Exercise: The Inconvenient Facts

Things are not happening to you! Things are happening FOR you!

People often try to rollback their lives. Some people would even like to erase their past. This is not possible, of course. But fortunately, it is as impossible as it is unnecessary. Because our past can help us to have a better present. We just have to learn looking back on it as if we are looking at a newspaper reporting our story exactly as its unfolded. What would be the benefits of such practice? Here are a couple of good reasons why should we be learning to learn our lessons:

Reason #1 Becoming the impartial observer of yourself is the basis for change and growth. Observe yourself and analyze your behavior, regardless if the outcome is satisfying you or not. Ask yourself the following question every now and then: “Would I do any differently if I was in the same situation now?” If you answer yourself honestly, then you will know what you did wrong, and you will be more careful the next time around.

But our efforts tend to point in the other direction more often than not. What we usually do is trying to somehow modify and change our past. In other words, we are dreaming of A BETTER PAST! But is that possible? Well, why are we pushing so hard in such direction then? Is that something that will make us look better in the eyes of the others? Is that something that is going to make us happy in any way? In this conjunction, we must understand that when we complain to someone, the attention and sympathy that will be coming from the other side will be short-lived. Because ultimately, people are too busy with their own concerns and responsibilities. They cannot be dedicating a more significant portion of their energy resources to some other person’s complaints. Just consider being in their shoes! Ask yourself “How would I be feeling if I was forced to listen to someone else’s complaining and moaning all the time? Wouldn’t that make me feel quite annoyed? Perhaps I will even stop listening at some point. It will be better of that way.

The past situations that have left a bad taste our mouths – our so-called mistakes – can turn into valuable lessons. Why not we make the best of these experiences, since we have collected them already anyway? Experience, accept, learn, change, repeat.

Reason #2 We let go of expectations. In the process of observing and analyzing our mistakes, we can honestly admit to ourselves that it is always possible doing something wrong. And letting go of rigid perfectionism is exactly what makes us able to take on just about any situation and challenge. We don’t expect the best thing happening to us, we are simply trying not to make the same mistakes. Thus, we are setting ourselves for growth and development one step at a time, as opposed to one-time disappointment. Our unrealistic expectations are a burden that prevent us from creating something even better – because experience is always more valuable than mere envisioning.

As identified by Dr. David Hawkins, neutrality marks the border between expanded and contracted vibrations. And given that we wish to follow the direction of expansion, we should be able passing this threshold of neutrality and honesty by adopting them and making them an integral part of our being. Honesty and neutrality are qualities that we must nurture within ourselves in the process of manifesting higher vibrational states in our lives.

2 thoughts on “Exercise: The Inconvenient Facts”

  1. Ekaterina Yoveva

    Даааааааааааааааааа колко хубаво е да го правиш да опитваш

  2. Кирил Боюклиев

    Трябва да се научим да бъдем честни със себе си,защото много обичаме да казваме “аз не съм такъв”.

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