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– description and explanations on the cavitary structures; reality as a mirror reflection to the choices that we make; understanding the polarities and accepting opposing (colliding) viewpoints; the conception of time and space; protonic fields and possibilities for creating!

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IN THE EVENING: Nighttime is the time when you should answer yourselves the following questions: “How to be making conscious choices?”; “How to be honest?” It is the time when you should put your cross on and break down the encounters from your day by arranging into columns the instances in which you were dishonest, hypocritical, masked and filtered, and the ones in which you were honest – albeit painfully so. Did you listen to all of the recordings throughout your day, or did you skip through some of them? Are you having fun with analyzing your day, or are you feeling some resistance? As a finale to your nighttime work, immerse inside the 21-minute evening meditation and receive the answers for how to change your parallel reality.

After you have your plan in place, you must remember that no one else can execute it for yourself. This is your job. Wishful thinking alone will not do the trick. It takes practice and not a prayer…


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Module 6: Transmutation, UPGR, PIR

The process of energy passage through the zero-point – the environment-transforming act of thinking (and hologram-transforming respectively) – is a combined, two-way, mutual, unified and a simultaneous one. It is occurring between any element of Everything that Is and the Potential. Each element (hologram) places its request and it then receives back the according change as a Transmutation inside its environment. Therefore, in order for each element to be experiencing its environment, a simultaneous two-way energy flow must be passing through this element. However, since the hologram is a limitation inside a unique protective field, whenever energy from the Potential is passing through it, it is being inverted into a protonic field. In effect, the passage of the Potential’s energy through these specific characteristics (the limitation’s) is transmuting (the Potential is diffracting) the environment in accordance with the frequencies of these same characteristics. Thus, the energy emitted by any given element is the protonic energy containing its respective filtration frequencies. The emitted protonic fields act as a protection – a barrier – a diffraction grating through which the Potential’s energy is being sifted. In other words, the Potential’s energy is diffracting through the protonic fields of each element’s (the hologram’s) individual frequencies. The conclusion is that each element is creating one’s own parallel reality, as each request for change goes on to be reflected inside, and by, its environment. The inversion of the Potential’s energy into life force energy (protonic fields) is taking place inside the so-called cavitary structures. The cavitary structures effect (CSE) refers to the inversion of the potential and the according environment transformation (transmutation). The cavitary structures are the zones where the transmuted potential is being regulated.

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Detailed contents of Module 6 (click on every + to expand the menu):

  1. Cavitary structures and reality creation (READ HERE)
  2. UPGR-PIR-Transmutation. Acceptance and perspective; Responsibility (READ HERE)
  3. The Concept of Time – The Illusion as we (don’t) know it (READ HERE)
  4. Blood as a conductor for the Source’s energy (READ HERE)
  5. Protonic field and p+ waves – the key unlocking our possibilities (READ HERE)
  6. Protonic fields – activation and capacities (READ HERE)
  7. The Hypersphere’s principles (READ HERE)

Approximate duration: Between 5 and 12 hours for a single read, depending on the individual desire for understanding, assimilation and application of the information.

  1. Audio book – You – The Source
  2. Audio book – You – The Manifestation
  3. You – The Source (216 pages)
  4. You – The Manifestation (240 pages)
  5. Substitute Teacher (88 pages)
  6. Time Travel (57 pages)
  7. Mirrors (68 pages)
  8. Rising from the Ashes (32 pages)

Total pages per a single read: 701 pages. Read the books directly from the Module 6 page by clicking  HERE or access them in the Academy’s E-library

Important: This does not mean that you have to read all of the books! ​It is recommended that you read You – The Source and You – The Manifestation 9 times each throughout your course in the Academy! ​

  1. Protonic Fields and Mitochondria
  2. Cavitary Structures 
  3.  A Single Photon of Two States
  4. Pyramid. Triune energy. Transmutation-UPGR-PIR.
  5. Swirling of the Energy. Frequencies 
  6. Comfort Zone. Energy.
  7. Nothingness and polarities
  8. The World is happening inside the Nothingness

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Each element has its own cavitary structure, of which this element is generally unaware of, and which therefore, remains imperceptible. But once the element becomes aware of its cavitary structure and its functioning, it can now consciously regulate (either allowing or blocking) the flow of energy potential passing through it. The cavitary structures of plants are their stems transporting vital fluids; for the solid elements – the cavities between the elements of their crystal grids; for the insects – their hollow limbs; for the animals – their bones and circulatory systems; there are as many kinds of cavitary structures as there are elements. One funny thing about cavitary structures is that they are inverted potential, which is instrumental in the regulation of the readily inverted Potential – the light that came into being from itself. With regards to “Earth” parallel reality, only two out of all nine frequencies forming these instruments are being universal, whereas the other 7 are being variational. The two universal ones are the oblivion that everyone is a Source, as well as the stretched space-time forming the space-time continuum of any parallel reality. As for the variational ones – these are all the frequencies providing the manifestation’s experiencing (accepting, choosing, acting, experiencing, learning and developing, reasoning and elevating).  The variations for transformation (change) are numerous, but they can be classified into two main categories – consciously and non-consciously done ones. We talk of non-conscious processes when a given experience is merely being lived through. In such scenario, the element (the hologram) registers and observes the environment, but it is not being its conscious creator. Each vibration by such hologram is a creation inside the Potential, which however, is undirected, misguided, non-consciously done, and not understood. The 7 variational frequencies form 7 pulsating light rings that are alternatingly increasing and decreasing the Potential’s energy flow. This leads to a change in the protonic fields, which in its turn, leads to a change in the environment. But each element in this environment is also changing its protonic fields, and so it turns out that each element of Everything that Is (is) interconnected and interdependent with any other element. In other words – each element is a reflection of any other element. Thus, each hologram is simultaneously both the creator and the reflection to the creation.

Recall the instructions before continuing (click the images):

Something you know by now – everything is happening through the unified and outwardly-directed thought, decision and action!


It is not possible knowing what our preferred reality will be like beforehand, simply because this reality is yet to be created. It is yet to be created by none other than yourself. Because everyone’s creating the reality one gets to experience. This is why first we act, then we think (about the corrections that have to be made).

When condemning something…

…we disempower that thing in question. But in the process of disempowering something, we begin to eagerly explore and examine it, and ultimately, we align ourselves with its frequencies of vibration. As a result, we are becoming what we dislike the most. The Hermetic perspective tells us that we bring those things in our lives, which we have placed our focus upon. So, if we focus upon something we dislike, we accomplish frequency resonance with that according reality, thus manifesting it into our lives. The underlying dynamics to this process are expressed in the apparent paradox of the interflowing opposites, as postulated by the according Hermetic law. We all want to know what our creation (reality) will feel like, in order to initiate the creating process. But it is not possible knowing that beforehand, simply because this reality is yet to be created. It is yet to be created by none other than yourself. Because everyone’s creating the reality one gets to experience. This is why first we act, then we think (about the corrections that have to be made). It seems like a hard thing to apply, but it is perfectly possible and doable.

Everyone is unique!

We condemn those actions of the others that vibrate at a frequency we ourselves sustain inside our own reality. We notice those vibrations that we have readily adopted and grown accustomed to. Because in order to notice them in first place, they have to be vibrating at our frequency. Any shared and relatable experience is rendered so due to our choice of creating our own version to this experience inside the reality that we are currently in. When we accept the fact that the place where we currently are is the place where we wish to be at, and we begin having fun with experiencing this “future” at the moment, the urge and need for being somewhere else naturally ceases to be. Such behavior is indicative that we are already there – the place where we wish to be at. This results in the following model for experiencing: Allowing everyone to live the life that one has chosen is the permittance we give to the everything of Everything that Is to be equally valid. And as a part of Everything that Is, we are readily supporting the things we ourselves do, thus allowing Everything that Is to be supporting us as well. Then, if protection is what we believe we need…what we wish for is incursion that would support us in testing whether our protection is in place.

Each living being has a unique way for examining the idea of existence. This doesn’t mean that we have to be condemning the way in which the others are living their lives.
Making conscious choices means doing things, which we have never been doing previously, by looking to derive pleasure out of them, by looking to have fun in the process of examining and exploring them, and all while not relying on any old sensations or frameworks for evaluation.

All situations are fundamentally neutral.

We are the ones taking them out of that neutrality state by attaching either the positive or negative label to them. As a result, what we have invited for examination is а reality with the accordingly attached meaning. None of our encounters arrives at us as composed by someone else. Nobody is giving us anything. We are the composers of our own version to the event or situation in question. This effect is only amplified when we really, really possess THE AWARENESS for it being a fact. We have then forged a weapon that makes us unstoppable – nobody can harm, manipulate or prevent us from doing something in any way whatsoever. If we feel like someone else is doing us any harm, this is because we have accepted and created our own version to such experience inside our reality.

Takeaway: 1) The frequencies that we are vibrating at both create our environment, and they are also being reflected back to us by it. 2) We are being elements to the environments projected by any given oscillating system inside a given reality. It then follows that 3) we have been “designed and created” by the vibrations of the other elements, and we are reflecting their vibrations back to them. 1) At the same time, each one of us is the creator to one’s own environment and parallel reality. All of the above statements are valid with regards to a single object and its polar states. What can be derived from here is that our environment is our polar state, just as we ourselves are this environment’s polar state. Such outcome should not come across as being paradoxical, if we accept the first Hermetic principle: The All is Mind. The World is mental…

In order to get proper insight regarding the essence...

…of these reality-creating processes, in order that we might be able to accept them (because otherwise they seem like some abstract non-sense), we must conduct an in-depth examination to the concepts articulating the appearance of the space-time continuum and its invariable interconnection with both the presence of motion and the act of thinking. These constitute the so-called transmutation. It takes that we examine the development to the interconnections between UPGR and PIR, as well as the unity they constitute together. Once we are familiar with the dynamics between the elements of that unified system, we know how the cycle of manifesting is being completed. This is how we learn to consciously lay the Way bonding the Source with the Life…the Way that has been manifested as Everything that Is!

The consciously made choice takes patience and dedication, it takes combinability and persistence in our examinations, it takes experimentation while searching for beauty and pleasure.

The concept of time:

The illusion as we (don’t) know it

We employ the concept of time in order to measure the duration of events. Correspondingly, we determine a given object’s speed rate by calculating its relocation through space per a given unit of time. However, recent research work by physicists suggest that the time measurement doesn’t exist.

In two recent publications for Physics Essays, Amrit Sorley, David Fiscaletti, and Dusan Clinar note that even though we might be used to thinking of time as an absolute physical quantity that plays the role of an independent variable (time t is often delayed on the X-axis of graphs representing the evolution of the physical system), we never actually measure t itself. What we do measure are the given object’s properties such as frequency or speed rate. That is, we measure the differences (change) occurring in the object’s properties. These changes are being mutually compared, and in accordance with their continuity of identification and examination, we (notionally) move the arrows of a steady measuring mechanism (clock), which is what we call time. But even the clock’s steady measuring is defined by changes in the states of its own mechanism. Thus, by juxtaposing the changes occurring in two physical systems, we examine a given object’s change in properties, based on the changes in the properties of the steady measuring mechanism (i.e. changes in another object’s properties). Therefore, as far as reality is concerned, time in itself appears to be a non-existent mathematical value. This means that “time” is in the state of variational (changing) interrelation with space, which in its turn, is interrelated with the changes in the object’s properties. In this line of thought, notions of “absolute time” or “fourth dimension” are out of the question. The four-dimensional space-time is consisted of three spatial coordinates, which cause, but are also resultant of, changes in the object’s properties. In other words, the occurrence of change inside the properties of objects causes, but is also caused by, the appearance of the space-time continuum. The Universe in itself appears to be timeless. The point of view that considers time as a physical entity in which material changes occur is replaced with a more convenient one in which time is just a numerical order to these material changes (still frames).  Such point of view is better consistent with the physical world and better explains instantaneous physical phenomena: gravity, electrostatic interaction, the transmittance of information in the EPR-experiments and many others. The roots of this idea can be traced back to Einstein’s relativity, which marked the shift from the perception of time as a grand cosmic clock towards one in which it’s treated as a mathematical value (frame of reference). As Sorley points out: “Time does not have an independent existence; it only exists insofar as we use it to measure the continuity of events. Such is my conclusion.”

The researchers are planning to prove that quantum space has three dimensions. As Sorley further elaborates: “The idea that time is the fourth dimension of space has not made much progress in physics and, strictly speaking, is in conflict with the formalism of the special theory of relativity. Now we are developing a paradigm for three-dimensional quantum space based on the work of Max Planck. Apparently, the universe is three-dimensional from the macro level to the micro level in the Planck volume, which is also three-dimensional. In this three-dimensional space there is no “length reduction”, there is no “time dilation”. What really exists is the speed of material changes in the relativistic Einstein sense.” In other words, the change in the properties of a given object results in change of the space-time.

That is, any changes that a given object might be experiencing result in changing its parallel reality, and vice versa.

There might only be travelled in the space-time as the examination of different frames, which is what we call motion.

The numerical order in space

Researchers offer an example to this concept of time: imagine a photon moving between two points in space. The distance between these two points consists of Planck length sections, each of which represents the smallest distance that a photon can travel (the fundamental unit of this movement is Planck time). When a photon travels the Planck distance, it moves exclusively in space, but not in absolute time, scientists explain. A photon can be thought of as moving from point 1 to point 2, and its position at point 1 “precedes” its position at point 2 in the sense that number 1 precedes number 2 in the numerical order. And the numerical order is not equivalent to the temporal order, since 1 has not arrived earlier in time than 2 – they are both present in simultaneousness. In practice, these are two states of the photon unfolding at the same time, or inside “timelessness”.  It turns out that continuity is only possible in purely numerical terms, i.e. in accordance with the numerical order’s generally accepted property of progression. This is how t is being mathematically verified. What else can be derived is that a single object (photon) appears to be in two simultaneous states – there is an object (state 1) or there is no object (state 0). The object is popping in and out of existence, which corresponds with the actual state of things – electron or proton, quark or quant, alternatingly appearing and disappearing. A given electron appears as a particle only when it is being observed…that is, only when there is a focus upon it.

Other scientists similarly point out that the mathematical model of space-time does not correlate with physical reality, and suggest that timeless space will allow the creation of a more accurate model. Therefore, what seems as a more accurate definition for the fabric of reality is the timeless “space-state”.

In this conception of time, time accounts for the numerical order to the changes taking place in space, whereas it is space alone that constitutes the fundamental system where the experiment (motion and change are unfolding) is taking place. Time appears to be a set of still frames, which reflects the material changes in the properties of the objects, and which has been arranged in a continuous sequence in accordance with the numerical order’s accepted progression property. “Based on experimental data, we can say that time is what we measure with the help of the clock: and with the help of the clock we measure precisely the numerical order of material changes, that is, the movement in space.”

The researchers emphasize the fact that such standpoint forbids the idea of time travel, since time in itself does not exist.

“From our standpoint, travelling in time – either in the past or future – is not possible. There can only be travelled in the space-time as the examination of different still frames reflecting the changes in states, which is what we call motion.”


Space, motion and change (choice) of the states remain interconnected. Thus, in order that there might even be such thing as existence (mass and space), there must be an oscillation between 0 and 1 – there is object (state 1) and there is no object (state 0). What underlies this dual system is the standard correlation between distance and speed, where the distance is Planck’s length (1.61×10−35 meters) and the speed is the speed of light (299 792 458 m/s). The notional “time” for which the states to one such system are changing (oscillations) amounts to 1.61×10−35 m/299 792 458 m/s = 5,3 x 10-44/sec.

The changes of the states between existence and non-existence are the possibility for choosing each “next” frame at that frequency of oscillation. For example: I exist (state 1) and I choose (state 0) to take (state 1) a step (state 0) by advancing into a frame, in which my foot is already placed (state 1)…The latter is readily present, and I have realized “motion” as a change of the state inside space – the foot has been already moved. In practice, I have Chosen a new frame, which is occurring at the rate of 5,3 x 10-44/sec. Everyone who’s unable to detect (due to lacking camera equipment that would be able to capture that process) the speed by which these frames are shifting, perceive (accept) the overall process as “motion”. Just like how we perceive the shifting of frames in cinema or animation as motion, when the frame rate is exceeding 24 frames per second (fps).

It turns out that in practice, space itself is a function to an oscillating system in three main states – between the nothingness (state 0) and I exist (state 1, which is actually constituted by two states in itself – the possibility for choosing a single frame out of the infinitely many existing ones  (virtually existing state “-1”) and the frame that I have chosen, which has readily been turned into a fact (state existing in actuality “+1”)).

Our blood is our energy footprint.

Our blood functions as a conducting channel for the Source’s energy. This fact introduces one new perspective to the topic of blood transfusion. The information carried by the protonic fields of different individuals is as diverse as they are. Two new blood groups have been recently discovered and identified both within the span of a single year – Langerins and Junior. Bryan Ballif – a biologist from the Vermont university – remarks: “The last new blood group proteins to be discovered were nearly a decade ago, so it’s pretty remarkable to have two identified this year.” Scientists expect the count of identified blood groups to soon go as up as to 15.

We are all familiar with beliefs warning us that places that have witnessed bloodsheds are loaded with specific type of energy. Or the beliefs that a man returns to the place where he has lost his life. The scientific justification to such beliefs has been put forward by the Uzbekistani writer and healer Marizakarim Norbekov, according to who the blood contains a special pheromone that records everything we think, say or experience. Our energy is absorbed by our blood, just as our blood is soaked with our energy frequencies. It turns out that the recipe for good health is to clear our minds from all mental vibrations that are keeping us down.

At each moment, we are choosing and manifesting…a probable version of the manifestation that we think we are. We are deciding who we are at each given moment.
These helically arranged frequencies, enclosed within the chromatin units, form the chromosomes (X and Y) contained within the cell’s nucleus - just as the whole informational potential is contained within the Nothingness. The X and Y chromosomes constitute a model in the image of the triune energy (Y) manifested inside a limitation (X). Thus, all the parameters necessary for the manifestation of one infinite universe called cell have been set in place. 
*In cellular biology, mitochondria (plural of mitochondrium; from Greek: μίτος, mitos, strand + χονδρίον, khondrion, granule) are universal cellular organelles found in almost all eukaryotic cells. Sometimes mitochondria are referred to as the “powerhouse of the cell” because they produce most of the ATP, which in its turn, is the cell’s source of chemical energy. The number of mitochondria in a cell varies widely depending on the type of organism and the type of tissue. A single cell may have from one mitochondrium to few million mitochondria. Although most of the cellular DNA is contained in the cell nucleus, the mitochondria also contain their own genetic information - their own DNA.

What processes are happening inside our circulatory system? What is blood and the blood red cells?

The Source’s inside-out inverted energy field is the life force energy, which gives birth to each next manifestation. Thus, on the one hand, the potential is unable to create without the manifestation, while on the other – the manifestation cannot be existing if the energy-informational potential is unavailable. As the two opposites to one unified whole, manifestation and potential coexist within one inextricable and interflowing connection.  If we accept the inside-out inverted protective-gravitational field to be a field composed of protons, we can then call it “protonic field”. By passing through a diffraction grating that projects a holographic manifestation for the environment called “Planet Earth”, the light DNA’s double-helix inverts with its inside-out and creates bits of information called “chromatin units”.  These chromatin units replicate the light’s motion pattern by arranging themselves sequentially into a structured helix, thus combining the environment’s frequencies and the individual’s filtrations and thinking (wishes and intents). These helically arranged frequencies, enclosed within the chromatin units, form the chromosomes (X and Y) contained within the cell’s nucleus – just as the whole informational potential is contained within the Nothingness. The X and Y chromosomes constitute a model in the image of the triune energy (Y) manifested inside a limitation (X). Thus, all the parameters necessary for the manifestation of one infinite universe called cell have been set in place.  On the one hand, right at its very center, this infinite Universe contains the entire potential protected inside its limitation, while on the other – as its opposite contained inside the All, there is a membrane formed. This membrane functions as a brain, receptor, receiver and transmitter. It receives from, and adapts to, the environment.  In the area between the nucleus and the membrane, there float the energy-informational centrals (mitochondria*). Their function is to convert, but also to combine into one, all of the passing potential (of manifestation and information). This process of energy transformation, taking place inside the mitochondria, is based on water electrolysis (the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen), and the additional separation of the proton from the electron within the hydrogen’s atom. When the water passes through the mitochondria’s membrane, it is being split into hydrogen and oxygen (the limitation’s diffraction grating). The oxygen, necessary for sustaining the entire organism’s life, is being released back outwardly. The hydrogen, remaining within the inner side of the mitochondrium, is passing through a secondary diffraction grating (mitochondria’s cap), which is separating its proton from its electron. The hydrogen’s electron is being assimilated within the variable valence of the blood’s iron, which has appeared inside the mitochondrium the same way. The oscillations of the iron’s vibrational range determine the variable of its valence (0, 2, 3, 6). In turn, the hydrogen’s electron is being drawn in by the iron, and it starts accelerating in accordance with the iron’s varying valence. A mutual induction appears – the more the electron is accelerating, the faster the iron’s valence variables change. Thus, an electric power plant, accelerating the hydrogen’s electron, is formed within the fungal structure (casts) of the mitochondrium. This accelerator (collider) generates huge amounts of the so-called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) energy.  This energy is responsible for breaking down proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and for turning them into water. This water then fuels the process described above, thus renewing the cycle. It turns out that our organisms are self-powering devices in their own right. There are approximately 600 such accelerators within a single mitochndrium’s caps, as each fold of these caps contains one such electric power plant. The remaining hydrogen proton (not picked up by the iron) is being launched from the mitochondrium into the circulatory system as a protonic field. This protonic field secures blood’s laminar flow. In its turn, the laminar flow enables the even distribution of blood among the vessels’ center and walls. It should be pointed out that each cell might contain between one and a few million mitochondria. Two-thirds out of all mitochondria, contained within the multiverse of the human body, are located in the heart. Hence, the heart’s energy is extremely powerful as it is emitting concentrated flows of protonic field.  The heart’s pump (Klein’s bottle) is propelling and launching the protonic field throughout the entire circulatory system, as it is accelerating in the straight sections. The protonic field can be emitted outside of the holographic manifestation at certain areas, located right after those straight sections of acceleration (where the circulatory system reverses its direction). These areas are the eyes and the limbs.





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The word comes from the Latin “cogito – to think, and it refers to the mental nature at the root of everything. Cogitality also stands for the global perspective of Everything that Is. The transcendental notions that we refer to as All, Universal Mind, Informational Potential, Divine Consciousness, Creator, Source, God etc. are only one aspect of the global mental. The Manifestation, the multiverses, matter and antimatter constitute the other aspect of it, as these are the moving, oscillating forms of this same global mental unified one. (1 bit of cogitality = 3.10-21 J energy).

Therefore, matter is the mental that has been set in motion – it is the manifested energy, which however, remains mental in nature. The cogitality flows into itself as it is simply altering its states in the process. In that sense, the understanding that the mental and material are two aspects that are interflowing among one another around a single unified point is a limited one, because it implies for a distinction and differentiation between the two. Because in order for the integral global to exist, it needs to have both symmetry and asymmetry, both motion and stillness, however these are simultaneously existing. The way that this potential is not getting spilled is by it remaining within Itself (The Law of Energy Conservation – the energy does not disappear, but it merely transforms and alters its form).

The impulse causing a given portion of information to tear away (confining the information inside limitation borders through its inside-out inversion – the three-dimensional representation of this process is illustrated by Klein bottle) from the stillness of the Nothingness. This process is being activated by all the holographic manifestations already existing inside the energy field. These holographic elements are both the effect and the initial causation for the subsequent chain reaction of such cause-effect activations inside the infinite informational field. The selected still mental frames through which the act of thinking is passing are the ones to get projected. The projected images are holograms perceiving the illusion of motion, change, progression and space-time as being completely real(istic). All the available still mental frames amount to one infinite totality of probabilities that exist together in simultaneity, yet the mental energy selects to examine and explore only a portion of them – the ones that it is passing through. There appears the illusion that it is not the act of thinking which is animating the still mental frames by passing through them, but that these frames are automatically following one after another as if on some pre-allocated linear timeline… In that sense, our existence is not a motion picture – instead, it is a succession of still frames. The latter are existing together in simultaneity (just like all still frames on a film stock do) but through the choice(s) that we are making, we project only one single frame of its own definite velocity rate (this is our still frame of choice).

“To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration, put into operation the Principle of Polarity and concentrate upon the opposite pole to that which you desire to suppress. Kill out the undesirable by changing its polarity.”

The Kybalion

Our thinking does not always correspond with our actions. Since this conflicting state has been created by ourselves, when we become aware of it, we always tend to avoid resolving it. Instead we tend to take the easy way out of by justifying its existence through evaluations, comparisons, self-pitying, anger, embracing victimhood and so on.  At the same time, we are quite reluctant of accepting the fact that this conflict is constantly residing inside of us and what’s more – that it is due to the boundaries that we have set for our thinking; that it is due to the limitations of our comfort zone. And so, it turns out that in order to avoid the appearance of this conflict, we have to violate the boundaries of our own comfort zone. And the way for doing that is by immersing ourselves into its opposite – the unexplored, the unexamined, the new, the unconventional. We can only accomplish that if we are being directed outwards – our dedication and devotion must be directed towards everything else but ourselves. We must remember that it is a matter of choice whether we will be thinking in terms of how to help the others and how to create in the name of our surroundings, or if we will be thinking in terms of how to use our skills and abilities only for our personal benefit. Each act of withholding, each desire for being satisfied or to possess, to be liked or adored – all of this is the inwards direction. It is only the outwards direction in the name of the others that can transmute our way of thinking. The latter direction requires us to take the high road of honesty – we must share the truths that we have discovered for ourselves (without justifying or mitigating them); it requires us to open our minds for the truths that the others have discovered (without imposing any conditions or value judgements upon them); it requires us to believe in all that is unknown, invisible, un-realized and the unconventional. As far as faith goes – if we ‘’need to see it in order to believe it’’, this is not faith but the assurance that something has already been realized. Faith works quite the opposite way. We must first believe it in order to see it – this is the only way to open ourselves for Love; it is the only way for creating Everything that Is through doing acts of love.

(Some call it “Karma”, “Fate”, or “Destiny”, others call it “Life”) The experiencing of a single chosen limitation (out of the Potential’s informational infinitude) – it is the limitation corresponding with the accordingly selected frequency. Experiencing LIFE is experiencing this limitation through true pleasure, passion and devotion towards the environment. Experiencing Life is purely mental in nature. The mental illusion of time, sustained by the act of thinking, enables us to experience the equally illusory state of change, as at each given second we are processing the separate pieces (frames) of parallel realities. This process of processing billions of different frames at each moment creates the illusion of motion – think of how the effect of motion that we see in videos and movies is woven out of hundreds and thousands of still frames (frames per second). The act of thinking, being comprised of the unified and simultaneously occurring elements of creating-processing-reflecting, is the mental action unfolding inside the Here-and-Now moment.

The hologram’s decelerated and limited (due to its own protection) assimilation of this act of thinking creates the illusion of motion, which is a direct by-product of the illusory ‘’stretching’’ of the Nothingness into the space-time continuum. As a result, the hologram experiencing the illusion of motion also perceives the illusion of ubiquitous change inside an apriori existing environment (one made out of the indivisible domains of space and time). It turns out that during the process of registering the act of thinking, this overall mental process of experiencing is being turned on its head. It is so because the hologram is now only acknowledging existence, whist forgetting that it is the one which is actively creating it. Thus, we forget that beyond merely registering and examining reality, we are also the Creators and Sources of Existence itself.

Any given hologram is being manifested in accordance with the 8 Principles of Life and with the 5 Principles of Existence – they are essentially identical. In addition, there are such things as mental landmarks that have been set in advance, in order to navigate the hologram during its overall process of experiencing. The hologram must pass through all of these set landmarks in the process of fulfilling its task (i.e. experiencing the limited vibration it has initially wished for). These landmarks – or markers – are the intersection points between the Source’s 9-stage cyclic non-repetitive function and the function of Fibonacci’s logarithmic spiral. The hologram is ‘’reminding’’ itself of the task it has to fulfill through these landmarks, even when it has appeared to divert from its path. The path itself is the hologram’s own choice – the overall task to be carried out – however, this task can be changed at any given time. This freedom of making and changing one’s choice renounces notions such as karma or fate according to which existence is predestined and predetermined in nature. Instead, the entire path is but the act of thinking (creating-processing-reflecting) unfolding inside the Here-and-Now moment.

is the mental practice by which one trains the expansion of the limitation’s range until infinity. The word ‘’meditation’’ means ‘’contemplation’’ in the traditional sense, yet it is an exercise meant for one to become aware of the total energy. During meditation, it is possible that we receive information in different forms – unprovoked images, pictures, wave fields, visions, conversation with famous people or one who has passed away. We can feel all kinds of sensation during meditation – from warmth to slight dizziness, decreasing of the body temperature around one the practitioner or feeling the ‘’needles and pins’’, feeling spasms in different parts of the bodies, noise, unprovoked sorrow and tears. These are normal things and they have to do with the fact that during meditation the filtrations are being disabled and the protonic fields – weakened.


What the mitochondria are and what is their role? Refresh your memory by referring to the relevant passages in You – The Source and by watching the “Protonic fields and mitochondria” video. It will be a good thing if you can make the connection between water’s hydrogen atom and the recent decrease in the size of that atom’s proton.


What the P+ fields are? How do we produce them? How do we emit them? How is the potential being translated into matter? How do we create our environment and Everything that Is? Can you expand on how everything’s is in the state of constant and uninterrupted connectivity?


Can you expand on the connection between the protonic fields, the choices and the polarities? What is a hypersphere and how is it related to the nine essential frequencies of existence? Can you identify the connection between the hypersphere’s nine coordinates and the Manifestation’s nine frequencies? Refer to You – The Source and You – The Manifestation.


The proton – an individually made choice out of the infinitely many available probabilities. What is the connection between choice, atom, proton and probable states (electrons)? Trinity principle: PIR-Transmutation-UPGR. How does the proton manage to attract and absorb frequencies from the environment? How does it manage to attract and absorb the material, the mental, certain emotions etc.?


How the emitted protonic fields and waves are forming the surrounding reality? What is the connection between the individual parallel reality and the protonic fields emitted by the individual? How does that relate to the Law of Attraction (and Repulsion respectively)? Make a detailed analysis and make the connection with everything you have read so far. Refer back to You – The Source and You – The Manifestation in order to reflect on the processes behind your very own existence.

The protonic field

The p+ wave - the key unlocking our possibilities

According to the Chinese philosophy, Qi or Chi is the all-pervading vital energy that is being encountered inside all the living organisms and inanimate objects alike. It is the driving force of each act of motion taking place inside the Universe – be it physical or mental. Any motion by any object – be it material or immaterial – is a consequence of Qi’s movement. It encompasses absolutely everything that can be considered as motion on any scale: from the celestial bodies (planets, stars, comets, cosmic dust etc.) all the way down to elementary particles (molecules, atoms etc.). Qi is both in the macro and the microcosm. Any occurring interaction is actually an exchange between individual Qi energies. Each existing thing has its own Qi energy, and therefore, there are as many different Qi energies as there is a variety of beings. The energy itself cannot be defined in quantitative or qualitative terms, but only in the way it is circulating inside the according portion of matter. The Qi is at the basis of good health and proper development. Any conflict or problem – be it mental or physical – indicates that there has been a disharmony in the circulation of Qi within the macro and microcosm, which are in the state of mutual inextricable connection, and they are constantly affecting one another.

This all-pervading natural energy is also known as life force energy or prana (प्राण, Sanskrit – breath; from the root ppā “fill“. Similar to the Latin Plenus– complete, holistic). It is one of the five vital – or sense – functions: breathing (prana), speech (vak), sight (kaksus), hearing (shrota) and thinking (manas). In the Vedanta, prana is the life-creating force of existence. It is the life force energy (equivalent to the Chinese Qi (Chi), the Japanese Ki, the Polynesian Mana etc.) circulating inside the energy channels called nadi (from the Bulgarian word for hope – nadezhda – it is where the initial act of thinking comes from). The first mentioning of prana was in the Ancient Upanishads, where it has been described as the element of the physical and material world supporting the body, but also as the mother of thoughts (the act of thinking). Prana fills all living forms and it takes on an individual form for each existing thing, however, it cannot be existing as a separate and independent entity. The Sun and the sunlight are considered to be a source of Prana.

The P+ protonic field, or life force energy, or however it might be referred to in the different traditions, is the life-creating force of each existing thing. It is the force of materialization. Let’s examine the symbol characters consisting the word prana, in order to gain further insight on its etymology and overall meaning:

π – Pa – N – A

π – The infinite amount of probability variations forming the diffraction grating’s circle (π as in the π-radius);

Ra – radius and light at the same time;

N –manifestation composed of two opposing probabilities that have manifested at once by forming a connection into one unified whole. This is the manifesting model for each existing thing. The poles are interflowing among one another, and it is the individual focus that determines which one out of the two probabilities is going to be realized.

A – the triune energy at the beginning and closure of each cycle (beginning and ending in the infinite. These beginning and end points are periodical, non-repetitive, cyclical repetitions – helical energy).

*π is an infinite, non-repetitive whole number, which means that every possible combination of numbers exists somewhere within it. When π is into ASCII text, somewhere in this infinite sequence of numbers, there can be found the name of every man you ever loved, the date, exact hour and way in which you died, the answers to all the big questions of the Universe. Even since the dawn of mathematics, people have been asking themselves if the π’s digits (3.1415926535) are random or there is some hidden pattern between them. Indeed, this question has persisted since the days Archimedes all the way to the computer age. Whether the π numbers are really random? Whether it’s true that every possible sequence of numbers appears somewhere into the infinite decimal sequence of π? Perhaps there is finally some progress in this centuries-old conundrum. The first major breakthrough was in 1996 when David Bailey, Peter Borwein and Simon Plouffe find this incredible new formula:

This formula allows the easy calculation of each isolated hexadecimal or decimal digit of π, without the need for calculating any of the preceding digits. Something that has been previously considered impossible was not doable.

The life force energy’s frequency vibrations (protonic waves) are being emitted and propagated throughout space by all objects. The factor of distance is irrelevant with regard to the protonic waves. Whether if it is a family conflict, act of denial, pain or happiness, a cut down tree, dead animal, children’s laughter or sorrow – these frequencies are felt everywhere by anyone. The vibration is being felt by everyone at once. The energy interaction between physical elements was explored in the 1950’s by L. Vasilev. But more than just experimenting, he also collected a huge factual evidence. He identified that plants are feeling the vibrations of people who think about them. This means that plants can feel the protonic energy emitted by humans. The flowers in a house full of tension either barely grow or do not grow at all. On the other hand, the flowers are flourishing in an environment, where there is a prevailing sense of harmony and love. Indeed, plants appear to be somehow drowsy when they have been surrounded by frequencies of isolation, anger and suppression, whereas they are fully flourishing and developing inside an environment of love and devotion. Prof. Kolpakov was among the first to explain this underlying mechanism of interaction with the existence of polarized P+ waves, which he discovered through laser beam experiments in 1978. The same exact waves were discovered inside the vacuum space in 1996.

Unlike the electromagnetic waves having a frequency rate at approximately few millions hertz per second, the amount of oscillations produced by polarized P+ waves for a single second amounts to a 40-digit number (10 40 )! And their speed of propagation is few times faster than the speed of light. Distance is not a factor for these waves – they don’t quiet away and they don’t disintegrate. Light from distant stars might be travelling for millions of years, but the information carried by P+ waves is arriving instantaneously.

Prof. Kolpakov

Kolpakov also provided an explanation for the discoveries of the Soviet astronomer Nikolay Kozyrev through P+ waves. Kozyrev knew that when observing the stars through a telescope, the light that was coming from the celestial body was actually one that it had emitted years before the point of observation. The process for tracking and locating celestial objects was done through calculations based on the obtained information. Once those calculations were made, the astronomer was looking for the object in its supposed location. The resistor device, embedded to the lens of the telescope, was acting strangely when pointed towards a star’s previous location – it was as if there was a ghost star there. Kolpakov assumed the behavior of the resistor might be due to P+ waves emitted by an invisible spot of the star standing at where its previous location has been. It turns out that the frequencies of an object that had long relocated, are still being preserved inside the vacuum at the same spot.

Kolpakov proved that each form of existing matter generates such p+ waves and also reacts to them. The existing objects are interacting between one another through frequency portals. With specific regards to humans, the р+ waves generator is situated within the deeply seated structures of the brain – somewhere below the pineal gland. If one hearkens to the signals coming from the void of nothingness, one can listen to the thoughts of each existing thing. This information is being transmitted through р+ waves. For this reason, when we are dreaming, meditating, being in trance or experiencing other perception-altering states (in which our logic – our filtration – is being disabled), our brain finds the information about the solution it has been looking for. This knowledge arrives at us via the all-pervading р+ waves (Potential) carrying along the information about all that has been manifested and therefore – existing.

Anything to be emitted as р+ waves into the ether, contains information.  Our intents are also being emitted as р+ waves. The results from these intents are initially occurring inside the Potential’s nothingness (the vacuum). The emitted energy, which contains the information of the intended result, “spreads” its protective field inside the Potential. The latter functions as a blocking barrier to the vacuum fluctuations’ moving energy. The emitted energy then inverts with its inside-out by diffracting through its р+ protective field. The result is the materialized holographic image of…our realized intents. Hence the saying: You will receive what you have emitted. What you put out is what you get back. The objects are interacting between one another through their р+ protective fields. However, if there is no frequency portal available, the objects are aggressively repelling one another. If a frequency portal is available, the objects are interacting through exchanging information, thus learning from one another in the process. Therefore, those elements and objects inside a given parallel reality that are allowing information to pass through their frequency portals, have been looking for this information all along by emitting the according р+ waves. Similarly, people who want to be in control, who want to be spoilt and who are lazy, are emitting just such р+ waves. And that doesn’t change, since such people’s frequency portals are shut and no new frequencies are being received. Moreover, such people are quite often failing to see the elephant in their own rooms, as they have grown so accustomed to their way of thinking, they have turned into a habit. And these people often have to deal with “unexplainable” misfortunes. Indeed, nothing seems to go right for them. If a woman emitting such energy gets married, her husband either dies, gets ill or drinks too much. And a similar scenario unfolds even if she marries again. It is so because the inwardly directed people generate and emit р+ waves tuned at the frequency of statements such as ‘’divide and conquer’’, ‘’everything is bad, incomplete and insidious’’, ‘’everything and everyone is trying to prevent me from getting what I want’’ etc. What you put out is what you get back…

When one wishes to change, he may turn into the generator of his own change through р+ waves. The Potential – functioning as a transmuting transmitter of р+ waves – will manifested the according parallel reality. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” But the following would be equally valid: If you wish to be teaching, the students will appear…

Physical holograms inside the parallel reality (being the elements to that same reality) polarize themselves after the principle of fractal self-similarity based on their initially emitted P+ waves. Everything inside their according parallel reality is a fractal consequence from their initially emitted individual P+ waves, which they have set and manifested through the act of thinking. Thus, some will achieve their intended change and results that they are going to be grateful about, while others are going to perceive the possibility of such change as a threat and breach into their personal space. For some, the development and progress of civilization comes with new knowledge and new understanding, while others fail to see the freedom in that, and these developments ultimately result in ever greater limitation, even inside one’s own thoughts. This is when ‘’knowledge brings sorrow’’ (Ecclesiastes).​

As a result of this motion, a portion of the field’s energy is being parted from the field itself. In accordance with the law for conservation of energy, the lost energy is being emitted outwardly as light. It is the light having the Nothingness as its origin – the light that came into being from itself.

What is the process for activating the life force energy (p+, protonic field)?

It has been previously established that based on the Twin Paradox, the entirety of information is being contained inside the Nothingness. It is one infinite potential of non-realized possibilities. Time is passing at infinite speed inside this vacuum; the information is being in the state of complete stillness inside the simultaneousness of the Here-and-Now moment.

The act of thinking equals the appearance of motion inside the informational field. As a result of this motion, a portion of the field’s energy is being parted from the field itself. In accordance with the law for conservation of energy, the lost energy is being emitted outwardly as light. It is the light having the Nothingness as its origin – the light that came into being from itself. It is important to be noted that in order for light to be present, it has to be manifested simultaneously along its opposite – darkness (light and darkness constitute a pair of photons that have opposite spinning directions). This is how an energy object defined by its two opposing states is being created – a pair of photons manifested from the Nothingness. However, the opposition established by these states is but illusory. The opposition defining any manifested object are two opposites that are actually in the constant state of interaction and mutual interflow. The act of differentiation is the act of mutual inclusion. The two opposites are constituting one unified and complete object. Because anything to be existing needs its opposites in order to define itself.

Conclusion: Each existing contains within its polarity as well. Otherwise, it would not be able to define itself and it would not exist.

The act of thinking’s appearance is defined by the simultaneous manifestation of this act’s polar states. That is, whenever there appears motion, there also appear a pair of opposites (motion in opposite directions):

  1. There appears the state of motion, which by definition has different frequencies than the frequencies the state of stillness has. This is how a new object is being brought into existence – this is how space appears. Because the appearance of motion is inextricably interwoven with the appearance of space. The coordinates of space are frequencies, which are different than the frequencies of non-vibration (the state of stillness).
  2. The appearance of motion is also a pre-requisite for the alteration of time as an infinite value (the way it is inside the Here-and-Now moment). The decline of the Here-and-Now moment’s infinite function results in the frequency vibrations of time as we know it. Space and time remain interconnected with the function of motion, which in its turn, is resultant of the information that has discontinued its state of stillness. It then follows that the act of motion is a frequency vibration that stretches the Here-and-Now moment into the extensiveness called time…
  3. The complete information contained inside the Nothingness now appears to be non-complete. As a result of this information loss (this is actually energy 3×10-21), there appears a limited informational field of specific frequency coordinates. This informational field is actually a pair of photons having different poles – f+ and f- The pair stretches the space and time contained inside the Nothingness into the space-time continuum that we know – this is how any existing object is being manifested. And this object is entirely defined by the parameters set by its own mutually interflowing and unified polarities. 
At each single moment, we are choosing and manifesting…the probability that we believe ourselves to be. We are choosing who we are and what defines us at each single moment.
It is always the energy-informational field that carries out the act of thinking. The limited field’s function is to merely filter the Source’s act of thinking, in order that it (the Source) experiences a given state of ignorance inside an environment with accordingly set parameters (reality).


Any existing object is an individual unified entity, and as such, it is being perfect and complete in itself. A pre-requisite for any existing object is the presence of a mutually interflowing polarity pair. The notion of existence goes hand in hand with the notion of stretching the space-time –with the appearance of light and motion. All of that is unfolding inside the unity and simultaneousness of the Here-and-Now moment. It is always the energy-informational field that carries out the act of thinking. The limited field’s function is to merely filter the Source’s act of thinking, in order that it (the Source) experiences a given state of ignorance inside an environment with accordingly set parameters (parallel reality). The very act of thinking is what creates the prerequisites for a manifestation, environment and experiencing. The illusions of motion and space-time appear in the process of the relocating thought examining the static and still reality frames. However, even though that the act of thinking might be considered as the basis point for the process of manifesting, all of the elements involved in it are being mutually interconnected and none of them would be existing on its own…


Unity and simultaneousness inside the Here-and-Now moment

The mathematical illustration to the above model is called hypersphere. The hypersphere is an integrated set of points standing at a constant distance from a given point called center point. However, in the hypersphere, the choice of a center and radius are a family of interrelated probabilities (virtually existing state “-1” and “+1” state existing in actuality) referred to as random search (RS). The term hypersphere was introduced by Duncan Sommerville in his discussion of models for non-Euclidean geometry. In the present case, there are three centers (a main one – nothingness, and two additional – “-1” and “+1”) with three frequency coordinates each, which together define the manifestation’s 9-frequency elliptic limitation. Random search is the possibility for the appearance or disappearance of probable elements within the volume of “a virtual elliptic hypersphere with indefinite, but individual size”.  Thus, each act of thinking, each choice, each firm intention, or instance of inspiration draws out a frame of fixated parameters to the above-mentioned chrematistics (0, -1, 1).  And thus, at each moment, the act of thinking sets out “virtual limited area with chosen individual size”. Elliptic geometry’s defining aspect is that all parallel lines “curve toward” each other and intersect into a single center point. As a result, all the parallel planes and dimensions congregate into one collective point (Source). . .

In addition, we can look at the act of thinking’s velocity rate (defining the individual limitation’s parameters). The two states vibrating at different frequencies also play their part for the creation of the energy-containing limitation field (area). Then “a virtual sphere with undefined, but individual size” refers to certain frequencies out of the Potential’s infinitude, and it creates the floating diffraction grating, woven out of the interference pattern produced by the two states.

You are already familliar with...Change!

Change: A tireless engine that generates…Change!

Change is a step-by-step process. Therefore, it is crucial that we get acquainted with the processes involved while searching and realizing it:

Choice: I make the choice to change and I then gather database for its implementation.

Pleasure: I accomplish this change by nurturing within myself the according change of behavior and attitude towards the environment. I then keep track of my results based on the feedback from my environment until I have reached my desired result. This gives me pleasure.

Addiction: : I’ve applied my achieved results for so long that it has become a habit (dependency). This addiction leads to an oversaturation of the habit; the oversaturation itself makes it hard to notice be noticed (I am taking it for granted). In order to escape the addiction of my own achievements, I have to change - I need a new focus (choice) - and then I start anew (see Step 1: Choice).


1. Did you make the choice to change your own parallel reality?
Did you accumulate and integrated the database necessary or did you work in the dark (based on something you’ve heard or read)? Have you been observing the others and have you been studied them, or were you disproving any unwanted situation, strange idea, unpleasant state, and so on? Did you use the experience of the others, or did you act based on your old ways? Did you read all the recommended books listed in this Module? Did you watch the video from the seminar (How many times)? What about other relevant materials? Did you add anything beyond the Module? Did you find more sources for reaffirming and expanding yourself?

2. Did you practice hard? Did you stumble upon difficulties preventing your progress in the beginning? Did you choose making it until the end (because such was your choice)?
Did you employ your full concentration while practicing? Did you cultivate self-discipline in the name of reaching pleasure? In what moods have you fallen or risen during the practice? Did you recall how you’ve learned to ride a bicycle? How many times you failed driven by the aim to reach your desired result? How many times did you give up and started anew (both Module and the bicycle)? Did you reach the ecstasy of swimming in the waters of your own choice? I make the choice for change and I then accumulate the database necessary for its implementation.

3. Did you turn this choice into a habit?
Did you examine the moments in which this choice brought you pleasure? Did you notice how you’ve transferred your experience of this habit to all of other conditions? Have you realized how the initial effort, stress and pain have transformed – after a number of workouts – into pleasure and passion? Have you started to use the new habit in all the other challenges of your everyday life? If you have made it this far, did you notice that you are already proud of the new habit? Now, ask yourself the question: "From this point of view, isn't the new thing that I found another limitation...isn't it another form of addiction?" Do you possess the willingness to continue learning new things or did you already decide that you will only use what you have learnt so far, because you are now familiar with it, it gives you joy, and you feel good inside its comfort zone? Have you started to deny and resent the possibility to change this choice (focus, result)? If this is the case, then you are already addicted and this choice has turned into a comfort zone.

It is only right that you now think about the possibility for change, in order that you walk through the cycle of choice, pleasure and habit again. While you are moving along this spiral of life, you will always be feeling grateful, capable and happy!