Exercise: Dry Fasting

Disclaimer! This article is for informational purposes only. Cogitality Academy does not hold responsibility for any undesired health states that might occur if someone undertakes the practice described below without appropriate consideration.

Dry fasting is a method for cleansing the body and mind, which however, is considered to be quite an extreme one by the medical standards of our times. When you dry fast, you don’t take in any food or liquids for a given period of time. The benefits for the body are enormous, since it is autonomously discarding the non-adapted and unnecessary cells and tissues in the process. Here are some factors to consider:

If we want to dry fast, we must be perfectly clear about our intentions. That is, we must not have any doubts regarding what we are about to do. We either fast or we don’t. There should not be any in-between state…The process of fasting might be quite stressful to our organisms – it might be accompanied by nausea, headache and other symptoms. For this reason, we should make up our minds whether we really want to undergo this experience or not. Again, the process might be quite challenging, so the more confident and certain we feel before starting it – the better. Our bodies are congested with fats, all sorts of harmful chemicals, alcohol, coffee etc., and it is only natural that we feel some discomfort in the process of ejecting all of these substances. The more balanced and happier we feel before the fasting, the easier it shall go for us. This decision should be individual as it is going to be us who will be responsible for it.

We circle a date on our calendar on which to begin. The moon phases indicate to us when we are feeling most balanced (just before and during full moon is the best time), but it is okay if we don’t determine our starting date based on that. We must carefully pay attention to ourselves and our bodies in the day before we are supposed to start fasting. If feelings of discomfort or hesitation start to creep in, we must simply leave the start of our fasting for another day. We can ask in meditation what the duration of our fasting should be, as it varies between different people. You don’t have to go into deep waters right from the start. You can try fasting for 2 or 3 days…then after half a month, you can try doing it for another 5-8 days and so on. It is all a matter of individual estimation and choice.

It is a good idea that you are not at work and that you are in a stress-free environment, yet you still must keep your hands full with plenty of tasks. The brain has to be fully engaged so that it doesn’t get carried away. You must keep your focus on something at all times. You can go for a walk in nature, but even this walk should still be filled with tasks and activities that shall keep your brain focused on something. See how you will be able to cope for an initial short period – say from 24 up to 72 hours.

During fasting, you should not be consuming any food (including veggies and fruits), nor water, nor any other types of liquids. You should not be consuming anything whatsoever. Yet, you should proceed with doing your tasks just as before. Don’t worry about exposing yourself to tobacco smoke or alcohol evaporations, or if you put some pressure on yourself by undertaking something difficult – all types of additional restrictive self-imposed prohibitions are but our ego’s mind games to make us feel like we are the incapable, suffering and weakened victims. The ego wants the process of fasting prematurely terminated, so that we might not evolve and improve, thus remaining in our old state…It is fasting, not starving. The difference is in the attitude.

Take it easy on yourself after you have finished fasting. Drinking water after you are done is important, however, be mindful with the food that you are having in that immediate period after fasting. Shifting between the extremes is not a good idea. The initial few days after your fasting, you should stick to fruits and veggies and you should be avoiding fats.

Important: The ladies should keep in mind that it is not a good idea to undertake fasting while on your period or when your period is just around the corner, because of the lowered blood pressure. As far as seasons go, autumn and spring, as well as the warmer winter days, are good periods for fasting. In these periods, the temperatures are nice enough for your heating body (that’s why it’s called ‘hot fasting’). For this reason, summer is not the ideal period for fasting – undertaking fasting during summer is a matter of individual consideration and estimation.

The benefits for the body are enormous. The old water that has been previously accumulated in the organism disappears. Since the water has memory, this old pre-fasting water was containing all our old convictions and beliefs that we no longer accommodate after. In addition, any other unnecessary substances are being discarded as well (fats that have been processed by the mitochondria, free radicals and bad cholesterol). Many chronic diseases can be completely cured in this way. In addition to the physical benefits, fasting is a method for improving your overall holistic well-being. In the process of cleansing your body, you are also cleansing your emotions and filtrations. In turn, this leads to one altered and more liberated state of consciousness. The brain is not preoccupied with processing old frequencies. Instead, it is focused on searching for new ones. Fasting – accompanied by meditation – develops and improves our ability for acceptance, and it sharpens our senses, thus enabling us to create more frequency portals – both ones that link us to our surroundings, as well as ones linking us to the Source’s infinite potential.

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  1. Ekaterina Yoveva

    Направих два дена първоначално и постепенно мисля да ги увеличавам на теб браво чувството е невероятно след това като пречистване и то е

  2. Василка Керемдчиева

    Здравейте ,ето и моят опит от сухият пост.Направих сухият пост октомври месец за седем дни.По време на поста нямах никакви проблеми ,медитирах си сутрин и вечер и се чувствах прекрасно,единственото неразположение беше ,че последните два три дена усещах залепване на устата от жажда,но и аз си жабурих устата с вода и се справих,неразположението изпитах след като започнах да се захранвам,в първите дни изпитах голяма отпадналост и главоболие и болки горе на небцето и тъпи болки на единият бъбрек,(при това бях само на жива вода и сокове от моркови и кокосова вода и третият ден на смутита)но това ми мина и след това се чувствах прекрасно.Това е засега от мен.Успех на всички и благодаря на Еми и Ивомир за подкрепата им!Наистина Силата е във всички вас мили хора и само вие можете да решите кое е най -добро за вас.С Любов и благодарност от мен.

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