like the ripples forming at the water surface when you throw pebbles at it, while longitudinal (scalar) waves propagate longitudinally throughout space, similar to ocean waves crashing into the coastline.

The scalar waves are massless and Einstein’s E=mc2 does not apply to them. They can be focused (detected) with a laser beam. Scalar waves are finer and wider than both gamma waves and the x-rays – their width amounts to approximately 10-10 meters. They propagate (move) into multiple directions by following a right-angle trajectory, and there is not a material barrier that can stop them. Scalar waves are also known as gravitational waves. The light, sonic and electrical anomalies occurring during earthquakes are due precisely to scalar waves. These waves are generated and manifested at any place where there are so-called cavitary structures available (CSE – cavitary structural effect) – their formation is a closed cycle of interflowing polarities. The existence of a given object is the result of a pair of mutually interflowing polarities, while it is also this object’s existence itself that generates the scalar waves. There is a discernible similarity between protonic fields, waves, the field obtained as a result of the CSE, scalar and gravitational waves, the Kolpakov’s waves, fields generated by Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulator (orgone energy), prana, mana etc. All of these are different angles to the same thing – p+ life force energy.

The scalar waves cause changes in the passage of time, because time is a function of the manifested “still frames” reality. The faster the frames are being manifested, the slower time passes for us. This brings us to the famous Arab proverb: “Everything in this world is scared of time, but time is scared of the pyramids.

Scalar waves enable the wireless transfer of electricity, which is one of Tesla’s numerous discoveries to not be widely adopted today. Why so? See the scalar waves in action on the picture below, courtesy of the German doctor Konstaintin Meyl:

The pyramids’ architectural structure, in combination with the material they are built of, render them pulsators of scalar waves. We will try to explain the exact way in which they function below. In order to not be just all words, and to fully wake the ones sleeping, we present you with a Kirlian image of the pyramid’s energy.

 “Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool”. – Plato

The UPGR Process

Let’s clarify how the spherical radiation emanating from a pair of photons outside the Nothingness behaves as a substance, as something, as matter. Insofar the constant standing wave is “fixated” within some point in space, its position within space is possible only at a distance that equals its half-period. In other words, the position of constant waves is strictly discrete. At the same time, these waves can only “leap” into a section of space, which is at a greater distance than their half-periods. For this reason, in order for their emittance to be relocated throughout space, it is necessary for some force to be exerted.

It then follows that the electron and the π-electron (positron) are characterized by dualistic properties. On the one hand, they are constant waves, while on the other – they constitute a protected and limited area, enclosed inside a given range. They are characterized by gravitation on the one hand, while on the other – they are characterized by resistance (limitation inside a given diameter) to the energy’s relocation. The combination of these properties renders the information enclosed inside this field as the enclosed protected object’s mass, or in short – information is rendered into matter…

In other words, matter as such is defined by a pair of photons, which are resultant from the act of thinking. These photons have opposing “polarities”, and they generate standing waves, perpendicularly positioned to their mutual connecting point (crossed energy). The scalar waves, generated by such focus-upon-intent (act of thinking), outline a fixed area (limitation field) where specific amount of information is being restrained in. There are forces of resistance and attraction (gravitation) at play within the boundaries of the limitation, which are restraining and establishing the enclosed energy inside the field. We refer to information, restrained inside such a field of relatively stable basis points fixated by scalar waves, as matter. Thinking and stillness, energy and matter, visible and invisible, all turn out to be the same thing.

It should be pointed out that these relatively stable basis points are markers setting the rules for the progression to any vortex stream swirled by scalar waves:

Let’s see for example how the process of Creation is expressed by the Fibonacci sequence – 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34…The initial zero (0) is the Nothingness – it is an EPR (electron-positronic resonator, or photonic resonator) having two polarities of equal probabilities – 1,1. The next stage is the perpendicularly directed emittance of scalar waves by this vibrating resonator (crossed energy). At this point, we already have a couple of energies forming the three-dimensional (3) space. This is the hypersphere having three coordinates with three frequencies each. This system becomes a stable one, when we take into account the full set of probabilities to the system itself (referring back to Module 7) – 00-01-10-11. In the moment all of the probabilities have been satisfied, we can talk of a stable self-sustaining structure – so, that’s four probabilities + the impulse creating them (act of thinking). This is the so-called pentagram model – 5. Each next number from the Fibonacci sequence follows and extends the pattern. It is evolving by building upon the readily created. In this schematic progression of Everything that Is, nothing ever repeats, but is only being built upon. The resonator might be extending along an unchangeable cyclic trajectory, yet each completion of this trajectory leads to a new non-repetitive turn of it, and the cycle at each next turn is wider than the preceding one. It is an infinite spiral unwinding from its inside-out. The Nothingness creates, develops, evolves and builds upon Itself by creating reflections (in its image), which then go on to create their own reflections etc.

This is how Everything that Is (is) actually composed by nothingness, whereas the two states of the photon, or the electron-positron (π-electron) pair, can be called electron-positronic resonator (EPR). The term was introduced by the Russian scientist B. Bolotov. Such frequency vibration enclosed inside a system is described by Schrödinger’s equation. The general scientific agreement before the appearance of the equation was that quantum particles cannot be subjected to description and formulation, as they only appear when being measured and observed. Putting this view through a test, in 1926, Erwin Schrödinger came up with his wave equation, which describes the quantum particles as packs of quantum amplitudes propagating throughout space and time, which encompass within sets of probabilities. This is how Schrödinger was able to visualize what was considered impossible to be visualized, and this is how he lifted the veil on quantum behavior by describing the progression and evolution of enclosed quantum physical systems throughout space and time.

 The PIR Process

Schrödinger’s wave equation is time-symmetric, or more precisely, time reversal invariant (a theory is time reversal invariant, loosely speaking, if its laws don’t care about the direction of time). However, at the same time, the electron “dissolves” from any spatial position it appears at after only 10-42 seconds, meaning that we are talking about an increasingly chaotic system – i.e. over time, less and less is known about the electron’s location. Such behavior exhibited by a given particle is analogous to the entropy occurring inside a large system, as postulated by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Generally, the Second Law of Thermodynamics increases for an irreversible process, but as mentioned, Schrödinger’s wave equation is characterized by both increasing entropy and time symmetry. That is, it is characterized by two-way entropy. As Valerii Vinokur (Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois) states:

“However, Schrödinger’s equation is reversible. Mathematically, it means that under a certain transformation, called complex conjugation, the equation will describe a “smeared” electron localizing back into a small region of space over the same time period.”

This phenomenon of electrons popping in and out of existence at different sections in space, can be observed at the fine-scale structure of nature – these are sizes that would be commensurate with Planck’s constant (6,62×10-34). In other words, we are talking of quantum-scale occurrences. However, it should be noted that the laws applied at the fine-scale of nature (quantum scale) are also the laws governing systems at any other scale. This hints at the fact that nature is fractally replicated among its different “planes”. In other words, a quantum system is a copy “in the image” of any visible system. They are all built in the same way. Therefore, absolutely Everything that Is (is) nothing else than a focused choice (p+) within the straying fluctuations (unrealized probabilities of the non-visualizable Potential) of the total informational field contained inside the Nothingness.

Or put shortly:

The intent for (act of thinking) anything it might be…is being manifested simultaneously along its opposite, and it is solely the focus (the choice) that determines what the final result is going to be like. The “focus” is choosing either of the polarities, while the limitation, located inside the infinite Potential, creates reflections in its image inside this Potential. As moreover, the limitations themselves are reflections to the reflections, created by their focuses.

Everything remains possible if there is no focus at play. In other words, nothing happens, nothing is being manifested…

The second part in this presentation of the Universal Law (the 8-th principle; the law that is not familiar) is an unedited outtake from the Godheart Bible (Biblia Bessica). The Bible further goes on to state that Everything is a set of mental “recordings” upon a potential of unrealized probabilities. A more extensive account to the story of Everything that Is has been provided via the Glagolitsa, which is a symbolical representation of the information from the above-mentioned Bible. It is a graphical depiction to the creation of the world, Everything that Is, and the frequency characteristics of UPGR, PIR and Transmutation.




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The impulse causing a given portion of information to tear away (confining the information inside limitation borders through its inside-out inversion – the three-dimensional representation of this process is illustrated by Klein bottle) from the stillness of the Nothingness. This process is being activated by all the holographic manifestations already existing inside the energy field. These holographic elements are both the effect and the initial causation for the subsequent chain reaction of such cause-effect activations inside the infinite informational field. The selected still mental frames through which the act of thinking is passing are the ones to get projected. The projected images are holograms perceiving the illusion of motion, change, progression and space-time as being completely real(istic). All the available still mental frames amount to one infinite totality of probabilities that exist together in simultaneity, yet the mental energy selects to examine and explore only a portion of them – the ones that it is passing through. There appears the illusion that it is not the act of thinking which is animating the still mental frames by passing through them, but that these frames are automatically following one after another as if on some pre-allocated linear timeline… In that sense, our existence is not a motion picture – instead, it is a succession of still frames. The latter are existing together in simultaneity (just like all still frames on a film stock do) but through the choice(s) that we are making, we project only one single frame of its own definite velocity rate (this is our still frame of choice).

“To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration, put into operation the Principle of Polarity and concentrate upon the opposite pole to that which you desire to suppress. Kill out the undesirable by changing its polarity.”

The Kybalion

Our thinking does not always correspond with our actions. Since this conflicting state has been created by ourselves, when we become aware of it, we always tend to avoid resolving it. Instead we tend to take the easy way out of by justifying its existence through evaluations, comparisons, self-pitying, anger, embracing victimhood and so on.  At the same time, we are quite reluctant of accepting the fact that this conflict is constantly residing inside of us and what’s more – that it is due to the boundaries that we have set for our thinking; that it is due to the limitations of our comfort zone. And so, it turns out that in order to avoid the appearance of this conflict, we have to violate the boundaries of our own comfort zone. And the way for doing that is by immersing ourselves into its opposite – the unexplored, the unexamined, the new, the unconventional. We can only accomplish that if we are being directed outwards – our dedication and devotion must be directed towards everything else but ourselves. We must remember that it is a matter of choice whether we will be thinking in terms of how to help the others and how to create in the name of our surroundings, or if we will be thinking in terms of how to use our skills and abilities only for our personal benefit. Each act of withholding, each desire for being satisfied or to possess, to be liked or adored – all of this is the inwards direction. It is only the outwards direction in the name of the others that can transmute our way of thinking. The latter direction requires us to take the high road of honesty – we must share the truths that we have discovered for ourselves (without justifying or mitigating them); it requires us to open our minds for the truths that the others have discovered (without imposing any conditions or value judgements upon them); it requires us to believe in all that is unknown, invisible, un-realized and the unconventional. As far as faith goes – if we ‘’need to see it in order to believe it’’, this is not faith but the assurance that something has already been realized. Faith works quite the opposite way. We must first believe it in order to see it – this is the only way to open ourselves for Love; it is the only way for creating Everything that Is through doing acts of love.

(Some call it “Karma”, “Fate”, or “Destiny”, others call it “Life”) The experiencing of a single chosen limitation (out of the Potential’s informational infinitude) – it is the limitation corresponding with the accordingly selected frequency. Experiencing LIFE is experiencing this limitation through true pleasure, passion and devotion towards the environment. Experiencing Life is purely mental in nature. The mental illusion of time, sustained by the act of thinking, enables us to experience the equally illusory state of change, as at each given second we are processing the separate pieces (frames) of parallel realities. This process of processing billions of different frames at each moment creates the illusion of motion – think of how the effect of motion that we see in videos and movies is woven out of hundreds and thousands of still frames (frames per second). The act of thinking, being comprised of the unified and simultaneously occurring elements of creating-processing-reflecting, is the mental action unfolding inside the Here-and-Now moment.

The hologram’s decelerated and limited (due to its own protection) assimilation of this act of thinking creates the illusion of motion, which is a direct by-product of the illusory ‘’stretching’’ of the Nothingness into the space-time continuum. As a result, the hologram experiencing the illusion of motion also perceives the illusion of ubiquitous change inside an apriori existing environment (one made out of the indivisible domains of space and time). It turns out that during the process of registering the act of thinking, this overall mental process of experiencing is being turned on its head. It is so because the hologram is now only acknowledging existence, whist forgetting that it is the one which is actively creating it. Thus, we forget that beyond merely registering and examining reality, we are also the Creators and Sources of Existence itself.

Any given hologram is being manifested in accordance with the 8 Principles of Life and with the 5 Principles of Existence – they are essentially identical. In addition, there are such things as mental landmarks that have been set in advance, in order to navigate the hologram during its overall process of experiencing. The hologram must pass through all of these set landmarks in the process of fulfilling its task (i.e. experiencing the limited vibration it has initially wished for). These landmarks – or markers – are the intersection points between the Source’s 9-stage cyclic non-repetitive function and the function of Fibonacci’s logarithmic spiral. The hologram is ‘’reminding’’ itself of the task it has to fulfill through these landmarks, even when it has appeared to divert from its path. The path itself is the hologram’s own choice – the overall task to be carried out – however, this task can be changed at any given time. This freedom of making and changing one’s choice renounces notions such as karma or fate according to which existence is predestined and predetermined in nature. Instead, the entire path is but the act of thinking (creating-processing-reflecting) unfolding inside the Here-and-Now moment.

is the mental practice by which one trains the expansion of the limitation’s range until infinity. The word ‘’meditation’’ means ‘’contemplation’’ in the traditional sense, yet it is an exercise meant for one to become aware of the total energy. During meditation, it is possible that we receive information in different forms – unprovoked images, pictures, wave fields, visions, conversation with famous people or one who has passed away. We can feel all kinds of sensation during meditation – from warmth to slight dizziness, decreasing of the body temperature around one the practitioner or feeling the ‘’needles and pins’’, feeling spasms in different parts of the bodies, noise, unprovoked sorrow and tears. These are normal things and they have to do with the fact that during meditation the filtrations are being disabled and the protonic fields – weakened.

Fear is one’s unwillingness to make the unknown known. At the same time, one is willing to put tremendous amount of effort into avoiding to face this unknown by instead looking to find reasonable explanation that would justify one’s own reluctance (laziness).  One is looking to make sense out of one’s own behavior as being some ‘’psychological’’ condition that is ostensibly beyond the scope of one’s understanding. And when one has been nurturing his/her fear for long enough, other lazy individuals are constantly ‘coming to the rescue’ by supplying fresh examples that reinforce the importance of fear as some peculiar psychological condition that should be…feared. There comes a point in which one has even managed to ‘’utilize’’ fear as a mechanism that offers one protection against the aggressive and hostile surrounding environment. Fear has taken on a material form that now governs way more than merely our unwillingness for action – it has grown to govern our behavior. Refer back to the section that explains the process of manifestation and materialization. The same underlying principles apply to this case scenario as well. When a certain frequency appears, we either familiarize ourselves with it or we begin to look for all kinds of alternatives that would prove how it is impossible to familiarize ourselves with it. It is less work to prove how this is actually possible, yet everyone seems to opt for the second option more often than not…


How would you define the Cogitality? What’s the origin of the word? What scientific disciplines and esoteric practices does Theory from Cogitality cover?

Do you consider the world to be material? How so? What is the evidence for that? Do you have any evidence of your own to support such claim?

What are the main Principles of Life? Do they have any practical application? If yes, can you elaborate?

Which one out of the 4 unique individuality groups would you put yourself in? Why?

What is the Law that is not familiar?



Let’s first examine the nine parts composing the human soul, as it was believed by the ancient Egyptians.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that the soul is composed of 9 individual parts, incorporated together inside one integral individuality, and these nine parts had different aspects of manifestation. The soul in itself was believed to be an energy being, one eternal in nature. It was believed that the energy of the body and the soul are the same thing, yet they are different at the same time. They are different insofar that the body’s energy is limited, since it is unable to see and study the spiritual world, despite that both energies share the same core essence. Each polarity had its own individual role. According to the Egyptians, the soul was a compound energy (being, essence) composed of nine essential parts (frequencies): Ren, Ba, Ka, Shuyet, Jb, Akh, Sahu, Khat and Sechem.

Note: During the different eras, there were different versions regarding how many parts are composing the soul. In some eras they were considered to be 5, whereas during others – 7, yet quintessentially they are 9. In addition to the compounds of the human soul, the body – called Haw – is also considered and interpreted as a totality of inextricably interlinked parts.

Jb (The Heart) – An important secondary component to the soul. Jb is formed by the mother’s blood and heart during conception and gestation. These are the primarily set filters and protonic fields, determine the way for experiencing the environment going forward in the human’s development.

Ren (The True Name) – The name is given during birth, and the Egyptians believed that it lives for as long as it is being mentioned. These are the frequency vibrations to the individual existence, following the one who experiences on his path of examining reality.

Bâ (The Individuality) – The individuality is what makes one unique. It is the individual and unique limitation, which also has a direct relation with the Choice.

Ka (Life Spark, Vital Essence) – Ka is the energy that sets apart the living from the dead. It can be said that Ka is the Choice (the act of thinking, the life-craving impulse, the impulse wishing for existence and manifestation).

Khat (The Body) – The physical body – the form – which is the connection between the soul and man’s earthly life. It is what “generates” the individual parallel reality.

Ankh (The Immortal Self, The Source, The Potential) – The ancient Egyptians believed that Ankh is the transformed immortal Potential, which provides the magical unification to and Ka. This is the interconnection between stillness and motion, between the appearance of the polarities and the manifested scalar waves.

Sahu (The Judge, The Navigator) – This is a further aspect of Ankh, which appears as a vision, intuition, or in dreams. This is information advancing one’s development, but which is also a reminder about the markers that a given being has chosen.

Sechem (Ankh’s other aspect) – This is the set of abilities allowing one to master over given circumstances. It is the life force power for harnessing and changing the parameters of the environment (the comfort zone).

The individuality (personality) – or the human being as such – was viewed through its 8 aspects:

Ren As long as the Ren still existed, a soul had the power to keep on surviving. As long as embalming was correctly completed and mummification was successful, the Ren meant a person and their soul would exist for eternity.

Sejem is the energy, the force, the light of the departed – the p+ field.

Aj is the unification of Ka and Ba signifying the return to existence. It is the filtered, manifested, limited object or individual.

Ba – the individual essence. This is the outcome of a creation inside the Potential. Ba stands for all creations, including inanimate objects.

Ka is the invisible life-sustaining energy (pure scalar waves – without any polarities or filtrations).

Sheut or Shuyet is man’s shadow, represented by an entirely black human figure. This is the polar side, which has not been chosen and examined – the vacuum fluctuations that exist but are not explored. “There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.” Albert Camus

Seju are man’s physical remnants.

Jat is the material part –the flesh.

Do not make the mistake of supposing that the little world that you see around you is the whole Universe. The Earth is just one dust out of the All. There are millions of other such worlds, and some are much bigger ones. There are millions of such other Universes existing inside the Infinite.

Hermes Trismegistus

The filters are interference patterns that have readily “accepted and incorporated” within themselves the reality grating’s principles. They are individual combinations to the 9 main frequencies. These combinations either facilitate or hinder the manifested hologram’s experiencing of given states. This means that the hologram is able to experience the accordingly preferred interaction inside the frequency area it has chosen to examine. All holographic elements are interacting upon the reality plane formed by their decisions and actions. There is no examination without interaction, which is why actions are interlinked with thinking (the intent). The act of thinking ignites an impulse inside the Nothingness; it causes the formation of a resonator setting forward a pair of photons – or electron-positron pair – which leads to the realization of an interference pattern, along with the simultaneous appearance of scalar waves.  The diffraction grating (the resonator) is simultaneously sucking in vacuum fluctuations, whist also emitting scalar gratings. This unified motion of opposingly directed streams creates the illusion of space-time, as well as the illusion of interacting forms. Each individual diversion of the streams provides a new solution – a new probability of experiencing.

The additionally created limitation-defining frequencies are used for the adaptation to, and the experiencing of, the environment. These are frequencies appearing “under” the reality grating (as mentioned, they have readily accepted the reality grating’s laws; the so-called automatized processes). This is how the illusory separation of the hologram from its reality and the Source is being achieved. And these additional frequencies – which as a result of the experiences inside the environment are being inserted and incorporated into the nine main frequencies, thus altering the interference pattern (diffraction grating) – are called FILTERS. The nine main frequencies are forming the total range, meaning that the inserted frequencies are actually limiting this infinite range inside one relatively stable area – comfort zone. Thus, all the limitations – both of the reality grating and the hologram – are additional frequencies that alter the interference pattern of the diffraction grating (the primary resonator) at each moment. This is how the hologram is altering the diffraction grating through its experiences, which in its turn, alters the reality grating and the hologram’s parallel reality. As a result, there is a new actuality being formed. The hologram is then experiencing this new parallel reality, thus altering the diffraction grating and so on – it is a cyclic, uninterrupted and endless process. Such is the standard process underlying non-conscious experiencing.

The dynamics of the process for conscious experiencing have to do with the aspects of decision and action. A crucial factor differentiating the two is the direction – whether it is pointing towards outside of the limitation, or internally – towards the examination and exploration of the limitation itself.

The inwards direction is the detailed examination of the individual comfort zone – of the limitation itself. It is the isolation, self-directed restriction and progressive fabrication of filters in the name of something that is already experienced and familiar. Thus, the hologram reinforces and limits its own range of comfort. A hologram with such direction is unable to solve any problem that it encounters. The reason for this inability is that the solution to a given problem – a given task – cannot be found at this problem’s level of appearance. Instead, the solution to the problem requires going beyond the problem. The main underlying mechanism to this inwards model of experiencing is due to the vicious cycle triggered as a result of the settling inside the comfort zone, ultimately resulting in pressure exerted by vacuum fluctuations on this limitation (Casimir’s effect).

The outwards direction is using these same frequency limitations – the filters that the hologram possesses as experiencing – in the name of going beyond the area of the familiar. The reason for that is simple – finding a solution to the problems.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”Albert Einstein

We must elevate beyond the current solution, we must overstep the boundaries of the comfort zone which surround it, and which we have reached up until that moment. That is, we must search for something new where the unknown is. Because what follows from a simple analysis is that:

“Each problem that I solved became a rule, which served afterwards to solve other problems.” – René Descartes

Thus, we arrive at the conclusion that only the direction pointing outwardly of the familiar can provide us with the solution to a given task or problem. Each task or problem to be solved bring us emotional satisfaction, which we define as happiness. Therefore, going beyond the comfort zone (the direction outwards) is the Way we have to walk on, in order to experience Life with Happiness…

The intention for being directed outwardly is being realized as a projection, idea, theme or task extremely quickly, since the only way for going beyond the comfort zone is finding a focus that is beyond that comfort zone. The directed thinking with focus beyond the comfort zone, in combination with the likewise directed decision and action, together constitute the conscious process of changing reality. It is only logical that we have to practice directing our thinking, decisions and actions over some time, in order that we turn this entire process into a habit. The habit itself then starts to work as an automated process. We begin to constantly search for the new and unfamiliar. At such point, we have turned it into an automated process just like breathing, gravity and all the other “physical symptoms”. That is, the state of not having any problems has turned into a habit.

The meaning of Life is to be creating reality by observing, experiencing and changing it, thus turning into conscious Creators of unlimited possibilities. 


…all our experiences of reality are the consequences of our thoughts and actions. Another factor at play here is the direction, which is to be chosen by the individual – either the inwardly or the outwardly pointing one. It all boils down to frequencies (Casimir’s effect) that either allow or block the Source’s energy. All filters are scalar waves that can either prevent or fully reflect that energy. The direction of the filters determines the amount of information that will be passing through a given limitation.

In the process of reality conceiving/planning, there is a given probable picture being projected – one that has been envisioned differently by everyone in accordance with one’s wishes. This act of thinking generates an impulse of individual p+ energy towards the Source. The impulse causes a pair of elements to appear, which functions as a resonator (f+ & f- ; electron-positron), and which generates (inside the Potential of unrealized probabilities) scalar waves containing p+ frequencies. There is a protective field formed and an interference pattern restrained inside this field. The pattern contains what has been wished, yet the final result is always different – albeit slightly so – from the envisioned, because the principle of devotion applies. That is, the result itself must be beyond the comfort zone of the one who has wished for that result. What counts is the result of the Creation that the creator has been aiming for, instead of the illusory picture envisioned in the mind (which is readily existing inside the comfort zone by default).

This is what constitutes the devotion principle.

The solution to any given task is found when a different way of thinking is employed than the way of thinking employed during the creation of the task. This means exploring the options beyond the readily familiar ones.

The reason for that is quite simple – when we embark on examining ignorance (as the initial impulse of the Source), each experiencing of ignorance turns into already experienced knowledge, and there is no option for returning back into the same. It is already familiar – it has transformed from ignorance into knowledge. The “existing”, manifested hologram can only be examining unexamined states. The examination of readily familiar states is impossible because this would not provide a solution to any task. Is time “travel” possible then? Yes – it is possible, however, not through the same exact still frames, but through ones that are extremely close to them, yet which have remained unexamined. This always provides us with a solution to a new task, as opposed to remaining stuck into the old. That is, the devotion principle means that there must always be examination of the unexamined taking place – there must always be some task to be resolved. And since there are infinitely many probabilities, this means that the process for their examination will be just as infinite. This is why when we are wishing for new realities, we are wishing of facts. We begin to act like the person who we’d wish to be would have acted inside the environment, that we would wish to create. We are using the same adaptation filters that we have been using so far by looking for new ways to apply them. We try a given thing out and we then follow how this change is affecting the environment. It also takes thinking activity as well, in order to avoid making the same mistakes again and again.

The manifestation is light (certain amount of information), placed inside the limitation of a scalar (protonic) field. It is a visible image (hologram), which creates “reflections” via the individual p+ field that it emits. These reflections are countless other holograms containing the emitted individual p+ field. These “reflections” are also creating their own “reflections” containing their individual p+ fields. It then turns out that Everything that Is has p+ fields. We are Everything that Is itself – represented under different angles and perspectives, via the accordingly chosen p+ field. This is what the mechanism of Creation is like – the same process from different angles, infinite and eternal, experienced through unique forms, which once accepted, set new changes that are to be experienced as individual probabilities of new states. Everything is being used because everything that is to be experienced and changed contributes to the wholeness of Creation. Even dreams or imagination (unrealized vacuum fluctuations) are being experienced as a new perspective – one that is different than the previous perception and understanding. A new reincarnation, a new task, a new knowledge – one that is individual and unique in itself.

The notion of repetition is inevitably associated with the cyclic nature of energy. But the cycles never really return to the same place. Instead, these are waves extending along the cyclic trajectory of a spiral – the Fibonacci spiral (at least with regards to this Universe). Even though a full circle is being completed for each cycle, the wave is slightly different with each turn and it contains the previously accumulated vibrations and experiences, which are then being used inside this new cycle starting from a different – slightly displaced – position. And these turns of cycles are extending along the spiral without ever returning to the same place. The perimeter of the examined circle changes with the change of dindividuality.

And this also leads to a change in π individuality, because we have examined yet another digit after the coma of the infinite π individuality (which always starts with 3,14…). It is this exact next digit of π individuality that ensures constant change, expansion, rebirth, learning and development. Thus, as holograms – as beings of light – we progress on the path of ignorance that we have chosen by accepting the devotion principle, by increasing the hologram’s awareness in the process of examining and changing the vibrations with each next turn – in the way it finds to be the most adaptive one. Increasing the awareness means to accept the responsibility of examining. But this is something we do anyways. It is a matter of preference and choice to be doing it consciously (act of thinking leading to a change in behavior). Funnily enough, man feels happy when this process is done consciously (that is, when there is a change in behavior). And when it is done unconsciously – one feels sorrow. The polarities are interconnected and they are mutually flowing into one another. Happiness and sorrow are the same thing, but everyone has the right to be choosing which one is going to be experienced.  You choose to be conscious – to be acting – then you will be happy too. You choose to be non-conscious – to not be acting and to be lazy – then you will be unhappy. Everyone has the right to be right…

What became clear here is that the filters are protonic fields (scalar waves), which restrain given information in the process of reality examination – a reality which is being created by each and every manifested thing. The proton is already a focus in itself – a choice that we have made. It is a specific direction and task that we have already initiated the examination and solution of. In order to reach the solution, we should employ a different way of thinking than the one employed during the creation of the task. This means finding options that reside beyond the ones readily familiar – beyond the comfort zone that is already known and examined. Each our emittance of these fields and waves change and create (inside the potential of unrealized probabilities) a world containing our choice – the tightly condensed proton. And this proton is surrounded by probabilities that are not chosen, but which are still connected to this same task and theme of our manifestation.  

The filters are interference patterns that have readily “accepted and incorporated” within themselves the reality grating’s principles. They are individual combinations to the 9 main frequencies. These combinations either facilitate or hinder the manifested hologram’s experiencing of given states. This means that the hologram is able to experience the accordingly preferred interaction inside the frequency area it has chosen to examine. All holographic elements are interacting upon the reality plane formed by their decisions and actions. There is no examination without interaction, which is why actions are interlinked with thinking (the intent). The act of thinking ignites an impulse inside the Nothingness; it causes the formation of a resonator setting forward a pair of photons – or electron-positron pair – which leads to the realization of an interference pattern, along with the simultaneous appearance of scalar waves.  The diffraction grating (the resonator) is simultaneously sucking in vacuum fluctuations whist emitting scalar gratings. This unified motion of opposingly directed streams creates the illusion of space-time, as well as the illusion of interacting forms. Each individual diversion of the streams provides a new solution – a new probability of experiencing.

The additionally created limitation-defining frequencies are used for the adaptation to, and the experiencing of, the environment. These are frequencies appearing “under” the reality grating. This is how the illusory separation of the hologram from its reality and the Source is being achieved.

All physical forms are diagrams representing the field of interaction that have created them. Thus, each form is a combination of functionality and efficiency – it is а synchronized display of energy conservation and optimal performance.

The real building blocks of matter are the resonator pairs – electron -π-electron (positron), or f+ & f- (photon pair). These create constant scalar waves inside the Potential (also referred to as aether or ether) – ones that are enclosed inside stable spherical forms (buckyballs, fullerenes, “particles”, chromatins). The spheres resemble hollow bubbles, which enlarge themselves until certain sizes (dindividuality), and they shrink back to 0 by following a sinusoidal trajectory. In other words, the electron-positron resonator (EPR) is neutral, it displays itself as a wave, and it is compatible with positive and negative alike. If an EPR’s positron is compatibilized with another EPR’s electron, and in that moment their amplitudes become equal under π/4 (in that case – 90°), this will result in their mutual disappearance with a leftover disruption for the environment (self-destruction). This is provable even in pure mathematical terms and it is called annihilation. The annihilation of electron and positron can only take place when they are in their pure forms. But annihilation would be harder to be observed with frequency enriched fields (particles, protons, neutrons, mesons etc). In such case, there will be partial annihilation taking place, but the general outcome will be an energy flow leading to transformation with supplementary release of energy.

Example: If barium (a chemical element with the symbol Ba and atomic number 56) is considered a positive one, then its negative counterpart will be krypton (another chemical element represented by the symbol Kr and having atomic number 36). When certain amounts of barium and krypton are fused together, this results in a new element – uranium. Similarly, nitrogen is the negative counterpart to the positive (+) boron. The boron and the nitrogen partially annihilate one another by forming derivative elements in the process. The chemical compound resultant from this unification of the boron and the nitrogen is the borazon (B2N2) in which there can be found threads of chrome. The Sahno-Kurashov effect confirms this thesis for the combination of particle and its antimatter counterpart.

Takeaway: When frequency enriched fields are available (ones that have accepted and examined more frequencies), the fusion of the polarities does not result in annihilation (self-destruction), but it results in transformation and energy release. That is to say, when we get to know ourselves and our polarities, and we merge with them (understand: to accept our negative traits via the equal passion and force that we accept our positive ones with), we are able to transform ourselves and to release huge amounts of energy pointing in the outwards direction.

The more frequencies we acquire and accept, the more our possibilities grow. The positive-negative resonator can be a principle that can be applied to the limitation and everything beyond its scope. It is a principle that can be applied to all the different kinds of polarities: the negative and positive traits, acceptance and denial, honesty and lying etc. The relations at work, the relationships between couples, the relations we build between us, and our overall relationship with the environment can be viewed in an identical way. Even when we have accepted ourselves to be one bipolar resonator (in order that we can exist), we still should accept all of our polarities down the path of existence – each element of Everything that Is.


The state of matter has the state of energy as its polar opposite. Everyone, who felt what the material world is like to some degree or another, can look for the options of getting familiar with its energy counterpart.

Options and techniques for getting familiar with the energy world 

Before delving into the methods and techniques for entering the energy world, let’s try one other exercise first. The exercise will test to what extent we are ready to impartially reflect on ourselves and the views we have through one different – detached, yet honest – point of view.

The exercise: Write a short essay on one or few of the topics listed below. Your task is to compare the different help and self-help methods and techniques. Your purpose is being as impartial and unbiased as possible. The topics:

  1. Pros and cons of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the Bowen technique (a therapy focusing on the vegetative nervous system (VNS), which is in charge of approximately 80% of our bodily functions).
  2. What is holotropic breathwork and what’s the pros and cons of this technique in comparison with regression therapy?
  3. Reiki energy and/or the Silva method? Pros and cons to each.
  4. Yoga Nidra or Yoga Ayurveda? Which one would you recommend to a friend if asked?
  5. Generating insights as a brain algorithm or the Akashic records as knowledge?

Piece #1: Meditation

Meditation brings wisdom.


The word “meditiato” comes from Latin and it means contemplation. Meditation is the practice through which the expansion of the informational range until infinity is being realized and nurtured. In the general sense, the purpose of all meditating practices is for the practitioner to become aware of the common unified energy. The purpose is always one, although the ways for accomplishing it might vary. In fact, there is a wide range of practices some of which are accompanied by music, while others might have to do with exercises or gymnastics. During meditation, it is possible receiving information in all kinds of forms– “out of the blue” effigies, images, wave fields, visions, conversation with famous or dead people and others…

it can bring the practitioner closer to God, it can equip him with the ability to see and realize past lives, to make distant travels in other worlds and dimensions and so on (..) it also consists of technical exercises directed towards the development of compassion, love, patience and generosity.

Extract from piece of research, University of Wisconsin, 2008  
(Antoine Lutz, Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, Tom Johnstone, Richard J. Davidson)

It is recommended implementing the information we have received during meditation by means of practical actions that would lead to results. The practice of making use of the messages by directing them externally toward steady effortless concentration and towards global gratitude in all aspects of life, provides us with previously inconceivable capabilities. And the point of those applied actions is to examine and explore the outcomes from each single act of expansion until the Source’s potential, as we reach creativity and happiness in the process. 

It (meditation) has given me effortless access to unlimited reserves of energy, creativity and happiness deep within.

David Lynch, filmmaker

The very nature of meditation allows for the free improvisation in terms of where we are going to direct our thoughts to, what details we are going to focus upon, as well as what questions, topics and tasks we are going to explore. This makes it one quite flexible and far encompassing method. During meditation, it is possible that we experience parallel realities, regressions, progressions, or we might receive our answers through dream interpretation etc. Such freedom of direction enables us to consciously “plant” in advance those elements that would provide us with one more global and complete informational and frequency result. This means that in the process of expanding our individual limitation until the Source’s infinite frequency potential, we can include all vibrations that we consider to be limiting and/or restricting. For example, we can include the frequencies of the inverted ‘inside-out’ protonic energy (Chi, Ki, Prana etc.), our filtration’s frequency vibration (the logic), the results of this filtration (the emotions), the vibration of the environment, the effect of the cavitary structures, as well as the energy of our wishes towards something particular.  We can add to this list any other vibrations of use. All these vibrations are part of a spectrum which is limited in itself – one that has been chosen in advance, in order that we experience a given state. The purpose of meditation is to expand and widen this spectrum (range), in order that we receive and then implement the information we obtain as actions for changing our re-ality inside the consciously intended act-uality. The realized change of the individual parallel reality is a small step towards new possibilities within Everything that Is!

Anyone can enjoy the possibilities provided by the practice of meditation. It allows us all to acquire skills that we have not previously suspected about. The euphory and excitement that we gain out of this process can easily distract us from the main direction of devotion and they can stagnate our development. The progress that we have made might “get into our heads”, leading us to believe that what we have achieved so far is more than enough. Others might use the obtained information and skills for commercial or other purposes for personal benefit. This is not a bad thing in itself, yet it becomes self-destructive when it absorbs one’s the entire energy and effort. The victims of such scenario increase their protective mechanisms along with their attachments to matter. In effect, they decrease – and they might even completely shut – the Potential’s energy in-flow. Even those with little experience are able to enter the state of deep trance. When this state is being reached, one whole different world is being revealed and we must walk the path of knowledge by exploring and learning the new possibilities of perception. Those new perceptions that we acquire give us the sensation of being born anew. They allow us to experience different lives by means of different set of perceptions. But such novelty should not be discouraging or frightening us in any way, as the benefits of meditation are quite enormous indeed. As long as we are consistent about it, life fills with health, calmness, energy, youth and satisfaction. If we dare to be doubtful about what we are doing by thinking that it is all non-sense, fatigue and boredom appear to be just around the corner. The secret of meditation is in its consistent, day-to-day practice. Each next meditation is a new skill or opportunity, new information and change, new answers to important questions or a new look in the future. Each discontinuation of practice is bringing us two steps back. One can feel various sensations during meditation –warmth or slight dizziness, decrease of temperature around the practitioner, prickling, cramps, the so-called “pins and needles”, spasms, noise in the ears, unprovoked sadness and tears. Those are normal bodily reactions and they are due to the fact that the filters are being disabled and the protonic fields weakened. A truly wonderful moment during meditation is the appearance of visions, which might vary in degree of clarity and types of visualization – from waves through landscapes to human silhouettes; from blurry images to clear three-dimensional objects. These visions are the desired expansion and the purpose of the meditational practice. This is one fully automated state that we have brought to life consciously at the time being, due to our desire to manifest change, or to receive answers regarding this change. And all these images appearing are parallel reflections of ours that facilitate this change. Each image is a specific message or outright action for the assimilation of frequency characteristics, which are to advance our expansion of creative possibilities. One curious piece of scientific research conducted by English psychologists (Oliver Mason and his colleagues; the study has been published in ‘’Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases’’) shows how even short periods of sensory deprivation are enough to induce states of hallucinations in people who are generally not prone to such states. Each state of hallucination is actually a parallel reality that has become available when the range has been expanded. It enables one to experience past reincarnations or future progressions, due to the disablement of the “oblivion” filter. When we disable our adaptation filters, we remember that we are Sources and we then have the complete potential at our disposal. That is why many of the images we might encounter in meditation are profoundly detailed – we might get the opportunity of getting a closer look at an Earth-sized atom, or we might examine the cell in which we could be swimming as if in one massive spherical pool. When we meditate, we immerse our minds in another frequency range of probable experiences – ones that are reflections to our existence in other parallel realities. Such states are equivalent to the sensation induced by death. The limitation expands until the endless eternity – the Source’s everlasting Here-and-Now moment. Meditation is the temporary taste of knowledge that is way beyond our own holographic comprehension. It is the practice of disabling the limited knowledge’s filtration and of the expansion until the darkness of the complete knowledge. It is then when we understand that darkness can shine way brighter than light. And it is then when we also realize that everyone is way bigger and far more encompassing than what one has accepted as his/her limitation. Each meditation is an act of elevation, it is getting a taste of – and becoming one with –the complete knowledge, in order that we accept the Way of change, the Source of possibilities and the manifested Experience through Everything that Is.

Example-exercise: Meditation for frequency tuning to parallel realities.

Make sure you have placed yourself somewhere comfortable. Free yourselves of the everyday thoughts, allow your body to relax and slow down your breathing. Relax your head, shoulders, pelvis, thigh… Close your eyes and allow yourselves to accept the connection with everything that already exists as the hologram that you are, and all the remaining parallel states. Allow yourselves to see the light waves that connect you to Everything that Is. You stand in the center of a hall full of mirrors and you can see your reflections everywhere, expanding until the infinite, in infinitely many directions… Those are states of different holograms you represent – they are the representations of your choice as of Now. Nothing is missed and everything is here. Even the virtual reflections from thoughts, dreams, alternative probabilities or imagination are available here. Each image is the experiencing of a given version, state or mirror reflection of yourselves, which is you somewhere, somehow, at some time, in the simultaneous moment of the infinite Here-and-Now of the All, of the Potential, of Everything that Is. And since each hologram is individual and unique, these infinite versions-reflections differ from You. They might be young or old people, rocks, plants, grains of sand, atoms… – they might seem like images from another time or place, but they are your reflections and you are theirs. Whether they are familiar to you or not, close or distant, blurry or clear – they all are You. Now look at yourself – you can only see the glowing outline of your hologram and the pulsating heart of the plasma ball inside your head. Look around again – each image is vibrating and pulsating with the same light as yours. Your light is being reflected and returns back to you – thousands of waves, going forward and returning back… Feel the vibration of each image. Allow it inside yourselves, accept it, merge with it… This way you turn into every image and every reflection vibrating with you – one unbreakable infinite connection of light vibrations. Swirl this light symphony into all the infinite directions of the All – of the infinite – and unify it with yourselves. At that moment you are turning into a plasma ball. Now you are the All. Now you are the expanded frequency of the Source, gathered inside the plasma ball that is you. The unfolded assemblage of Everything that Is! Everything that Is – I Am, everything that I Am – IS, I am everything that IS. The Way, and the Source, and the Life… All parallel states which I experience in simultaneity. Now wish to see a specific state. Ask a question so that you can receive an answer. The answer is the experience itself… Whenever you feel ready, open your eyes.

In the process of undergoing and experiencing some condition, its tragedy, problems, pain and incompleteness are felt and understood. This is the limited frequency pulsation of our own problems, pain and incompleteness. And since we have come that far, since we have experienced that pain, loneliness and sorrow, we should go on and analyze it. We should figure out what we must do, in order to change that condition. But not because we are going to earn “extra points” and praise from Everything that Is, or because of the prospective self-esteem that we have “changed”. But simply because we would provide ourselves with solution for all the states and conditions of similar frequency vibration. So that we might understand and alter them. So that we might have the opposite result of tragedy, problems, pain and incompleteness. Once we have figured out the solution, we must apply it immediately, with patience and persistence so that it turns into a habit. We will still be making mistakes and feeling pain and incompleteness until this happens. But we must persist. We must give ourselves a break, take a deep breath and inspire ourselves to continue by searching for ever new directions. So that we keep on doing and creating…No matter what we are doing, there will always be two polarities to it and there will always be those 50% who are going to criticize and look down on it. But it is important to persist, until one sunny day, we all of the sudden “feel” how we are being looked at – with hope and admiration. This is when the sense of responsibility comes in. Do not stress about whether you are going to be able to handle it, about whether you are going to live up to the trust and admiration. Stick to what have got you here in first place. Just carry on with doing and creating: “I am doing and creating, and improving what has been done, so that it makes the others happy. But they are half-unhappy. That’s why I must continue restlessly. Fatigue is not an option. I must work so that “happiness” might be the standard condition in my parallel reality. When this happens, I can only feel this egregore happiness together with them – with my surroundings, with my friends, with the people I am in contact with.’’ While we are experiencing such state of being, we can feel and appreciate its beauty, joy, inspiration and completeness. This is the expanded frequency pulsation of those problems, pain and incompleteness that have now been transmuted. But we must still remember that if we decide to keep any of these positive states for ourselves, then we would be committing to the self-destructive act of restraining the energy. Change is one ever-going, ever-lasting state. When we are in the state of change, we enjoy the Potential’s energy flow and we constantly increase it. And not because of the “extra points” and praise from Everything there Is, and not because of the self-esteem that we have “achieved” happiness. But because we have come to the realization that happiness is in the change, and the change itself is the happiness. It is due to of our decision, due of our choice that we have accepted for ourselves. The choice to give ourselves out to everything and everyone.

This is just one example illustrating the process of possible transmutation processes to the various states. You can use any other technique or set of elements from the total frequency bundle that you have chosen for yourselves. The improvisation when combining various elements and techniques is actually recommended, in order that this resultant combination might be individual and unique – in order so that it might be aligned to your choice. This would be your personalized way of becoming one with Everything that you Are. At the time you are expanding your own potential until the Source’s one, your filtration-adapting filters also expand towards new possibilities. The practice of meditation is a tool by which one is able to receive the pure global answers – the ones that have not been contaminated by limitation and “shrinkage”. Moreover, meditation is the mutual starting point for examination and exploration to all the remaining parallel realities. All realities are equally real. Whether other realities are real is not the question. Of course they are. Everything one can image is somehow, someway real. After all, it would not be possible for us to think of something that does not exist. We cannot imagine non-existing. Hence, anything that we can imagine has its corresponding parallel reality somewhere. The question is not whether it is real, but whether it is compatible to the frequency rate of our vibration. We are the ones who should decide on this matter of compatibility. Because in order to sustain the space-time effect, we are pulsating billions of times per second between different parallel realities, as at each moment we find ourselves in different versions of Earth. Every next moment we find ourselves at different Earth, with different history. It is through our vibration and filtration that we choose which version of the planet we want to experience. Therefore, if a given version and history are not compatible with our frequency, then the Potential surely contains another version – one that is way more compatible. There is more than one version to each thing. Moreover, there are infinitely many versions to anything that you can imagine. And you will be attracted to the one that is most compatible with the vibration that has been chosen by you – the one that vibrates at the rate of your convictions and beliefs. This does not exclude the other parallel realities as being non-existent. Yet, you simply are going to experience the one that you believe in and accept, and this parallel reality would seem as being the only one to you. Because each system of beliefs and convictions is structured in its own unique way and this excludes the possibility of something that contradicts or undermines it. All parallel realities are truthful and existing, yet each one of us chooses this parallel reality that is most compatible with what one has chosen to explore and examine.


Piece #2: Channeling

Channelling (from channel) – the practice of linking with intelligence that resides beyond the boundaries of planet Earth. The negative polarity of this practice is that we don’t, and we can’t know, who is standing on the other side of the link (channel). Yet, we can quickly identify this by asking the right questions and by the practical investigation after. Channelling is a process in which, alongside the adapting filters of our current state, we allow the creation of a frequency portal for information exchange with other limitations residing in different frequency-vibrational areas (on another planets, in another space-time projections and so on).The information might be arriving in different forms – written, spoken (including in unknown and archaic languages), in musically-visual forms and so on. It is quite common that this information might be “distorted” due to the filters of the contactee, which nevertheless remain enabled. When we have attached the meaning of outward devotion, the frequency limitations that we link to are likewise. In such scenario, the practice of channelling is one unique opportunity for information exchange, as it might spur the development of technology, inventions, energy utilization etc. In the most instances of channelling, there is a tendency that the contacted entities are benevolent, and they are driven by the intention of helping us (mankind). Therefore, the signs and signals that one should be looking for are thоse of appreciation and grateful attitude. If the messages that we receive are insisting statements along the lines of ‘’You must be doing this and not that! I know the answer and I am telling you now that this is the only way’’, we have probably “channeled” nothing but our limited and filtrated “ego structure”. However, if the channelled energy accepts the validity of all belief systems and it simply provides information for the purposes of sharing, expanding and learning in one beneficial and creative way, all while not posing any demands in return, then it is most probably coming from the “authentic” experience of another entity – regardless of what this entity actually is. This is the criteria for the authenticity of a given channelling – if it allows the opportunity for individual decisions to be taken, if it provides the realization that reality can be navigated and altered, then this channelling is an authentic experience – one that can be quite useful at that. If the messages are trying to control us and they deprive us of our choice, by trying to push our reality in a specific direction, then probably this “channeling” is deceptive and inauthentic, irrespective of what we have actually “contacted”.

Piece #3: Progression & Regression

Progression and regression (Future-retrospective method) It is yet again through meditation that we can “see” all the parallel states relating to our current choice in the Here-and-Now.

The negative pole here is that all the parallel states are changing in accordance with the choice of the present. However, this negative meaning is being attached only when our wish is to hold on to (protect) our current state. We are then looking to preserve (protection) the parallel states of our “past”. But this way we actually prove to ourselves that there are “objective” reasons for us to be the way we currently are, even though we are calling those reasons “karma” or “destiny”. By externalizing the reasons for our present state in such ways, we are refusing to take responsibility and we stray away from our own substance – from our own potential.

In order to be truly honest, when you present someone with such kind of information, you should also make it clear that at any time, everyone always has numerous options for manifestation available. The firm choice – or the negligence respectively (i.e. the choice of not searching and exploring) – tip the scales in favor of the according outcome. If the person in front of you is giving you replies along the lines of “That’s non-sense!”, “Whatever!” or “I’m fed up with it all”, and he genuinely believes in what he says, then he has simply made a choice that will lead him to another field of consciousness, as he is no longer needed in the current form. The choice can be experienced as either being a conscious or non-conscious one, but it is actually always being consciously made somewhere along the chain, and this is why it results in its according outcome. When information from the Potential is being received, it can be altered in the very next moment, so as that it might be closer to our wish. Thus, each individual designs and creates his parallel realities at each given moment. He/She expands until the potential while simultaneously placing oneself within the boundaries of the desired experience’s limitation.

If we accept the idea that all manifestations are unfolding in simultaneity, this automatically eliminates the idea that the reason for something might be stemming from somewhere else than the Here-and-Now moment. All the reasons coming from the “past” are self-imposed as such, and they are due to our choices in the present. From the linear space-time perspective, the mental links between similar parallel realities are defined as “memories”. But these are frequency portals created by the choices in the present, which usually happen to reflect a similar vibration. Therefore, it is the present creating the past, and not the other way around.

What does all that mean?

In order to support the exploration and examination of a given theme, the informational field provides us with examples from a similar theme that has been previously explored and examined. The analysis of that other theme – the way in which events have unfolded and what the final outcome has been – enables us to rationalize the choices we make in our personal one. Thus, if you know what mistakes have been made by someone who has walked the same path in life as you, you would avoid making these same mistakes. Your relationships from the present are also frequency portals, yet with other holograms, which however, are also necessary elements in your chosen theme of exploration. The experiences you undergo provide the energy for the exploration of the theme. The future determines the present, when the future has become the present. But when this present is in the Here-and-Now moment, it creates the future. From the standpoint of our linear timeline, this can only be done in the present. As we arrive in the “future” (it is always occurring in the simultaneity of the Here-and-Now moment), we allow this “future” to become present by accepting it as existing in the moment we accept our current reality, and we experience that future as part of this present as well. What then happens is that actions, sounds, emotions and so on – all sorts of frequency vibrations (connected with the limitation that you are) – form a diffraction grating, which creates the holographic projection “future” in our range of vibration from the present. The same thing is done with the “past” created by the choices of the present. The choice of the present changes the past. The act of expanding until the Potential’s infinitude billions of times at each moment is the understanding that we are mentally passing through billions of parallel realities each moment. At each given moment, the act of thinking manifests billions of versions of the Source inside the potential. This literally means that a different hologram is being chosen and manifested at each given moment. And if a new probability of this hologram is being manifested at each moment, then each new projection would also have and different story – it shall have different past, as well as different future. It depends on our choice whether we shall aim holding onto a similar story (security, comfort, familiar and cozy, inwards direction etc.) or we shall build upon it (the unfamiliar, beyond the comfort zone, elevation, outward direction etc.). The way in which we define ourselves Here and Now determines our chosen personality of examination, which in its turn, predetermines the “past and future” of that person. Devotion is a vortex, a spiral extending from the inside-out – the number 9. The retracting – spiral movement from outside-in – is the number 6. The acceptance of both polarities is the manifested energy that has been inverted with its ‘inside-out’ – the vortex “matter of reality” that is being depicted with the number 3.

When we aim holding onto the same story (security, comfort, familiar and comfortable, inwards direction etc.), we restrain the vortex stream. This choice is being depicted by the 6 symbol along with the mirror reflection of the restraining parallel reality, which we have created –  . The Glagolitic (Glagolitsa) employs a similar symbol for depicting life as such – Ⰶ (pronounced as zhicce) – the chosen limitation crisscrossing its corresponding mirrored parallel reality.  The Ⰴ (dobro) symbol is resembling the mirrored 6 symbol, yet it is slightly altered at its top. This symbol represents the devotion towards the unified Source. In this way, the Glagolitsa clarifies that the devotion with the opposite direction of quieting away back into the Nothingness, along with the belief in the Potential, are the virtue (dobro means virtue, virtuous, good) that are sought after in life… Ⰶ (zhicce) – the chosen limitation and its corresponding mirrored parallel reality predetermine the parallel reality’s 12-element system paradigm – the 12 months of the year, the 12 hours of the day, the 12 hours of the night, the 12 zodiac signs and so on. This collective setting appears in the egregore that we have created and accepted in advance. And we grow so accustomed to it, that we don’t even want to go beyond these boundaries. By following this blueprint of being, we restrain and limit the Potential’s total energy inflow, which in turn, would lead to the self-destruction of the holographic structure “Earth”. Our other option is the outwards direction – the elevation. And elevation (development and change as natural processes) equals our readiness to choose the 13-th step of examination. This step is the knowledge (not the belief and not the thinking) – it is the knowledge that each our choice in the present predetermines each moment of expansion, being and its corresponding chronology (“past and future”). The choice that we are going to make in the present is not quitting our addiction to the present, it is the knowledge that such addiction has never existed. The intrusive feelings of protection and restraint are nowhere to be found inside the new hologram surrounded by its new parallel reality. The individuality, which we are by virtue of this new choice, knows that it has never possessed other thoughts that the ones it currently has, therefore such addiction simply cannot appear since it is unfamiliar. Such is the principle for change of the parallel reality and hologram alike.

Why would it be useful to get familiar with these states?

Because when we get familiar with them, we might see how our own “past” changes in accordance with our choice in the present. By observing situations similar to ours from the side, we can change our choice. By actualizing our present choice, we also alter our frequency, and we are then able to see the alternative probabilities to our “definite” past. We then realize that nothing can remain static, as instead everything is constantly transforming from its preceding state. There are no two exactly matching states, events or manifestations. Each moment is also another choice of adaptation to this change and it is solely the action – the practical application of our choice – that might provide our individuality with information about what the result of this change is. But this also means to take responsibility for action, as opposed to the mere thinking and talking about something that is really wanted or unwanted. Yet, in most cases “actions” do not go further than “figuring it out”, choosing it…and then waiting on it to see what happens. However, with regards to the space-time environment where we are (planet Earth), and which we have chosen to experience, the only way to realize change is by DOING change. Within the informational limitation of the planet, the rules for realizing change in the parallel reality once the choice has been actualized, are called doing, creating, glagoling. Moreover, the action has to be carried out with devotion and passion for examining the RESULT, all while completely forgetting about any “previous” states. Any other alternative to action such as “I might”, “I think and talk about it”, “I wish it with all my heart”, “I am trying”, “I put all my efforts”, “I am ready to” etc. violate our planet’s rules, therefore none result is being realized. All players in this game called “life” are being warned when they are in violation of the rules, which they themselves have accepted through their choice in the Here-and-Now to play that exact game, at that exact place and with those exact rules.

Conclusion: The only way that the flow of energy might be realized – with regards to the place that we have chosen to experience it in – is through doing, practical action, glagoling, dzelo. In that sense, information, thought and choice become synonymous with “I act and I consciously do”.

… Put your money where your mouth is…

Thinking and choice are formless, virtual and imaginary, if they have not been unified into one triune whole with action. But in order for such unification to be complete, its comprising elements must also have the same direction. If there is a mismatch in the direction, they are neither triune or unified, and ultimately, there is no result on display (at least not the one that we have wished for).

 The positive polarity of FRM (Future-retrospective method) is that it gives answers, heals, removes stressful states, governs the direction of our next choice and action and so on.  During our present state, for some reason we “remember(information for something is available…) a frequency vibration from some parallel state of ours, which has led to a strong distress or an altogether elimination of the hologram. We then understand that we have built and sustained a frequency portal for the given vibration. This frequency keeps on resonating within us in the present moment, because we have wished for this resonance (for example, in order to protect ourselves from similar kind of pain, or in order to preserve our hologram). But in this way, we are actually searching for all those parallel states that might either lead to the elimination of the hologram, or to its diversion from its chosen path. And while searching for these parallel states, we have placed our focus solely upon protective frequency vibrations, which in their turn, attach another meaning to this state – the negative one. The point of understanding what exactly has happened in our parallel state, is that it would help us to realize that this IS NOT the choice that will assist us with the exploration of our current theme, as far as our current state is concerned. Therefore, it is possible to release ourselves from this frequency portal and to dissolve it in the total energy-informational field by which its frequencies will become a probable part from the Potential. In effect, we will cease our focus upon this vibration – whether it is one of fear, pain or something else. This frequency will not simply disappear – it will remain existing, yet outside the scope of our area of focus. In effect, we will manage to remove and dissolve states such as pain, stress, fear, physical and emotional distress.

By exploring these parallel states, we would experience the reasons (or at least very close similar frequencies) due to which they are created along with the result from them. This would be extremely useful as it would navigate us on how to regulate our present choices and how to set them up in such a way that they will be synchronous in relation to our chosen theme of exploration. We should once again follow the rule: “I received information, I adjusted the choice and I changed my behavior in accordance.’’ In this way we also help the hologram in our parallel state to understand and figure out that transformation of this state is possible and in addition, we also cooperate for the re-structuring of all those states and realities which vibrate in a similar way. The firmness of our choice and action helps trillions of parallel states with similar frequencies.

Options for receiving information with FRM:

option 1: meditation with a basis question of which is the state (reincarnation), which fuels our present state (pain, stress, fear and so on).

option 2: if meditation is expanding to the potential of the Source with the purpose of receiving definite information, then the other possibility for receiving similar information is when we bring the adapting filters to zero. Since the energy does not disappear and it only transforms, the filtering limitation that has been shrunken to zero expands us until the informational potential’s range. In other words, after we have got rid of our limitations, we have access to everything else.

General manual for bringing the adapting filters down to zero:

Each time we enter a parallel state through FRM, we can begin by asking specific questions to which we wish to receive an answer. Such questions might be related to the reasons for fear, stress, indecisiveness, psychological or physiological problems etc. At the same time, these can be questions relating to our specific choices in the current moment, thus trying to evaluate to what extent they fuel or not the reason for which we have wished this state (limitation). When we truly want to receive our answers, the hologram focuses upon creating a frequency portal. This is equivalent to finding a book in the library that corresponds with the questions that we have posed. When we open this book, we can see all kinds of forms, shadows and images that are probable parallel realities in the Source’s potential. They are the frequency equivalent of similar realities that are also the answer to our question. The process of time-travelling should begin with some image (landscape) that the individual will be able to see in his imagination. Something that is familiar to him/her, and therefore can easily be visualized. The one who is leading and asking the questions should focus on some elements from this same image, as each next question should be asking for more specific detail than the previous. By doing this, the logical thinking hits a dead-end at one point. It simply doesn’t know and it cannot provide any information on how a certain thing looks or what would be the next step. When the limitation’s filtration reaches this point, the mind automatically expands until infinity, in order to find its answers. The energy (knowledge) of the hologram and its filters suddenly decreases, yet this is being balanced out by the total Potential. That is, since energy (information) is never being lost (law of conservation of energy), the energy that has been decreased is being replaced by another one. In effect, there appears another image which is close to the individual’s choice of parallel reality, yet one which is not being limited by the logic and the filtration. In turn, achieving this state provides the answer to the initially posed question. The energy that has been expanded until infinity focuses upon these book pages that provide the answers.

What follows next are questions which are to orientate the participant-observer (the reader in the library) towards familiar forms, which are to ‘confirm’ to the mind that he/she is located in the respective parallel reality of ‘past’ or ‘future’. Things such as year, location, name, family etc. are being clarified. The more the participant is focused upon observing this reality, the easier it is for him/her to navigate through – and adapt to – it. Once he/she has accepted the frequencies of this parallel state, the observer is able to “remember” his/her name, what’s the year and all other such essential details. If some question does not provide the answer, there is little point for the participant to linger on and the next question should follow immediately. It is possible for the participant to get so immersed in this parallel reality, that he might display skills, language or specific frequency characteristics from it, which are otherwise not typical for the present. It should be kept in mind that the participant might start talking in Sanskrit, Chinese, Latin etc., or that he/she might acquire skills for playing some musical instrument, for performing some martial art, or for some game that belongs to the specific time and place where he/she has immersed in. These are all skills that might not be possessed in the present. One very important moment for the comprehension of this similar frequency process is the observation of the hologram’s lethal end inside this parallel reality. When this occurs, it is possible for the participant-observer to leave his/her body, to observe different places or individuals, to find various reasons or details that might lead to the desired answer. Moreover, it is possible for the participant-observer to ‘enter’ another body, in order to feel this body’s frequencies (as polarity function), which in turn, would provide even more information. In this way, it becomes even clearer that “death” is nothing but the shifting of filtration, that it is the replacement of the limitation – of the hologram’s protective field.

Piece #4: Dreams

When we fall asleep, the pineal gland discontinues the circuit that enables the filtration (or more accurately, it puts it on “standby” mode), in order for the system to re-load with information. The two circuits –the energy-informational field and the filtration – are constantly “on their heels” – i.e. they are not completely disabled. If any of the circuits actually gets disabled, this would stop the energy flow incoming through the diffraction grating and the information necessary for the manifestation of the hologram would be ceased. And there would not be any hologram if this informational flow is being interrupted. Even when a given individual has focused upon his day-to-day experiences, the circuit towards the Potential remains enabled. The opposite is equally true – when the brain cortex (the place where the experience and adaptation filters are being stored) is on “stand-by”, the circuit toward the Potential is being enabled and active. Therefore, the information and the energy flow never disappear. The information obtained from all experiences also corresponds with the frequency vibrations for experiencing that has been chosen in the Here-and-Now. As it turns out, the question is not of how the hologram is to be connected with the Source, but of how the hologram to become aware of this connection. The difference between the two is huge. When the hologram becomes aware that this connection is uninterrupted, this fact – if it is being recognized as such – becomes crucial for the further experiencing. Because if one is aware that the connection with the Source is constantly available and one has accepted it as something that is a priori given, there would not be any need of trying to establish such connection later on. That is, there will not be any need for something or someone to establish such connection, or to remark that such thing is hard or impossible. Phrases such as ‘’I am trying to connect but I can’t work it out’’ implies the conviction that this connection is not a priori given. This makes little sense, since if such connection has not been a priroi established indeed, there would not have been any hologram altogether. After all, the hologram is the direct result of the Source’s energy. Becoming aware of the connection with the Source gives considerable advantage and it makes possible for one to perceive the portals to other parallel realities that are already existing. When we expand until the Source’s infinite frequencies, we contain it all, and we are being connected to every reality. This means that we are in constant connection with all these realities. There is only one question remaining them: ‘’Do I wish to connect with any of them?’’.

The two parts to existing – Source and hologram – are in the state of constant interflow. Cogitality is the energy-informational Potential, which provides the ability for experiencing by directing and informing the manifested hologram throughout the entire period of its experience. The process of this field’s formation is consisted of the energy’s inverting (manifestation), the laws of the existing Universe (reality grating) and the rules of the local area (egregore) where the experiencing of a given theme is wished. This constructed scheme (UPGR) is an active agent in this experience. When the hologram is in a state of ‘dreaming’, it finds itself inside the reality grating. Logical realizations are possible in this moment, since the circuits of the Source-hologram system are not interrupted. In turn, this provides the hologram with the opportunity (after some practice) to rearrange and reorganize its parallel reality after waking up from the dream, based on the experiences in its dream state. The more ‘consciously’ this dream state is being experienced, the easier and the better the subsequent rearrangement is. The change can be so profound and global in scope that it might even affect the very UPGR scheme, in order for it to be closer to the Source’s frequencies. In the state of such ‘conscious’ dreaming, the hologram has left its adaptation circuit on standby, whereas the Source circuit is active. As it turns out, from the standpoint of the Source, the hologram is wide awake. On the other hand, when the hologram has its filtration working, it is also awake by adapting to its environment. Therefore, the hologram never really sleeps. It is being awake inside the Source, since it is being awake in its dream. It lives inside the Source because it also leaves in the reality. This means that this part of the hologram lives inside the dreams. In such case, the dreams are reality that can be consciously processed. The more clearly the hologram is able to process things in the state of dreaming, the more it realizes that dreams are reality. In this state of ‘dreaming’, the ‘real life’ of the hologram appears to be the dream…The dream is the reality, whereas the reality is but a dream. Everything is real – these are all parallel realities of choice. One of the choices is to be sleeping, while the other one it to be experiencing. But these are all real realities. And the more one is conscious of them, the realer they become. There comes a moment when the conscious realization of both eliminates the difference between them, and they fuse into one combined reality. 

Facts about dreaming:

  1. We forget 90% of our dreams – 5 minutes after waking up people forget half of the dream. After 10 minutes, 90% of the dream is forgotten. The reason for that are frequencies by which we limit ourselves, in order to forget that we are Sources.
  2. Blind people dream – people that have gone blind after birth also see images in the dreams. Those that were born blind have dreams with sceneries involving their functioning senses sounds, smells, touch and emotion. The limiting filtration of “sight” within the “visible spectrum” might not be active to them, yet their connection with the Source is still being fully active.
  3. Everyone is dreaming – we just forget the dreams because of the reasons given above.
  4. When dreaming we see familiar objects or ones that are close to our experience objects – the encounters with unknown and unfamiliar faces might “puts us off” from contacting with the Potential. For this reason, when dreaming, we see the faces of “real” people that we have encountered, even though we might not be remembering them.
  5. Not everyone dreams in color – According to statistics, around 12% of the people dream entirely in black and white. The studies from the period 1915 – 1960 show that only 4.4% of the dreaming under the age of 25 have black and white dreams. According to recent studies, the variable results are due to the transition from black and white to color television.
  6. Dreams and symbolism – When we dream of something specific and we then go on to observe in reality afterwards, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the dream was regarding that. Each element is subjected to individual interpretation by each individuality. Everyone possesses individual and unique filtration and only he/she can decipher the symbolical message. Dreams are visual information about substance – they are warnings. When the symbolical language expressed by images in the dreams is being intelligible to the dreamer, these unfiltered messages advance his development inside his chosen parallel reality. The dream state is a parallel reality which has established a frequency portal to our own parallel reality, as each of them advances the development of the other by providing directions regarding our adaptation to the respective environment and situation. The reason for this advancement is that the observer is being more impartial and is therefore able to see thing more clearly.
  7. Emotions – the emotions that are being most commonly expressed in dreams are these of anxiety or uneasiness – these represent the limited filtration of questions such as ‘’Will I manage?’’. In this way, the main attached meaning is this of ‘doubt’ and as a result, the negative emotions that we encounter in our dreams are more than the positive ones. Hence, the so-called ‘nightmares’ and negative sensations in the aftermath of awaking. However, it is logical to be grateful about these nightmares, since they are pointers to where it is possible for us to make mistakes, as this way we can amend our actions before the mistake itself. Therefore, it follows that we should be more pleased with our worst nightmares. It is better that we experience them while in the dream state, instead of experiencing them inside our realities…
  8. Every night we dream between 4 and 7 times – We dream between 1 and 2 hours every night.
  9. Animals also have dreams– multiple researches on different animals have shown the same changes in brain activity during sleep as the ones that occur with humans.
  10. Body paralysis – the rapid eye movement (REM) during sleep (REM-sleep) is a phase of sleep, which in the case of the elderly, normally takes around 20-25% of the general time of dreaming. In this period, the filters of the body are “disabled” (paralyzed or in “standby” mode) from the brain mechanism. The reason for that is for the prevention of any possible interruption to the process of message receiving. The information must be delivered while the subsequent decisions regarding it are individual. Everyone makes his own choices.
  11. Merging of dreams and reality – the sensory receptions are also being included in the process by which the brain interprets the external impulses. In this way, they become an active participant in the dream-experience continuum. Sound or smell from the environment might be incorporated into the dream, in order to make the dream appear as more realistic. As for any actual sensor activity – it is being muted and silenced during dreaming.
  12. Men and women have different dreams Men’s dreams are comprised of predominantly male personalities. As for the women – in their case, the respective amounts of male and female images are being close to equal. Moreover, way more aggressive emotions might be encountered in men’s dreams in comparison with these of the ladies. The reason is that the dream messages are always in accordance with the hologram and its emotions.
  13. Clairvoyant dreams between 18% and 38% of people have clairvoyant dreams, and 70% have experienced the so-called “déjà vu”. Those who believe in the prophetic capabilities of dreams are between 63% and 98%. The idea in this is that we’ve made a choice and receive information for the approximate results of this choice. The choice is made in relation to specific events and so is the prediction. One typical moment here is that if you are not happy with the result in the event, you can change it while in the dream state. You go back into the dream and after asking a question and receiving an answer, you do what you are told in the dream. The received corrected result is manifested in the “reality”.
  14. Orgasm during a dream – the dream can be a sexual experience in which the orgasm is as intense as an actual one. The reason for that is the merging of the two worlds (energy and adaptive-filtering) in this moment. Such cases demonstrate the unification of the energy and they occur when we need a decisive push for making some choice in reality.
  15. The ones that get rid of some addiction (cigars, alcohol and so on) have more intense and clear dreams – the people, that have given something up begin to dream a lot more bright and clear dreams than before – ones in which the emotion is more intense and the action more stimulating. Similar dream-experiences have not been present while they were addicts. The reason – with each change, there is more information provided so that there is an adequate choice and action for its proper realization.

Exercise – Learning to communicate with our dreams:

Our dreams turn into our best friends once we learn how to communicate with them. They might not be always telling us pleasant things, but this is what good friends do. They are aiming to help us even if this means being painfully honest, or going to extremes in their attempts of making us process and understand some particular piece of advice and important information. The language of dreams is made of symbols and metaphors…We are establishing a link between two things through metaphors in order to decode the meaning of the overall situation. The symbol is something that we are familiar with and we should be therefore interpreting in metaphorical terms. Once we decode the symbols and metaphors, this means that we have grasped the meaning of the message…We have deciphered our dream.

Our dreams carry with them an enormous amount of information and it is quite remarkable how most people simply don’t wish to know what this information is – let alone having the intent to apply it. Mere curiosity alone does not lead to any results. The information contained in the dreams is always unique and individual – in terms of both meaning and expression – to the one who is dreaming. Dreams are as unique as the people having them. But their interpretation is quite often done in a misleading or distorting manner. In order to start grasping the messages we are receiving through them, it is essential that we come to grips with the fact that our dreams are talking to us in symbols. If we don’t learn to decipher our own symbols, we will be considering our dreams to be little more than incoherent exotic tales.

The language employed by our dreams can be mostly related to the art of cinematic film as it is extensively visual. The first step towards interpreting our dreams is to accept the information and to understand that we are perfectly capable of deciphering it. Yet, we have generally grown so accustomed to this information that we are not putting any effort into trying to record and remember it.

And even if we do manage to memorize it, we are fearful of it and we then go on to convince ourselves that the messages we are receiving are nonsensical ones. But dreams are a form of knowledge exceeding infinitely times more the information of our own experiences. And we would never be having any dream if it is not aiming to communicate some message of particular importance to us. They are showing us where our mistakes are, how to fix them and in what ways. But who wants to hear about his/her mistakes, right? However, we should not be treating our mistakes as such. They are just another lesson that point us towards the direction of success.

Directions and things to keep in mind for memorizing and interpreting our dreams:

We must be ready to write down our dreams immediately after we wake up. We can keep a pen and a notebook beneath our pillows, or we can write them down on our mobile devices.

Repeating the following affirmation 21 times before going to bed: ‘’Tonight I will be dreaming and I will remember my dreams’’.

Every dream is one’s individual message from the Cogitality. It is only the dreamer who can interpret his/her own dream.

If we experience repetitive dreams, this means that we have misinterpreted them the previous time we had them.

The protagonists in our dreams point us to the most negative traits of our character. In other words, we should relate the negative traits of the protagonists in our dreams to our own.  


The neighbor – stubborn and constantly complaining. This is my own complaining and stubbornness;

Clown – attention seeker; I am the one who seeks attention.

Our co-worker – talking behind one’s back; This is actually me again.

The nightmares that we have are warnings of particular importance with regard to upcoming events. They are urging us to take the appropriate measures and actions as soon as possible.

It is a good practice that we try to remember the details from our dreams while still in a drowse. In addition, we should not be opening our eyes in order for this to work best.

When we have few dreams written down already, we should create our own symbol glossary:

Clown – attention seeker;

Co-worker – talking behind one’s back;

Masked monkey – the masks that I wear and which are stressing me out;

Jumping – overreacting;

Our neighbor – stubbornness and complaining etc.

Questions and conclusions upon completing Module 8

The Change

Change is a step-by-step process. Therefore, it is crucial that we get acquainted with the processes involved while searching and realizing it:

Choice: I make the choice to change and I then gather database for its implementation.

Pleasure: I accomplish this change by nurturing within myself the according change of behavior and attitude towards the environment. I then keep track of my results based on the feedback from my environment until I have reached my desired result. This gives me pleasure.

Addiction: I’ve applied my achieved results for so long that it has become a habit (dependency). This addiction leads to an oversaturation of the habit; the oversaturation itself makes it hard to notice be noticed (I am taking it for granted). In order to escape the addiction of my own achievements, I have to change - I need a new focus (choice) - and then I start anew (see Step 1: Choice).

...those are the Questions...

1.Did you make the choice to change your own parallel reality?
Did you accumulate and integrated the database necessary or did you work in the dark (based on something you’ve heard or read)? Have you been observing the others and have you been studied them, or were you disproving any unwanted situation, strange idea, unpleasant state, and so on? Did you use the experience of the others, or did you act based on your old ways? Did you read all the recommended books listed in this Module? Did you watch the video from the seminar (How many times)? What about other relevant materials? Did you add anything beyond the Module? Did you find more sources for reaffirming and expanding yourself?

2.Did you practice hard? Did you stumble upon difficulties preventing your progress in the beginning? Did you choose making it until the end (because such was your choice)?
Did you employ your full concentration while practicing? Did you cultivate self-discipline in the name of reaching pleasure? In what moods have you fallen or risen during the practice? Did you recall how you’ve learned to ride a bicycle? How many times you failed driven by the aim to reach your desired result? How many times did you give up and started anew (both Module and the bicycle)? Did you reach the ecstasy of swimming in the waters of your own choice ? I make the choice for change and I then accumulate the database necessary for its implementation.

3. Did you turn this choice into a habit?
Did you examine the moments in which this choice brought you pleasure? Did you notice how you’ve transferred your experience of this habit to all of other conditions? Have you realized how the initial effort, stress and pain have transformed – after a number of workouts – into pleasure and passion? Have you started to use the new habit in all the other challenges of your everyday life? If you have made it this far, did you notice that you are already proud of the new habit? Now, ask yourself the question: "From this point of view, isn't the new thing that I found another limitation...isn't it another form of addiction?" Do you possess the willingness to continue learning new things or did you already decide that you will only use what you have learnt so far, because you are now familiar with it, it gives you joy, and you feel good inside its comfort zone? Have you started to deny and resent the possibility to change this choice (focus, result)? If this is the case, then you are already addicted and this choice has turned into a comfort zone.

It is only right that you now think about the possibility for change, in order that you walk through the cycle of choice, pleasure and habit again. While you are moving along this spiral of life, you will always be feeling grateful, capable and happy!