Welcome to Cogitality Academy!

The interest in cogitality as a combination of theory and hands-on practice led to the creation of this Academy. It is intended for everyone who wishes to bring changes in their lives, and who feels ready to establish the habit of…Happiness. The curriculum of the Academy is based on the theoretical familiarization with fundamental esoteric knowledge, recent scientific discoveries, the work of prolific writers from varying fields of expertise, and with information obtained via channeling sessions with extra-terrestrial beings. Processing the information in combination with the self-discipline necessary for carrying out the daily practical exercises will inevitably lead to amazing results!  

Cogitality Academy - Video Introduction

Unique Self-Development Program

“The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer.”

Cogitality Academy

You are the Creator of Everything that Is!!

Academy Curriculum?

The stages of the academy are its modules. Work on the modules within a schedule convenient to you. There are no restrictions or conditions for work duration. Getting to grips with each single module is actually an infinite process. The fundamental understanding and processing of information is possible within the range of 36-45 days! It is all a matter of acceptance, self-discipline, work, patience and honesty.

6 Months Academy– includes 1-5 Modules – six months self-development program

12 Months Academy – includes 1-9 Modules – twelve months self-development program


It is quite clear to scientists that everything is energy, yet they still persist with looking for evidences that would prove that matter exists. Why is that? Is the world actually real? What is the EPR paradox? Why the observed depends on the observer? What are the points of connect and disconnect between scientific discoveries and popular beliefs? The energy as information – Bell’s theorem – instant connectivity of Everything that Is!

The Twin paradox reveals how the speed of motion is the factor determining our experience of the space-time continuum.  Motion and stillness – the Biblical connection. The origin of energy and light. The world’s duality – throughout explanation and governing principles. Doubt and thinking as the basis for existence. The philosophy of Descartes and the Nothingness defining itself. The Nothingness as the potential underlying Everything that Is! The act of thinking – the appearance of motion within the stillness and the manifestation of energy – the light that came into being from Itself – the Chalmers institute experiment. Time and space inside the stillness. Time and space when there is motion. The Hong Tang experiment – light’s lateral force – why the world is dual and how this duality is actually one unified whole?

The wave processes of interference and diffraction as the basis for the creation of a holographic image.  Holographic principle and the Universe’s fractal structure. The tri-united energy – the basis for any Manifestation and portion of matter. The process of materialization and principles defining energy’s cyclic nature – Klein bottle. We came from within ourselves, so that we might become ourselves…Explanation of the throughout connection between Potential – Act of thinking – Energy – Matter – Potential. 0 and 1 as the binary code of Motion and Stillness. The energy as the result of the spiral binary code. Governing principles of the manifested matter. The hologram as the result of a choice (act of thinking).

The All is Mind. The World is Mental – Hermetic principles as the basis for existence of Everything that Is! Explaining the tri-united responsibility laying at the basis of Creation – reality grating, egregore and parallel realities. The reason for Manifesting – experiencing the selected task – the Meaning of life (the simultaneous two-way connection). Comfort zone – what is it and what happens when we remain there? Casimir effect. The filtration – pros and cons. Diffraction grating, reality grating, egregore – what these are? Unified Personal Global Responsibility, Personal Individual Responsibility and Transmutation – the two-way cycle of harmonious perfection.

Why is filtration necessary? The triune model of thinking–decision–action / intent–choice–creation. The process of energy inversion as the basis of the limitation called “matter existing inside the environment’s protective layer”. Interaction inside what has been manifested. Responsibilities – two-way connection – responsibility to the limitation and to the All. The importance of protonic (protective) fields. Creation of the environment and parallel realities. Life force energy (protonic field) – a source of infinite capabilities: creation of a new reality; principles for practical application (healing, reiki, telekinesis, levitation).

Laws and governing principles of existence. The Glagolitic alphabet – the hologram’s source code of existence. How is the individual hologram being filtrated – attached meaning. Pros and cons, causes and effects. Choice, focus and action as the basis principles for transformation.

Principles for energy activation – establishing frequency portals through meditation. The possibilities of the energy world – receiving information and expanding to infinity. Breaking down the dual Hologram-Source connection – Kundalini activation, light portals to the environment, logic and protonic field (life force energy). Synchronization and crystallization of an uninterrupted link with the informational field. Asking the field our questions and receiving our answers. Principle directions for action-taking after receiving our answers.

Expansion and contraction – a principle of existence. Working the principles behind parallel realities as a method for change. Kinds of portals to other parallel realities (dreams, channeling, reincarnations, meditation). Principles for establishing a solid and throughout frequency link. Entering into – and learning about – numerous parallel realities (reincarnations, channeling). An in-depth understanding of the way in which parallel realities work.

The choice of being “reality’s Conscious Creator”. The essence of existence – principles for establishing frequency portals to Everything that Is! The duality underneath reality – the conscious act of creating vs. the self-destructive “victim”. The firm choice of direction – becoming aware of oneself and creating one’s parallel reality!

Each of the modules is organized in three main steps:

1. Database Accumulation:

Getting familiar with all the theory, essential terminology, principles and basis points. The resources for Step 1 include a video recording from the Cogitality seminar (split into segments for each module), e-books and video materials.

2. Understanding & Comprehension

Answering the according module questions based on the information from Step 1. Those are the fundamental questions governing the progress in developing one’s understanding and abilities.

3. Practical Exercises:

A variety of hands-on exercises, meditations, and governing instructions linking the theoretical knowledge with practical implementation.

And even more... daily mail reminders with practical exercises and guidance!

Each participant will also be receiving daily reminder mail messages containing exercises with according guidance. The mails will be arriving twice a day – one at the morning, and then one at the evening. These will enable you to advance further in your individual development as they will be your daily challenge on the path of change. The mails will be containing additional exercises to the ones that are readily available in the Academy. The exercises will be nurturing your way of thinking about change, they will be challenging each participant to actively apply the provided techniques, and they will be opening the gates to what otherwise remains ‘’invisible’’ inside our world. One’s individual schedule and training program is just that – individual. Everyone gets to determine the most convenient times of the day for studying and applying, just as how everyone determines one’s level of involvement. Such is the beauty of Choice!

 Cogitality Academy team remains available for any questions, problems, or something else that you might want to share.

Join the Academy

Choose the plan in accordance with your needs and personal preferences!
MODULES 1-5 - 180 DAYS
180 morning & 180 evening mails

6 months Academy includes the materials from Module 1 until Module 5:

- Video lectures on Cogitality (over 6 hours);

- 3 audio books (15 hours in total) - coming soon!

- E-library with over 40 books;

- Video section with a total of over 50 documentaries and movies (over 30 hours of total screen time);

- Frequency sound healing for all kinds of physical and psychological conditions - over 150 frequencies!;

- Everyday practical exercises;

- Introduction to meditation; guided meditations, text meditations, and meditation music;

-Informative articles; movie reviews;

-Cogitality radio
-Dictionary explaining all the used terminology

Coming soon: Audio recording of each module.


MODULES 1-9 - 360 DAYS
360 morning & 360 evening mails

12 months Academy includes the materials from Module 1 until Module 9:

-Video lectures on Cogitality (over 13 hours);

- 3 audio books (15 hours in total) - coming soon!

-E-library with over 40 books;

-Video section with a total of over 50 documentaries and movies (over 30 hours of total screen time);

-Frequency sound healing for all kinds of physical and psychological conditions - over 150 frequencies;

-Everyday practical exercises;

-introduction to meditation; guided meditations, text meditations, and meditation music;

-Informative articles; movie reviews;

-Cogitality radio
-Dictionary explaining all the used terminology

Coming soon: Audio recording of each module.


the additional resources:


guided meditations, meditation music, text meditations, explanations and everyday guidance.


e-books facilitating the understanding and practical application of Happiness as a choice.


unique exercises for everyday application.


documentaries, movies, educational video materials and TV shows.


detailed explanations to all the relevant terms used in Theory from Cogitality. Linking all the dots.


frequency vibrations for all sorts of conditions and purposes – from bones strengthening through immune system protections to rejuvenation!


radio with relaxing and meditation music for entering the energy world.


scientific and practical articles, practical guidance, movie reviews and many others.

What Our Graduates Say?

We thank all of you who already shared their feedback and point of view!

Taking the direction of “creating a better parallel reality together” is our real chance for stepping our two feet on the path of Happiness NOW…all by following the outwards direction of full devotion for one more grateful and kinder of a world!

Do you have any questions?

Just ask us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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