Marina Tonini and the Syrians

Marina Tonini has experienced important contacts with the inhabitants of the multidimensional Sirius B star – a star that looks like a white dwarf from our standpoint and that is located around the orbit of Sirius A. Tonini had the chance of visiting this wonderful world via spaceship travel. The Syrians of Sirius B are extra-terrestrial beings, who are highly advanced both spiritually and technologically. They are compassionate beings who help us to advance in our evolution. Marina’s contacts with them continue to this very day, as they always happen when the time is right. These contacts are always initiated by the Syrians themselves in times when there is some important information to be transmitted. It can be said that the Italian’s contacts with them are quite frequent, and she says that they’ve chosen her because of her courage and bravery. In the interview below, she tells about her meetings with them, about the journey with their spaceship, and about the experiences she had on their planet. She explains how their lives are different than ours and in what ways they are more advanced than us. Tonini points to Love as the key to spiritual growth and she reveals the ways for contacting the Syrians…

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Interviewer: Marina, you are the handwriting expert of the Verona court, so you have an institutional image that is not to be underestimated, because of your career, because of the, trust that your social role plays …You’ve been in constant contact with the aliens for a year and a half. Can you briefly tell me your story?

Marina:  It all started after this conference. It was the first time when I was on board of the space craft, after that the contacts continued to happen within the area where I live. The way I was seeing myself as a professional was of course, a little bit shaken after these encounters, however, the truth and reality of this fact is beyond anything that may be within the scope of my work. Because when you have such powerful experiences, everything else comes to the fore.

Interviewer: So, for a year and a half, you have had this contact with these alien beings, but how do they appear like in front of you?

Marina:  They appear in the form of a hologram, sometimes denser, sometimes less so. It is not me deciding when to meet them, but they are the ones who choose the right moment according to the project they have.

Interviewer: What does it mean that they appear as a hologram? Do you mean that they are not physically present, but they are more like a projection?

Marina: I think it’s a projection because you can see their physical structure, but you can’t see their matter in the way I am seeing you now.

Interviewer: Is it ethereal…transparent?

Marina: Not exactly transparent, but somewhat yes, like a hologram.

Interviewer: And what is their form like?

Marina: They have a humanoid appearance, they are up to 2 m and 20 cm tall, they have an elongated face, their body is similar to ours …Both their head and skull are extended, not like ours.

Interviewer: There are different categories in the classic iconography of alien species. Which category do they belong to?

Marina: Syrians … Syrians are different races, some are humanoids like us, with black hair and eyes, others are with this elongated skull structure they look a bit like, say, Annunaki, in some ways, but they are taller.

Interviewer: What these aliens are saying to you and why they are contacting you?

Marina: I asked them why they chose me and they told me that I had some experiences in my life that shaped me and which have prepared me for this experience that will come in time. They meant three fundamental aspects in my personality: courage, strength and maybe a little impulsiveness related to the lack of fear …

Interviewer: The courage and the strength to endure this obviously traumatic experience?

Marina: It was quite traumatic initially, yes.

Interviewer: I imagine … it seems to have changed your life.

Marina: It certainly changed my life, it destabilized me at first because I had landmarks like those of everyone – Jesus, Mary, saints, angels …and I didn’t know what to make out of that experience. And they explained that there is relation between religious figures and what they represent. They are not religious figures, but they are physical beings, with a vibration somehow higher than ours, and with a physical body that is less dense than ours, because they live in the same frequency as the 5th dimension and we know that the frequency creates the shape, therefore the higher frequency creates a less dense body. They decided to contact me and others like me to share what they know and to transmit their messages regarding the real sense of belonging to one dimension that is rather internal in nature. And since our world makes us human beings focused on the outside, we have forgotten our spiritual values, we have forgotten what our inner strength is …

Interviewer: So, they use people like yourself to send out this particular message to the whole world. What’s the message?

Marina: Be the change, that is, try to understand that you need to change your path, you need to listen more to what you are, and to know that our thoughts create everything, therefore everything you think is realized, even the negative. So, we have to be constructive when knowing this. That is something that we will get help with, because it is impossible to realize it immediately. So we will get help, with the changes that identify with 2012 that represent the change of an era. That is, the moment we are in contact with these advanced societies we will realize that we are not the only ones in the universe, and most importantly – that our point of view is only relative…

Interviewer: The aliens are saying that there will be change soon, an evolutionary leap in 2012, but what do they think of this corrupted world?

Marina: They don’t perceive it as corrupted because they do not blame us for this situation…because we have been manipulated. We have been manipulated by occult powers, making us convinced that we are free, when we are not. We have reached the point when we have to rediscover the value of human existence. And this is the direction they are pushing us in.

Interviewer: So, aliens intervene precisely to improve the human state, but they are also present in the moments of disaster as well.

Marina:  Yes, they are there, watching our planet, trying to reduce the damages at the geophysical level.

Interviewer: What did they do on the day of the Fukushima tragedy in Japan?

Marina: They observed the situation and tried to limit the damage. And they said it could have been a lot worse. Lately, they stand in close proximity to the so-called chemtrails left by planes. One can often spot UFO there.

Interviewer: Yes, but during the earthquake in Japan and the ensuing tsunami and everything that happened at the nuclear plant, were they there?

Marina: They were there observing, yes. They have been spotted. There is footage of them. And they claim to have been in the most critical places. They say they are always present, when serious damage is being inflicted to our planet.

Interviewer: If they come to Earth in the form of a hologram, where their physical forms actually are?

Marina: In their spacecrafts.

Interviewer: You have been on one of their spacecrafts. Can you describe that experience?

Marina:  I don’t remember much from my stay there. I only remember this very bright spot – it was looking almost sterile – and they told me to look outside the windows instead. The only thing I remember is a very bright place …

Interviewer: And what were you seeing through the windows?

Marina:  I saw this planet approaching, which is where they were landing…

Interviewer:  That wasn’t our planet?

Marina:  No, they said it was Sirius B. They said that this multidimensional planet to be a white dwarf, and from a mechanical point of view, it’s hard to accept that life can exist on it, but in fact, in a multidimensional form, there is life, and I was seeing this planet with a very silver color, with gray domes, and I found myself in the light beam once again, inside the dome with these people.

Interviewer:  So you got a change of seeing all of that?

Marina: Yes…

Interviewer:  How do the Aliens live…Tell me everything, their lifestyle, what they do, what they eat?

Marina: I asked them some questions, meanwhile they took me to a very large garden, and I asked how they managed to maintain this lush vegetation, they replied that they have access to highly advanced technology. Their children spend 3 hours per day at school, they cultivate their talents there, and every child has a different talent, therefore everyone cultivates one’s own propensity, which then becomes of service to the society. (Since) Having physical bodies less dense than ours, they need to consume less food, they feed easily, with vegetarian food.

Interviewer:  What is their eating pattern?

Marina: Once every 36 hours. They are not as greedy as us.

Interviewer:  But how do they reproduce?

Marina: Unlike us, they reproduce through the will of thought. While we need a physical connection, their connection is on a soul level, and this is why they reproduce themselves via the thought, and therefore, the creatures they bring into being are the outcomes from the connection of two souls.

Interviewer:  But still, it takes two aliens to create this single creature?

Marina: Yes, of course. A male and a female alien create this creature that they decide to be creating out of love.

Interviewer:  Did you get this information directly from them?

Marina: Yes, I felt and experienced it.

Interviewer:  How did they communicate with you? Telepathically?

Marina:  Yes, telepathically. It is a peculiar kind of communication, because it is as if you are hearing a voice in the way I can hear your voice now, but I can’t see their lips moving…therefore, it is as if the sound is coming from the thoughts, but you can’t actually hear it in the physical sense.

Interviewer: How often do you meet them?

Marina:  Whenever they want it, when they need to contact or to recharge me, because this multi-dimensional existence can be exhaustive. And so sometimes I feel drained by the suspicion of people here. So they increase my frequency back.

Interviewer: Would you say that this is a good or bad of an experience?

Marina: It is a responsible experience. I didn’t know that when I first went inside, I thought it was all a game, but it’s actually much more responsible than I thought.

Interviewer: So, from what I understand, aliens don’t have a sex life?

Marina: Not as the one we do, no. They have it on a much more spiritual level. They touch, they have contact, but it is spiritual contact. Although the pleasure they experience is much stronger than ours.

Interviewer: Because it is entirely on a mental level…

Marina:  Yes, on a spiritual level.

Interviewer: But do they have feelings? Can they feel love?


Marina:  They ARE this feeling. They are kind and compassionate. And we have one key that will help us to be more spiritual and more away. That key is called Love. They already have it intrinsically in their existence and they observe it; they are already love in themselves

Interviewer: As far as I understand their social structure is an example of perfection?

Marina:  Yes exactly…

Interviewer: But how are they managed?

Marina: There are seniors and they accept the advice of this Senior Council, which is formed, among other things, by different races. They accept what wisdom is.

Interviewer: If someone who is currently watching you recognizes oneself in the characteristics you describe … what does one have to do to have direct contact with them?

Marina: Well, he can do SkyWatch, like go to a mountain and ask a question, and make light signals …

Interviewer: So, go to the mountain, ask questions, and make the light signals with what?

Marina: Either a flashlight, or a laser, anything goes…and just be patient.

Interviewer:  And then?

Marina: And then something arrives… glowing spheres appear, we have seen glowing orbs stopping in front of us and then simply disappearing into the sky. You have to be patient.

Interviewer:  So, they will respond to your calling?

Marina: Oh yes, absolutely.

Interviewer: As long as you go to an isolated location or to the mountains?

Marina: Just at a place where you can see whole lot of sky.

Interviewer: Therefore, you’ll need the right weather conditions as well.

Marina: Yes, for example in the summer, if you spend the night in a tent in the mountain and you do SkyWatch all night long. Almost everyone who did that got a response.

Interviewer: In that case, let us know if you manage to contact the aliens just like our Marina. Thank you very much.

Marina: Thank you.

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