Meditation: “As Big As Eternity”

Enter this game of knowledge as the child within that you are. Rejoice in merging with the Infinite.  Picture yourself as a translucent crystal. A crystal that is swimming in space. One that is floating amidst the stars and emits shining light from its very center. The light that is coming from you is emitted into the space and it lights up the planets and object that you are passing by. You are stopping where you are so that you might feel the state of complete stillness. At that moment you see how all the stars and objects are starting to move towards you.

Now teleport yourself to any other star, object or planet. Again, you can see how everything else is moving towards you. Now teleport to yet another object. And again, everything is gravitating towards you. Each element is a center towards which all the rest are gravitating. Now feel each element and each object’s substance as its vibrational equivalent…Each object is a crystal that has stretched the space-time in its own way. Each object is being its own center towards which everything else is being pulled.

The All can be seen and felt from each unique element’s individual perspective. The crystal that you are is all curvy and multi-faceted and the light is diffracting through each of its sides into an infinitude of multi-colored fusing nuances. The other crystals that are moving towards you are woven out of the same light symphony. As they get closer, you can sense as their energy and oscillating waves fill up the vacuum with inspiration. You open up the core of your crystal so that you might let in the vibrations of this infinite light composed out of inspiration and Love.

You illuminate and expand yourself fully as you are accepting this Infinite power. As you are being expanded and devoured by this power, you are spilling yourself into this infinitude, as you are embracing that which is as big as Eternity. You have opened yourself up to fully accept the infinitude, you have connected yourself with the boundlessness, you have absorbed the Love and have immersed into it. You have accepted to be devoted while you are devoted in your acceptance. You are infinitely limited and you are limited within the infinitude.

You open yourself up to accept and devour the vibration of Love emitted by the light of the crystals that have also opened themselves up to devour and accept you. Time and space disappear while more and more crystals are appearing to become one with you in their expansion of devoted acceptance. And more and more are coming your way. They are piling within the All, within the Creation. They fuse with the vibrations of the Unified Love that shines in its unified expansion woven out of the Multitude.

This is you – you are whole, vibrating and expanded within the individualities of thousands of multitudes that are devoted and fused inside the passion of unification. You are one – just as everyone and everything is one. Like all the unique individualities that are vibrating inside the common All where all the inseparable separate parts are. You are now the everything-yet-unified inside the All, you are interacting as one Whole within your unique individuality of the All itself. And you are glowing at the frequency of the common light center – where everything and everyone are connected into one vibrating whole. And this unification produces a vortex – a plasma of energy into each part.

Let this energy in, fill yourself with the feeling of it so that you disperse yourself into the infinitude of searching. Being the unique hologram that you are, you are containing the infinitude of all light and frequencies of the All. You are searching and finding all the pieces of beauty upon the boundless plane of the eternal non-emptiness through the other pieces that are searching and exploring the eternity on your behalf. You are oscillating and vibrating at each possible frequency because you are being infinite in your connectedness.

You are a piece containing a whole Universe inside. You are a piece that explores and searches driven by Love. The all is One and the One is All, and everyone is ready to respond when called forth.

 One is everything and everything is one. One that is as big as eternity. One that is expanded within reality’s infinite reality.

Whenever you feel ready, open your eyes inside your new, expanded, Loving and devoted reality. 

Crystallize the energy connecting all forms – expanded, devoted and fused with eternity.

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