Exercises: Expectations

‘’Visual information entering our brains is edited and modified by our temporal lobes before it is passed on to our visual cortices. Some studies suggest that less than 50 percent of what we “see” is actually based on information entering our eyes. The remaining 50 percent plus is pieced together out of our expectations of what the world should look like (and perhaps out of other sources such as reality fields). The eyes may be visual organs, but it is the brain that sees.’’

Michael Talbot, ‘’Holographic Universe’’

What’s so bad about having expectations? Why should we not be having any? When we live through expectations, the point of view that we HAVE ACCEPTED FOR OURSELVES is one distorted version of reality. This is the filter of our logical thinking at work, and we have even established the habit of looking for all sorts of evidences that would reaffirm these logic-imposed convictions. However, expectations can only be 50% valid with regards to a story we have in our heads. What about the other 50%? Can we “validate” them too? Whatever might be coming to our head – can we like these other 50% of it as well?

Example: We expect something good happening to us as the outcome to a given series of actions and events. Yet, the exact opposite is what’s happening to us. Can we appreciate and be grateful to this ‘’opposite” for it has taught us one perfect lesson?

Make a list of your failed expectations and the things that you have learnt as a result. Are you grateful for the life lessons?

Additional question: Why your expectations haven’t materialized in the way you wanted them to? Possible factors/reasons: pretensions, egocentrism, dishonesty, self-deception, desire for possession…All the traits of the inwards direction.

When is it that expectations do come true? Possible factors/reasons: devotion, thinking about the others, wishing to help the others, wishing the others to prosper, belief, firmness, honesty, explorer’s inspiration.

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  1. Ekaterina Yoveva

    So true! you always get this really light feeling when you accept the other version as well…even if you initially resist it, it is definitely better to do so…

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