Meditation: “Parallel Realities”

Relax and make yourself as comfortable as you can. Let the troubles of the day go away. Begin breathing lightly and freely. Allow yourself full relaxation until the light behind your eyelids is paling away as you are fully immersing yourself into the sound of music. Allow all frequencies to penetrate your neural circuits and let them reach each part of your brain and body. Feel this energy as a warm cover that makes you relax deeper and deeper within yourself.

Accept your connection with everything that already exists – the connection between your life and all the simultaneously unfolding realities. See all the links, all the threads, all the information contained within the light that connects you to Everything there Is. Understand yourself as a manifestation. You are standing as a glowing contour in the center of a hall full of mirrors. On all sides you are surrounded by your own reflections and they extend until infinity in all directions. Endless variations of reflections, of versions, of experiences to all the different characters you represent and that can be manifested within the Creation. Everything is here. Nothing is missing. Each fruit of your thoughts, dreams, imagination is here. The complete set of possible probabilities. Each of these probabilities represents what it is like to experience one of your versions. This version is your own reflection – somewhere, somehow, sometime within the simultaneity of the Here-and-Now moment, within the Source, within Everything there Is. And since each manifestation is individual and unique, these endless versions of reflections are different from you. Yet, regardless if they might differ from you by an inch or by a mile, they are still your reflections. They might seem like other people from other age, but they are still your reflections just as you are their reflection. No matter if they look very similar or very different, no matter if they stand close to you or are at a distance, no matter if they are clear or blurry – they are your reflections.

And the mirrors go on until infinity. Notice that these mirrors have their reflections reflecting in the other mirrors, and those other mirrors have their reflections in the first ones…Endless symphony of reflections. Now swirl all of this in motion inside a vortex within one glowing ball in front of you. Start moving it in all the ways in which you experience yourself – as energy and thinking, as a being or constellation, as a situation or state, as a CHOICE. And now – with gratitude and love – put the ball where your heart is. Feel the thrill of this fusion. Feel the vibrations. Embrace this experience. There – inside your plasma ball – feel the frequencies of the rock and the mountain, of the air and the atmosphere, of the grass and the tree,  of the animals , birds, fish, insects, sand, water, earth, of the atoms, planets, the Sun and the galaxy, of all Universes and creatures that are your reflections.

You are now Everything there is – You are the All… and you are its reflection…

Inhale these vibrations in.  Absorb their information and allow the knowledge to settle inside the plasma ball of your individual vibration so that you feel all the parallel realities. While you are passing through them as a glowing ray, you can feel and experience the unity of matter and energy… You are the Source that contains it all. You are also the Creation that vibrates through and within all of its reflections that exist within oneness. You are the realization of this entirety, interflowing with the reflections of Everything there Is! Everything is created by you, designed by you, manifested and experienced by you.

You have now planned your current physical experience so that you might feel change, growth, discovery, surprise, astonishment all while passing through billions of parallel realities per second, and all while feeling the burning passion of the desire to sink into the boundless emptiness of solitude – to have walked all paths…towards where all the paths are coming from….

Your choice is yet another parallel reality. You activate endless realities that exist and interact as they shift by flowing inside you. Every reality is imprinted as a vibration into each cell if yours. It is rearranging your neural networks. It is transforming beliefs and attitudes. You are changing your form continuously, infinitely, in endless variations and combinations, within one infinite diversity. Endless experiences and knowledge within the single moment of eternity, within the space of infinity. Inhale this infinity in its full glory of completeness, because being is Here and Now and there is nothing beyond. There is no beginning. There is no end. Everything is contained within you and you are everybody… Each choice interacts with every other one in all possible ways that give us all perspectives and probabilities of All there Is…

Feel the energy of this resonance with all your being. You are the very Existence – you are… All there Is – the Way.. and the Source… and the Life

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