DIY Organism Healing with Doctor Sergei Filonov

9 day dry fasting with Sergei Filonov

Even though fasting might seem like a new trend, in reality it has been around for thousands of years. Fasting for spiritual purposes is one of the most ancient and widespread traditions in the world, and remains part of virtually every major religion. Jesus Christ, Buddha and the prophet Muhammad all shared a common belief in the healing power of fasting. However, people have been familiar with fasting as a method for holistic cleansing way before the rise of organized religion. The Greek physician, Hippocrates, wrote, “to eat when you are sick, is to feed your illness.” Another Greek historian and philosopher, Plutarch, shared the same sentiment around fasting. He wrote, “instead of using medicine, better fast today”. The benefits of fasting can be felt in each aspect of life whether it would one’s physical, mental or spiritual condition.

Dr. Sergei Ivanovich Filonov is a dry fasting expert from Russia whose recommendations have been tested over time. It is worth pointing the difference between regular fasting and dry fasting here: with regular fasting one does not consume only food, whereas with dry fasting one abstains from consuming food and water alike. Below, we present an extract from Filonov’s 9-day fasting recommendations along with the in-depth biological explanation of the processes taking place:

Day 1:

You have to set yourself mentally that everything is going to go just fine and that if worse comes to worse, you can always cease fasting without this leading to any negative consequences. If you have done proper preparation for your dry fasting and you manage to keep yourself occupied right from the start, the first day will pass in a hurry. Still, it is quite likely and normal that you will feel thirst and a bit of fatigue. It is recommended that you find time to lay and rest, and try to not talk at all while doing so. The more you talk, the more acute of a thirst you shall be feeling. Yet, the most important thing to remember is that positive attitude is the key. When you start fasting, believe and success and you will exceed your own expectations. Your organism will become able to overcome all illnesses by itself and when you reach the point in which you fast regularly, you will cease getting ill altogether.

Day 2:

It is during the second day when dry fasting’s anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating mechanisms are being activated. As a result, any ARD (acute respiratory diseases) or flu that you might be having will be cured. Let us break down the mechanism behind these detoxicating effects.

If during dry fasting the organism is invaded by a foreign body – be it a virus or other infection – the immune system starts to produce series of complex chemical reactions.

Fasting enables the immune system to fully do its job of finding and terminating these foreign bodies. There is an entire system of amoebalike cells inside our bodies called phagocytic mononuclear system. Yes, it is not the easiest name to remember but don’t stress out about that. Let us proceed further. Each organ of the human body has its own group of cells in the forms of amoebas – each group being specific to the respective organ – and each group is migrating throughout the entire organ as they assimilate any foreign substances in the process. These special kinds of cells are encountered in each organ indeed – the skin, the liver, the heart and even in the brain. And they are in the constant state of migration looking for things to be assimilated. These so-called phagocytes would assimilate whatever they find and detect as a foreign substance, including all kinds of viruses and dying cells. However, there is one factor preventing them from taking care of these undesired substances. Since they assimilate anything, they also assimilate the fats from the food that we consume. And all foods – even the plant-based ones – are containing fats. Therefore, when we are consuming food, the phagocytes are prioritizing fats over other foreign substances such as viruses. Therefore, when we fast, we eliminate this problem of prioritization and enable these special cells to do what they have to do – eliminating viruses, harmful bacteria and dying cells. In addition, during fasting, they even contribute to the overall rejuvenation of the organism. The elimination of the ill – and not the healthy – cells during fasting is also associated with the release of lymphoepitic cells throughout the entire digestive system.

Day 3:

During the third day, the process of acidosis occurs for most people who have undertaken dry fasting. The so-called acidic crisis is a crucial moment of dry fasting. It occurs when the organism has switched to endogenous feeding. Don’t let the sense of discomfort distress or discourage you. For the ones who are new to fasting, acidic crisis is usually occurring during the third day, albeit for some people the transition period to endogenous feeding might not be accompanied by one. The acidic crisis occurs when the concentration of ketone bodies inside the body (leftovers from the incomplete breaking down of fats and triglycerides) increases as the organism fails to find a way for breaking them down. During this period, a man is feeling a sense of discomfort and the common symptoms of intoxication are being displayed. But once the process for breaking down the ketone bodies begins, their concentration ceases. And since these bodies are high-energy components, they are instrumental in fueling the synthesis of amino acids, which in turn, leads to the regeneration of tissues. You must keep in mind that this process of regeneration might be accompanied by acute pain. You must be mentally prepared for it. The acidic crisis tends to occur between day 2 and 4 for the less experienced fasters. However, the more you will be fasting – the earlier it shall occur.

Some unpleasant sensations that you might experience during this stage is acetone breath, dizziness, shortage of breath, fatigue. On the other hand, the feeling of hunger decreases while the one of thirst becomes bearable. Blood pressure is fluctuating in accordance with the individual organism. But you should not worry about any of these occurrences as they are quite natural. Moreover, these acute symptoms are true indicators that the organism is adjusting itself to its new functioning conditions. The best practice during this period are the tranquil walks in nature. Other musts during acidic crisis are massaging your belly and spine, as well as applying suction cups to them.

Day 4:

The blood pressure might either drop or increase, while the body temperature will definitely increase. These are normal physiological occurrences when dry fasting. Depending on the person and the current state of the organism – as well as one age and sex – one might get the chills or feel heatwaves passing through. As previously implied, during dry fasting, the toxins are being burned inside their own fireplace so-to speak. This is due to the fact that in the absence of water, each cell is triggering its internal thermonuclear reaction. The result is one natural, seamless and extreme-yet-rapid method for terminating anything redundant, heavy and ill inside the cell. Each cell is functioning as a firebox for a temporary period of time, thus leading to the overall increase in the organism’s internal temperature. Even though this temperature increase might not show up on the thermometer, one can sense it as an internal fever or heatwaves. Nevertheless, all kinds of cold-related illnesses are totally out of the question. If you are taking these internal sensations well, you can still walk barefoot through the snow or dew, you can have ice-cold showers or you can go for naked walks in nature. Massaging and applying suction cups to your belly and spine are still all musts during day 4 as well. With the increase of your organism temperature, the illness-resistant antibodies are being generated more actively. In turn, this leads to the increased phagocytic and bactericidal activity of the cytotoxic neutrophils – the effect of lymphocytes is being increased.

One of the most important cells – the t-lymphocytes – are functioning at their best when the body temperature is increased. Some cancer researchers even used to decrease the sizes of the tumors by heating them up. Indeed, the increased temperature decreases the vitality of the pathogenic microorganisms.

Fasting intensifies the activity of the t-helper (Th2) immune cells, which are of vital importance when the organism is fighting bacteria and viruses.

All these processes outlined above are instrumental for the overall process of accelerated recovery. When reacting with high body temperature, the organism causes the microorganisms to slow their growth down. In turn, this makes it easier for the immune system to track and terminate anything foreign and modified inside the organism. The blood is cleansing itself from anything redundant during dry fasting – the plasm becomes as transparent as glass. Everything is being harmonized including the factors contributing to its coagulation. As it turns out, dry fasting is cleansing the blood more thoroughly in comparison with external apparatus-based cleansing methods such as hemodialysis or chemisorption. And once our blood has been completely cleansed, all the blood-related processes inside the organism will be working as perfectly as it gets. It is such a simple method indeed and our immune system is having a great time while resting from all the stress that we have inflicted upon it previously.

Day 5:

All chorionic diseases – even the ones that we have not been previously aware of – are starting to get more acute. The most damaged organs are starting to hurt and this is something that we have to be ready for. The right attitude here is to be thankful to our organism for its excellent healing procedures it is providing for us. Just as the day before, we are getting the chills and our temperature is being increased as a consequence of the organism’s fight with the illnesses. The blood pressure either drops or increases depending on the individual. Some good practices are taking a cold shower and going for a walk with just few clothes on – irrespectively of what the weather is like outside. We can walk barefoot on the snow if there is any. Other symptoms that we have to be prepared for are insomnia, increased thirst, heightened blood pressure. Once again, massaging and applying suction cups to your belly and spine is a must.

The fifth day marks the intensification of the autolysis process. Autolysis is the property of biological objects to dissolve their own structure in a hydrolytic way under the influence of ferments (enzymes) and phagocytes. In order to better understand this mechanism, let’s examine an analogous example from nature.

The fasting salamander is able to grow its torn tail back. In order to accomplish that, it uses its food stocks to obtain substances that lead to the growing of the new tail. However, these substances must first be broken down (dissolved, assimilated) through autolysis and only after used for the re-growing process. Every reader is aware of how the abscess forming on our skin is extracting its toxic content outwards. Yet, few know that its appearance on the skin is only possible due to the fact that the flesh between the abscess and the surface layer has been assimilated by the ferments – it has undergone autolysis and it is then being removed. Now we must point out that the organism is controlling this process just as it does all other processes. Autolysis is not some randomly occurring and blindly navigated process. Another vivid example for the organism’s control over all processes is the softening and self-absorption of the bone ring around the injured area in question. The bone ring disappears only partially, whereas its other part remains in order to strengthen the weakened structure.

The process of autolysis can be of great benefit if we are trying to eradicate tumors and other undesired formations inside the organism. Since tumors – just as any other structures inside the organism – are made out of tissues, they can be subjected to the so-called autolytic disintegration. All other tissues can be subjected to this process at all times as well, yet it is being ever more pronounced during fasting. In his ‘’Notes on tumors’’ – a handout given to student of physiology – doctor F.K. Wood writes the following: ‘’The spontaneous complete disappearance of tumors, either over a prolonged or short period of time, is quite a rare occurrence as far as malignant tumors are concerned. This happens most often after cases of partial surgical removal of the tumor. As much as they are rare, the most frequent encounters of such cases of complete disappearance are during acute feverish processes, whereas less frequently they are associated with certain in-depth changes inside the metabolic processes such as pronounced cachexy (overall weakening), during artificial menopause and others.’’ However, nothing can produce a more profound change in the metabolism than fasting, and this drastic change executed by the fasting process provides the best possible opportunity for the autolysis of the tumor – either if this tumor is malignant or it is of another kind. The conditions for tumor removal as identified by Doctor Wood appear as being of a somehow random character and they are not subjected to any kind of control. On the other hand, fasting is a method that can be applied under complete control and at any time. The spontaneous disappearance of tumor after its partial removal through surgical means is quite a rare occurrence indeed. It actually tends to grow back bigger after surgical interventions more often than not. As for the artificial menopause method – the complete tumor removal is a rare occurrence in this case as well.

What’s more, none of Doctor Woods’ cases for spontaneous tumor disappearance do not actually help for the eradication of the primary causation. In contrast, fasting works by eliminating the initial cause. A lot of people that have practiced fasting got rid of their tumors completely precisely through the process of autolysis.

The autolysis-based tumor removal has several advantages over the surgical way:

A surgery is always dangerous, whereas the autolysis occurring during fasting is a natural physiological process and it does not hide any risks. Surgical interventions suppress the vital forces, which in turn, leads to the organism’s degeneration. And the latter is what has caused the tumor to appear in first place. By intensifying the process of autolysis, the fasting method aids the removal of the accumulated toxins, thus aiding for the removal of the tumor’s cause. Tumors tend to relapse after surgeries. Moreover, it is quite often that tumors are transforming into their malignant type after surgical intervention. On the other hand, when the tumor is being removed through the process of autolysis, the possibility for relapsing is infinitesimal. In the cases when the tumor has not been fully removed in the process of dry fasting, its size has still been decreased significantly. Yet, its relapse can be easily prevented with the proper lifestyle afterwards.

Day 6:

The feeling of thirst will have drastically increased. You will be wishing to rinse your mouth or to water it a little bit at least (drinking water is out of the question of course). Sleep might be shortened with up to 2 hours. Reactions will be slowed. The thoughts for quitting fasting will have started to creep in. Everyone will be acknowledging how you don’t look very good. This will be the day in which you will really have to appreciate the importance of will for the realization of your desire to accomplish your goal. The most important thing here is your mental determination to carry on with fasting.

Dry fasting advances the processes of apoptosis. The latter is programmed cell death, which is an energy-reliant and genetically controllable process that is being activated by specific signals. In effect, the process of apoptosis liberates the organism from weakened, useless or damaged cells.

Approximately 5% of all cells inside our organism are subjected to apoptosis each day as they are being replaced by new ones. The cells in question are disappearing without a trace for 15-120 minutes in the process of apoptosis. The so-called programmed cell death is innate for many multicellular organisms such as animals, plants and fungi. It is a specialized organism function and it can cause the disappearance of cells under certain conditions. When the organism follows a normal course of development, the programmed cell death function removes the redundantly formed ‘’jobless’’ cells, as well as the ‘’retired’’ cells which have ceased contributing to the common good of the organism. In addition, programmed cell death aids the removal of ‘’handicapped’’ cells, as well as the ‘’dissident’’ cells that have serious disturbances in their structures or of their genetic apparatuses. The naturally-occurring physiological process of apoptosis is actually one of the organism’s main mechanism for self-prevention against benign tumors, cystic formations and oncological diseases. However, when programmed cell death has been pathologically intensified it can lead to aplasia and degenerative processes, as well as to some defects in tissues. Similarly, when it has been pathologically weakened, it leads to autoimmune processes, tumors and to premature aging of the overall organism. There is a good evidence that leads us into suspecting that the pathological intensification of the apoptosis is related to the occurrence of some rather serious conditions such as aplastic anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, аmyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer disease, HIV and others.

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the dual nature of apoptosis under different conditions, it is time to behold one more reason of why the process of fasting is so sublimely beneficial. On the one hand, dry fasting is amplifying the physiological apoptosis: the organism is being refreshed and rejuvenated due to the disappearance of old, ill and modified cells. On the other hand, the aforementioned pathological mechanisms of the apoptosis such as autoimmune processes, tumors and premature aging are being disabled. It is quite fascinating indeed how dry fasting really enables us to make only the best out of programmed cell death.

According to present-day understandings, apoptosis is one general biological mechanism, which is responsible for sustaining the constant amount of cell populations, as well as for dispensing and subsequently replacing defective cells. So, as it turns out, what stands in the way of this splendid physiological mechanism are our regular meals along with the horrendous ecology. Based on our observations, the process of apoptosis is being activated after 20 hours of dry fasting (if one abides to the fasting techniques). When we are eating regularly, the biggest problem is the ‘’caloric waste’’. It causes the illnesses and leads to premature aging. For this reason, dry fasting is one of the most promising methods for improving our overall quality of life. The same mechanism that is extending life when fasting, is also the one killing us when we are full.

Day 7:

This day could be the most healing one in comparison with all the preceding ones. During the period of fasting, there occurs vigorous cleansing and renewal of man’s energy. Unusual or weird dreams should be expected; some possible ‘’plots’’ to these being snakes or worms coming out of our bodies. But this is how we know we are on the right way. Dry fasting is first and foremost an intensive spiritual activity, which is supposed to cleanse the soul and body from the parasite entities feasting upon them, and moreover, dry fasting also strengthens our will and increases positive thinking. The negative energy entities that can sense that they are going to perish due to the lack of food are starting to leave our bodies after 7-10 days since we have started dry fasting. These negative entities are unable to handle dry fasting and the positive vibrations that we are emitting during this period. And doing positive things in our lives only makes this process ever more tangibly efficient.

When fasting, our body is supplied with stocks of energy. It might seem paradoxical how we are increasing our energy in periods when we deprive ourselves of any food, while simultaneously doing activities that require energy themselves. But there is nothing paradoxical about that, because the organism is starting to absorb refined energy from the cosmos and the environment during the periods it has been deprived of organic food. And when we switch back to regular eating, the effect of super-recovery is being activated, since the body is supplying itself with energy even more intensely than before as it now utilizes all energy-gaining possibilities available. It is so because the chakras and the energy channels – absolutely vital components to our range and level of capabilities – have been already cleansed by the practice of fasting. In purely physical terms, the post-fasting period is one of relief, emotional upsurge and stabilization of the organism’s functioning. The blood pressure is stabilizing as well. The cleansing process is in full motion and the urine has a dark-brownish color.

But what is this process of energy cleansing and renewal due to? One quite fascinating mechanism is being activated during fasting– the old ‘’dead’’ water is being replaced with new high-quality ‘’living’’ water. Because yes – water is vital to the human organism, however, some water might also be just as deteriorating. Let’s see why.

In 1932 the world was presented with one rather curious and even more sensational fact. Except for the ordinary water, there is such thing as ‘’heavy water’’ encountered in nature. The hydrogen in the molecules of heavy water is replaced by the isotope called deuterium, which generally speaking, is very rarely encountered throughout nature. It was recently discovered that heavy water can be found in the human body as well. Another name for the water with increased amount of deuterium is ‘’dead water’’. It is barely extricated by the organism and it is slowly poisoning it. According to some scientists, this is due to the corrupted information carried by this water. It has been identified that if given heavy and negative – low-frequency– thoughts are being sustained through great amount of energy, they might go on to transform the hydrogen atoms by making them twice as heavy. And this is how dead water is being produced.

Moreover, scientists proved that areas with heavy water are occurring inside the organism a great deal in advance before any illnesses might develop, thus the former ‘’setting the stage’’ for the latter. This water has modified structure and the areas where it is contained are called pathological areas. The areas with heavy water are like swamps inside the organisms where the parasites are starting to actively multiply. As a result, this reduces local immunity and the internal organs are being negatively affected. We must also be careful with the water that we are consuming because the water inside our organisms is not like all water – it has a specific structure. We are usually drinking chlorinated or boiled on our day-to-day basis and not even to mention the contents of all other drinks that we are consuming. So when we consume such water, it has to undergo series of important and energy-demanding transformations before being absorbed by the pores. The excessive water consumption burdens our organism and causes all sorts of illnesses. And this is due to the accentuated presence of dead (heavy) water inside modern man’s organism. It does not participate in any internal reactions and it is not being absorbed in any way. It is but a heavy unproductive ballast, which is being accumulated inside our bodies slowly but surely. This D3O radioactive water is pushing us towards aging and death.

A lot of people point out that dry fasting is actually easier than fasting with water consumption, due to the absence of the feeling of hunger. Which should not come as a surprise. Because the water that we are consuming and the processed water are two very different things.

Similarly to food processing, when we are consuming water, our organisms spend a considerable amount of time and energy in processing the water molecules – they are purifying them from their unnecessary information and they arrange them into a structure, thus appropriating them. Therefore, dry fasting is a better option than wet fasting. It puts the organism at more ease, especially with regards to the gastrointestinal tract. Considering all the mechanisms of dry fasting, it is an excellent method for curing ulcer and the intestines. Moreover, fasting is a great method against obesity as well. It is so because since generally the organism cannot be functioning without water, during fasting it begins using its stock supply by starting with the fats (the organism is synthesizing water by using the oxygen from air and the hydrogen form the local tissue).

During ‘’wet fasting’’, there is exogenous water pouring into the organism – water coming from the outside. And it is this water that is the most important cleansing factor. In this case, according to the laws of biological conditioning, the cells are using a bare minimum of their own energy. All other processes are going as usual anyway: all the toxins, poisons and junks are being dissolved and they are – so to speak – being washed away from the cell and the intercellular areas.

In contrast, during dry fasting, the toxins are being burnt as if inside their own fireboxes – as previously mentioned, in the absence of water, each cell is producing its own internal thermonuclear reaction. The cell has been transformed into a tiny firebox for a short period of time.

Since water is of vital importance to all cells, it is only the strongest and healthiest ones that survive during dry fasting. The modified and ill ones are doomed to perish (that’s why dry fasting is such an efficient method for curing myomas, mastopathies and ovarian cysts). In such conditions, the healthy cells remain unaffected, however in order to secure their survival, they are forced to supply themselves with their own high-quality endogenous water.

Moreover, it is only logical that the endogenous water has to be of much higher quality than the exogenous one, again due to biological conditioning. It is so because the cell is using so much more energy, and therefore, the quality of the obtained product has to correspond with the amount of effort. It is not our common sense, it is nature’s. Nature has planned in advance any given scenario of development and it has built its own mechanisms for sustaining life.

If the exogenous water is like the polluted river where the local chemical plant is dumping waste during springtime, the endogenous one is like the mountain stream springing directly from earth’s womb and it is supplied by the healing melted snow. To conclude the processes described above, during dry fasting, the old ‘’dead’’ water is being replaced with the high-quality ‘’new’’ water, which has been synthesized by the organism itself, as the entirety of externally absorbed negative information is being eradicated from our system in the process.

We don’t have to do dry fasting for too long in order to feel its benefits. After just few days fays of doing it, we are already forcing our body to process the internal water stocks, thus we are refreshing the information contained by our cells. It is by virtue of this mechanism that after we have finished with dry fasting, we are purified and our informational matrix is one upon which the environment has not encoded anything negative whatsoever.

This underlying mechanism is perhaps one of the main healing factors as far as dry fasting is concerned. It should be pointed that no other method – not any other type of healing fasting – triggers such mechanism. Indeed, it is one of the most essential ones for the renewal of energy balance inside the human organism. 

Day 8:

It is possible that you feel a bad taste in your mouth along with an unpleasant smell. You would be better off breathing through your nose. Your pulse might either fasten or slow down. Your temperature might go up. It is possible that you feel nausea, which indicates that your liver is being purified. You can also feel fatigue and dizziness along with nausea. But don’t allow these symptoms to scare or discourage you – they merely signify that the process of cleansing is persisting in full force. Also, don’t be stressed out if you feel pain in your mammary glands; ladies, it is okay if you feel some discomfort around your uterus; guys, don’t worry if you feel pain around the prostate. All these pains indicate the progressive healing of benign tumors. During this day, you can lay down for a little if you feel weak and exhausted. Feel free to have a shower if you think this will make you feel better. If you have the energy, you can go for a walk outside – preferably in nature. Massage and apply suction cups to your belly if you can.

The anti-tumor mechanism is being optimally activated during this stage. This mechanism is a factor of uttermost importance in the process of curing benign tumors and cystic formations.

The healthy organism is in the constant state of fight with mutating cells – the organism is preventing the newly formed atypical cells to merge together and to create a solid tumor in this way. This battle is fought by the anti-tumor immune task force consisted of three kinds of cells: the macrophages, cytotoxic T lymphocytes (or cytotoxic T cell; CTL for short) and the so-called natural killers (NK cells). The macrophages work by finding and eating the malignant cells; the cytotoxic T cells work by finding malignant cells and ejecting protein polymeric perforins piercing their membranes. Thus, the cytotoxic T cells bring the osmotic pressure inside and out of the cell to a state of equilibrium, which ultimately results in the demise of the cells. If the latter, however, do not perish immediately, the T-cells are ejecting additional amounts of protein granisms that destroy the nucleus of the malignant cell. The NK (natural killer) cells are special kind of cells. They are the heavy artillery of the anti-tumor task force. NK cells are one of the strongest anticancer cells. They manage to recognize all modified cells that the macrophages and the T-cells have missed. In patients with benign tumors, all of these task force cells are suppressed – most of them are unmatured elements that are unable to act properly or even act at all, and moreover, their maturation rate is being extremely low. It is perhaps these factors that eventually lead to the annihilation of the organism’s anticancer protection.

How does fasting counteracts this development?

The intense cleansing that occurs during fasting enables the accelerated maturation of the natural killer cells. This leads to the appearance of a great amount of matured, battleworthy forms of natural killer cells. Moreover, the overall life span of all three anticancer cells is being significantly extended. Once these cells have been activated, they are not only capable of battling and destroying atypical cells, but they also display a high cytotoxic activity towards all modified cells. The necrosis factor in tumors and interleukins increases. Since the phagocytes are deprived of food, they begin to execute their primary responsibilities of capturing and digesting bacteria, viruses, cell leftovers, as well as the old and decaying cells (thus renewing and even rejuvenating the organism). All modified and even cancerous cells are digested. As we already know, all pathologically modified cells inside the organism – including the cancerous ones – begin to perish when subjected to high temperature. And as we know even better, dry fasting causes the internal temperature to increase. When such condition is present, all interactional processes are being accelerated, which explains the faster annihilation of even cancerous cells as they cease to function completely.

A single tumor cannot exceed the size of a needle’s hole, unless it has a source for autonomous blood supply. But the tumor is on the verge of growing and expanding when the so-called angiogenesis begins to supply it with oxygen and nutrition. With dry fasting, the blood thickens – especially around the pathologically modified tissues – which in turn, suppresses the blood vessels inside the tumor area. This leads to worsening the tumor’s blood supply and nutrition inflow, which in turn, suppresses the growth of the tumor itself. When the flow of blood supply has been upset, the vast nodes are starting to degenerate. Their further degeneration can aid the complete removal of the pathologically modified nodes.

A lot of researchers are prone to consider that during practices of artificial substance restriction (fasting), the malignant cells – generally feeding from their surrounding tissues – are perishing in a good portion of the cases. It is well known that the turbulent development of these malignant cells requires significant amounts of nutrition – amounts that significantly exceed what’s generally needed by normal cells. It seems that factors like obesity and unrestrained food consumption increase the risk of oncological diseases.

According to scientists, the tumor can literally be starved to death when the amount of food consumption has been lowered to the absolute bare minimum.

Day 9:

Based on my experience, I consider this day to be one of the most important ones during the treatment. If you got this far, make sure that you demonstrate the willpower necessary for making it through. During this day, you can sense your body temperature increasing. You might feel as like your head is on fire. You will be wishing to pour some cold water on you and you should totally go for it if this will help. Curiously enough, even when the whole body is burning, the hands and feet will be still freezing. As a result of the increased body temperature, the pulse’s rate might drastically increase alike. Day 9 marks the real catharsis in our effort to heal and renew the organism. If you are feeling fatigue and weakness, go rest somewhere where it’s cool and nice – preferably next to a river. The most important thing during this day is silence. Time will be barely passing, therefore it is strongly recommended that you keep yourself occupied with something. Don’t forget that there are only few decisive hours left that stand between you and the completion of your organism healing. You can massage yourself if you are feeling like it. Yet, don’t force it if you are feeling otherwise.

Fasting for that long has a very powerful rejuvenating effect.

What is this rejuvenation effect due to?

Dry fasting is way more efficient than other variations of fasting when it comes to rejuvenation, because the degenerated, ill and weak cells are not able to endure through these extreme conditions. They simply perish and disintegrate. But which are the cells that remain? Those which have good internal organization – a productive and ‘’wise’’ genetical structure. Those who have not panicked, those that have endured and retained their functional productivity. Dry fasting aids the organism to discard everything that is weak, unproductive and harmful – all those parasitic cells. These are the cells that are not contributing in any constructive way to the system of the organism. Therefore, the earlier we manage to liberate ourselves from them – the better. It is not a good idea to wait on them dying from natural death, because in this case, they would have managed to create an offspring that would be just as weak and unproductive. Cells are multiplying through division. That means that their offspring cannot be any different or exceed them. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It is only the strong cells that have remained after fasting and since all cells multiply in the same way, they will produce one more desirable offspring. Because the latter will be having the properties of the healthy cells responsible for its creation. When the cells are living in the state of comfort – when they have grown accustomed to one consistent level and volume of consumed food and liquids – they lose their ability for renewal and efficient recovery. As if like they are too lazy to activate the mechanism for tissue renewal.

However, once food and water cease to enter the gastrointestinal tract, there is a whole new set of conditions that the organism must adjust to. During dry fasting, the old biomolecules are being ‘’unmounted’’ and the weak cells disintegrate and perish. As a compensation, new cells are being synthesized – ones that are able to survive inside these altered and tough conditions. This explains why after dry fasting, we would be able to stomach even iron nails.

It is not secret nowadays that except for the overall organism healing, fasting also leads to positive changes in the sexual functioning for both men and women.

The male libido increases, along with improved erection and quality of the sperm’s contents. There was a good reason why in many ancient tribes, men were subjected to fasting before impregnating their partners. This was a way for ensuring strong and healthy offspring.

As for women – their attraction to the opposite sex increases, the erogenous zones are becoming more sensitive (it is quite often that entirely new zones are being activated as well), arousal during foreplay arrives sooner, faster orgasm. Fasting helps a lot of women to experience their first orgasm. In addition, the disrupted menstrual cycle is being recovered, climacteric is disappearing, and the overall birth-giving capacity is improving

The abovementioned changes are inevitable down the line of overall organism renewal. Fasting affects the entire organism, including all organs and systems. And sexual health is directly related to the overall state of the organism. During fasting, all organs and systems are being cleansed, each cell’s feeding is being improved, the quality of biosynthesis is at a whole new level. The activity of glands with internal secretion is being enhanced, the overall hormonal balance is being altered. In short, a man grows younger. Reproductive functioning enhancement in animals during controlled fasting has been identified as early as the experiments of S.A. Arlekyan. And the same changes are occurring with humans as well. Fasting brings the organism closer to the state of youth. And youth is characterized exactly by intensive sexual attraction.   

As far as sexual functioning is concerned, the more prolonged periods of fasting produce the best and most in-depth effects. Certainly, one can feel positive impacts after fasting for shorter periods (fasting until the state of crisis – moderately long fasting), however, the longer it lasts, the more profound changes one shall experience. It really all depends on the organism – how old and contaminated it is.

Interestingly enough, the autophagy activation turns out to be of great importance to the heart cells containing huge amounts of mitochondria.

The partial processing of mitochondria’s damaged organelles guarantees the overall productivity of the aging organism’s heart muscle. Moreover, it has been identified that the deformed membranes of the slowly dividing cells – or of the decaying cells that are not dividing at all – become as the cells of young animals when they have been subjected to endogenous feeding. This means that during dry fasting, the cell barriers are being restored. At the same time, the cell division process of those cells which are generally dividing quickly, is being slowed down. In addition, the re-adjusting of the fermentation system enhances the functioning of the efferent cells’ receptive apparatus, as the state of the ferments contained inside these receptors (chemoreceptors) is being dramatically improved. And these receptors are set inside the cell membranes, thus they enhance the barrier function through the activation of the intracellular nucleotide cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate). Or to simplify things (to the best of my abilities) – during dry fasting, the in-depth recovery of cell barrier functions is ensured through the normalization of the membranes and the enhancement of the cAMP system.

As a result of cells’ genetic apparatus renewal during dry fasting, there appear new stem cells in place of the old. In some organs, there are even additional ‘’bonus’’ stem cells appearing. As a result of the termination of the old stem cells and their replacement with new ones, the organs and tissues experience rejuvenation.

All of these mechanisms and effects emphasize the higher level of protective-adaptive abilities inside the organisms of mammals when they have been subjected to similarly extreme state of material existence. When in the state of anabiosis, living organisms (some germs and fungi) can survive even if they are permanently frozen. The resiliency shown by the different kinds of microorganisms and plants against the influence of harmful external factors (such as extremely low or high temperatures and others) when in the state of stillness – or anabiosis – is due to their mechanisms for protective adaptation that has been formed throughout the continuous evolutionary process. Ironically, it turns out that out of the entire multitude of discovered and tested methods for efficient life extension, those that are the simplest prove to also be the most efficient ones. For cold blooded organisms, this means reducing of temperature, while for warm blooded ones – less consumption of calories. These simple actions can lead to twofold – and even threefold – increase of the life span. All similar data indicates that during illness or aging, the most important systems – and more specifically, the regulatory ones – should be kept clean if they are to function properly.

In my opinion, any kind of fasting provides one of the most easily accessible and efficient methods for treatments of illnesses and for overall health maintenance. Still, it is important to understand that we can’t rely solely on fasting in order to be healthy. Even though, it can be quite effective in preventing illnesses from developing, if we are to ensure good health for ourselves, we can fast every once in a while as prophylactic means, but we must also combine it with proper eating habits and adequate degree of physical exercise.

Taken from Sergei Filonov’s ‘’Healing the organism by ourselves’’ 


11 thoughts on “DIY Organism Healing with Doctor Sergei Filonov”

  1. i have done 6 days of dry fasting, Nov.24-30, 2019, and is willing and determined to finish 9 days of dry fasting if not this December early next yeae 2020.

  2. Hello,

    I’m looking for the Filonov’s book “healing the organism by ourselves”, but I can’ find it anywhere.
    Can you tell me a place where to find it please?
    Thank you

  3. My first dryfast years ago lasted for 13 days and I pee’d everyday and was in good spirits in spite of some intense heat buildup and de-tox phenomenon. At that time I did not know about Dr. Filonov and had only read about research into autophagy. I had a strong need to cleanse and regenerate a thyroid that was surgically removed (Hashimoto’s) in 1971. I am now off glandulars. I have done 13 two-weeks long strict dryfasting sessions (no showers) and each time when I hit day 9 I was rewarded with a good purge. I am in my 14th dryfast right now and body is purring like a kitten. When I’m not doing a long dryfast I drop down into intermittent fasting. I have written much on my dryfasting experiences.

    1. Karalee… Did you do these 2 week dry fasts while working? Congrats on improved health and getting off of glandulars. Thank you!

  4. I am on my 6th day dry fast. I have been diagnosed as a diabetic and had sugar level above 400+ non Fasting and 225 fasting. I didn’t want to take any medication and decided to heal myself. I plan on doing a 11 day dry fast. My sugar numbers are normal already. The most I have ever done before is a 5 day dry fast.

  5. I wish I could have the courage to dry fast. I have been diagnosed with trimethyluminuria and I want to heal myself. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to do dry fasting

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