Exercise: Plasma Ball

Picture a plasma ball (one just like the Sun) between the palms of your hands. Close your eyes and feel its vibrations, pulsations, temperature. Feel the needles and pins along your fingers. Then begin to ‘insert’ all of your frequencies, emotions and vibrations inside this plasma ball. Without separating your palms further from one another, bring them up to the level of your nose. Inhale the life force energy that has been fused with the Source’s energy. Inhale it through the nose and try to hold the breath inside your body for as long as you can before exhaling it back through the mouth. Repeat the inhaling and exhaling 9 times.

Now observe your behavior throughout your entire day and allow the plasma ball to remain at about 40 centimeters (16 inches) above your head. Don’t forget about it and don’t lose your focus upon it. You have to feel the plasma ball glowing above you during all your actions and encounters.

After you have done the above for few days, here’s the next level to the exercise:

The plasma ball is a hologram (the part contains the whole thing and the whole thing is being contained inside the part), therefore each bit of this plasma ball contains the entire ball. With that being said, you can have some fun by leaving one plasma ball at all places you consider important, however, by not losing track of the one above your head. You can leave one in the office of your boss, at your workplace, at your significant other’s place, at your parents or at your children’s room. In addition, you can ‘instruct’ these plasma balls to be constantly connected to the one above your head. Then you can have some fun by closing your eyes and asking to hear or see what your boss, parents, partner or kids are up to…

Further increase the focus upon the images and information you are receiving with each next day.


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