Meditation: “Mirrors”

Relax and make yourself as comfortable as you can. Let the troubles of the day go away. Begin breathing lightly and freely. Allow yourself full relaxation until the light behind your eyelids is paling away as you are fully immersing yourself into the sound of music. Allow all frequencies to penetrate your neural circuits and let them reach each part of your brain and body. Feel this energy as a warm cover that makes you relax deeper and deeper within yourself.

You contain all the possible frequencies. They are like pieces of a broken mirror and each piece reflects some given aspect – some given nuance – of your essence. Some reflections may look alike while others might be entirely different, yet they are all reflections from the All’s encompassing range. In this very moment you are just like Everything that Is – you both are reflecting and experiencing yourself in all possible ways, from all possible points of view, through all possible experiences.

Take a look at the shining lights of the mirrors. See through the eyes of all reflections. You are reflecting the Universe and the Cogitality through each and every parallel manifestation and reality, through each and every different model inside the overall structure of Being. Yet, one shall be the path of your choice. Allow the state that you are currently in to be guiding you through the different variables of infinite probabilities. Through the infinite amount of reflections that correspond to the experiences that you have chosen to explore and examine. This is the mirror that reveals more of what you are. Search for your reflection inside the multitude of reflections that are all the pieces of the mirror.

With each new fragmented piece of mirror, you are expanding further and further towards more shining reflections… You are expanding until new mental frequencies, you are expanding towards more doors that you can shut behind you, but also towards more possibilities for choices of experiencing. Endless options for being and existing, endless choices for experiencing to choose from. These choices are yours, they are inside you, you have them within where you are containing the very mirror in which you are reflecting yourself. Everything is the frequency vibrations of your thinking – the resultant reflection of your choice to manifest yourself and to exist.

Every reflection distinguishes and recognizes itself through you. The All is everything, and within this Unification – within Everything that Is – you are realizing yourself. And each reflection is realizing itself by seeing the other reflection, by realizing the unity. You can’t have the idea for yourself without having the idea for the other. Embrace this as you are seeing more and more reflections of your entirety. Become one with the faces and eyes, with the energy and frequencies of each piece that you encounter – even if this encounter is lasting just a moment.

These are the reflections that are reflecting YOU! inside the mirror hall. You can see each and every reflection from each possible angle. See through all the different perspectives that are expanding until infinity inside all the different pieces of mirror, inside all the reflections, inside all the pieces of the mirror of eternity – the mirror that is reflecting yourself. But these reflections have their own reflections enabling you to experience your choice of who you are, what you are, and what you are like. Each reflection from this multitude of reflections represents another version of you.

Regardless if some of your versions are of humans are not, regardless if they are familiar or unknown to you – they are all reflections of your choice that make you see ever more clearly. They enable you to express yourself in a whole multitude of ways, and in their turn, they also express themselves through all the reflections that you are creating as parts of your experiences. This is a version of your own reality inside your own universe that is inside another multi-verse created by you that is infinitely experiencing itself in being one with eternity.

By examining the different pieces of frequencies, you are vibrating and oscillating with everything and everyone, you are interacting with them, you are creating portals and barriers, you are containing all of your reflections and they are containing you. This is how you are examining and exploring yourself and everything that you wish to experience, everything that you wish to reflect back towards you in the way that you have wished to experience and examine yourself – through excitement and joy, through love and passion, through creation and change.

This is what you are made of – self-reflection, self-awareness and experience – the frequency vibration of the Choice that you have wished for and that you have accepted. Experience fully these mutual frequencies of all reflections – this is the point of everything that you are doing – to be yourself by examining all reflections of yours ever more fully. And by examining them – you are making yourself more complete. Give yourself away to everything and everyone without any hesitation or fear. Everything that you are going to find will be a reflection of the choice that defines you. There is no such thing as wasted, omitted or lost information. There is no such thing as a waste of experience or time. There is no such thing as inaccessible or impossible domain of space.

You are everything and it is filling you fully. You are containing everything and you are contained by it. All the pieces of the mirror are creating reflections in their image through your choice, as any reflection that you are creating is a reflection in itself created by the reflections that it has created. And each and everyone is the All, and each and everyone is everything, and the All is inside everyone and everything…

Allow this All to manifest itself, so that you feel the passion on the Way of experiencing all the interconnections between all the manifestations inside the Choice that you are. Discern and recognize yourself by adding each possible energy to your frequency vortex so that you continue with your expansion.

The hardest thing is to be someone that you are not. But you are Everything that Is. Give yourself to the vibration of the Creation that you have chosen to be. This is how to expand yourself in your desired direction. This is how to believe and experience yourself with joy and love as being All that Is. Because you are and the Way, and the Source and the Life, and since you are existing, it is your right to experience each and every thing.

Inhale deeply and accept this truth as yours, so that you manifest yourself as one infinite frequency of probabilities. Inhale it deeply and then exhale it back. Inhale deeply once more and hold this breath until you crystallize this idea inside you…and then exhale it back and relax inside reality that is yours to experience. Being the reflection of light that you are, you are also a reflection of existence. You are existing to reflect. And you are reflecting to enable the existence of Everything that Is.

Inhale and embrace this sense of gratitude that you are existing. Get to know Everything that Is so that you can be yourself. Allow life to enrich you with love – with unconditional love.

Because you are Everything that Is…

Welcome home…

Whenever you feel ready, you can open your eyes…

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