Frequently Asked Questions

about Academy of Cogitality - Everything that Is!

Do I need special training and knowledge to join Cogitality Academy?

All you need to do in order to join Cogitality Academy is to have the desire for change and the will to take the steps to achieve it.

How do I access Cogitality Academy Modules?

You will receive your access within 24 hours after successful payment of the chosen Membership Plan. You will receive the confirmation and additional information on the email you registered. In most cases, your access will be activated within a few hours after payment.

What is the difference between the two Membership plans?

The 6-month plan comes with 5 Modules for self-directed learning (180 days duration of the course), whereas the 12-month one comes with 9 Modules (360 days duration). Learn more about the contents of the Modules by clicking here. 

What are the payment options?

You can choose any of the following payment options:

– credit/debit card

– PayPal 

– direct bank transfer

How much does it cost?

 6-month Membership costs $153 (see here) or $30/month when billed monthly (see here)

12-month Membership costs $261 (see here) or $25/month when billed monthly (see here)..

How can I purchase my Membership?

You can purchase your Membership on the page Plans & Pricing

When do I start receiving the daily emails?

You start receiving the daily emails from the moment when your Membership access is activated. 

What exactly are these email reminders and how often do I receive them?

You receive the email reminders twice a day. Those will enable you to advance further in your individual development as they will be your daily challenge on the path of change. The mails will be containing additional exercises to the ones that are readily available in the Academy. The exercises will be nurturing your way of thinking about change, they will be challenging each participant to actively apply the provided techniques, and they will be opening the gates to what otherwise remains ‘’invisible’’ inside our world.  

Is it possible, after completing the 6 Months Academy (Modules 1-5), to continue my course with Modules 6-9 and how to do this?

Yes, it is possible. When you have completed the first 5 Modules, you can join the 6 Months Academy (Part II). After your payment, you’ll receive access to all Modules (from 1 to 9), which will be valid for the next 6 months. In the same time, you’ll go on receiving the daily email reminders from Day 181. 


Can I join only the Modules 6-9?

All Modules involve important practical exercises. The entire Academy is based on daily practical application. Each Membership plan comes with daily mails containing practical tasks and directions. All the Academy participants are challenged to read the books and apply the principles. Any additional contents would be of little use if one does not get down to business with the practical implementation of the information! The purpose of this Academy is accomplishing genuine individual change and not merely adding a couple of techniques and practices to your arsenal. Cogitality Academy is all about providing you with a new overall perspective on the world and on the devotion to Everything that Is! For all these reasons, the Academy does not offer the opportunity for someone to join in Modules 6-9 only (without having passed through Modules 1-5 first).

Can I cancel my Subscription if I am not satisfied with it or if I don’t have the time?

Yes, you can as you have 14-day money back. Send your statement for cancelling your membership to email until the 14th day of your start. You would be receiving full refund given that you provided us with adequate cancellation reasons. After that initial two-week period, you would not be eligible for refund anymore, but you can pass your Membership to a friend or relative to use.

Do you have other questions?

Feel free contact us at or though our Contact page.